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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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CARR SLIPS THE KNIFE IN GILLARD... but Windsor throws her a lifeline

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Bob Carr claims the report is "inaccurate". If it is then one news group and three Labor MPs are lying.

"We have your back Prime Minister", yelled Paul Howes to Julia Gillard at the recent AWU National Conference. It was a prescient yet vacuous assurance in an alcohol fuelled environment.

What Howes meant was that the AWU was fully aware knives had been unsheathed for some time and Gillard, the AWU's creation, was the target.

Gillard was certainly the creation of the AWU but only through the acquiescence of Bob Carr's NSW Right.

Without Carr, Gillard ceases to exist. Thus his appointment.

Time is now of the essence as Gillard's supporters succumb to the inevitable.

Bob Carr, a major player in the corrupt NSW Right and in tandem with Graham Richardson, is a significant defection as it was he who assisted Gillard to topple Kevin Rudd.

It was he, as NSW Premier, who buckled under pressure from Richardson and Ludwig and appointed the dangerous Ian Cambridge to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

The "Cambridge Affidavit" is scathing of Gillard and her lover Bruce Wilson.

Cambridge, an AWU General Secretary, at the time was pressing hard for a Royal Commission which would have destroyed Gillard.

Cambridge had said, "I am not prepared to turn a blind eye to these matters..." Later, as PM, Gillard appointed him to the Bench of Fair Work Australia.

Once on the Bench he said, "I don't retract what I said … but now I am a member of a quasi-judicial tribunal. As a member of (Fair Work Australia) it is not appropriate for me to make public statements."

But apparently Gillard's appointment of Carr to the Senate vacancy and the plum Foreign Ministry was insufficient to guarantee his loyalty.

With those who will now fall in behind Carr, Gillard will have insufficient numbers in Caucus to survive a ballot but that does not mean Rudd has sufficient numbers to take her place.

Gillard's fall from dubious grace has begun and without a parachute in sight.

Past assurances of loyalty mean nothing as ALP Members cling furiously to their seats in a last ditch clutch at survival.

Only Tony Windsor came to Gillard's aid.

Last night on the ABC's Lateline he threw a lifeline to his beloved Julia and the interviewer completely missed the significance of what he said.

With his normal bumbling delivery he said (and I paraphrase): "The ALP needs to get its act together. If it doesn't they might find there's an election sooner than they think. There are agreements you know...". Incredibly the interviewer then cut him off.

What Windsor was actually saying is this (and I paraphrase): Sack my Julia if you want but remember it is she who I have "The Agreement" with, not the Labor Party. If she goes so do I... and so too does the Government.

You see Windsor is aware of Carr's defection and an imminent challenge. He was issuing a thinly veiled threat, an ultimatum... "Do not sack Gillard or I will take you all down with her."

He wasn't speaking for Oakeshott but he may as well have been because Oakeshott too has finally had enough.

How could the interviewer have missed such a defining moment? But she did.

A challenge to Gillard could not have happened without NSW factional agreement.

Carr will now marshal those factional forces against Gillard and a challenge is certain unless... well, unless he considers the unheeded threat offered by Windsor last night.

Who can replace Gillard? I don't know but it makes sense that the NSW Right faction will need to placate the Ludwig/Howes faction and that means Shorten.

But will Bill Shorten accept the poison chalice?

Regardless, Gillard will live to rue the day she lured into the Senate that treacherous man who keeps his used chewing gum in his coat pocket.

But she who lives by the sword...


wasn't it carr who flippantly referred to the "criminal faction" of the ALP? Nice!

get rid of Juliar Gilliarse

Sounds like Frog Man has given Red Leader the word... times up, stand aside or face the music on your own....

Here in SEQ, I send felicitations to the North and, like you, am
waiting for the big news. In the meantime, I agree with everything
you said!

Peter JB
I suggest that you go and study the transcripts of Saddam Hussein's trial.
You will learn that Hussein perpetrated the greatest con in history to convince the world he had WMD capability.
It was all done toprotect himself from Invasion from Iran.

It was Bush that was conned.

how about we reduce all aid to Indonesia and instead pay them per boat or per refugee that the prevent from entering Australian waters
Need some fine tuning but ....... anything is better /cheaper than what we have now........ and at the moment these cost's are forever
at least this method would be one offf costs


Janet Albrechtsen has slapped this government into hell this morning as the fork tongued lunatics they are in a brilliant article in the Australian. Very satisfying to read, and highly starts as

"INADVERTENTLY, Stephen Conroy has done us a favour. His arrogant attempt to regulate the content of newspapers reminds us that free speech and a free press can never be taken for granted. He has also reminded us how the Left will use nice-sounding language to hide a radical agenda."....

How about songs
I cant get no satisfaction, you carnt always get what you want, Livin on a prayer, Wont get fooled again the Who.
Enjoy your day folks

i have FORCED myself to watch question time on the A L P B C and i have watched the red harlot and i am convinced she is near the edge i recon its only a matter of time ,before they will have to cart her away.

has anyone investigated WHO owns the OVERSEA,S employment agencies that are being used by this rabble called a government i know a certain mans wife use to be in that caper and she sold it when hubby became the idiot who opened the floodgates to the taliban and tamil terrorists the gates were called border protectionT 5

Alan, next week?
Today is Wednesday you silly bugger.
The Labar Pardy cannot even organise weekly disasters they come daily.

178 days Pfffft!

Will they allow an Election soon?

Who was driving the Prime Minister's Carr?

The answer is obvious.

"Honest Eddie" Obeid!

He's been driving that Carr for years.

This statement was made by Conroy it was reported today.
A GOVERNMENT that installs its own people to watch over a media organisation does so because it wants control - that's according to Stephen Conroy in 2006.
This started my day well, the possibility of Gillard being dumped this week and not leading the Labar Pardy to the greatest ever loss is the downside so far today.

With Simon Creep from "Big Bill" Ludwig's back pocket, looking to take on "She who must be Obeid", will it be a battle of brown paper bags full of cash, at 40 paces?

A.L.P. Parliamentary salary recipients no longer represent taxpayers and voters - they are just the suckers whose money the pollies spend.

A.L.P. parliamentary salary recipients only represent either "Honest Eddie" Obeid's back pocket, or "Big Bill" Ludwig's back pocket.

Throw them all into prison and maybe Tony Mokbel or Ivan Milat can run the A.L.P. - after all, Mokbel was once famously given a favourable character reference by the A.L.P.'s Kelvin Thompson and Juliar Gillard was appointed A.L.P. leader AFTER having been found unsuitable for employment at the A.L.P.'s own solicitors.

If the A.L.P. want to run the nation's prison system, it seems to me that they should be allowed to do it from the INSIDE, rather than from the outside.

Whatever it takes,,,,,, inspired by the words of one P Keating .

The Gillard government supports this .. isn't that enough to have them expelled from the country?

Beauty is in the eye of the BEER HOLDER!