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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


Clive has just announced to the media he and Tony have had a very 'constructive meeting' in abolishing Labor's carbon tax."I think we can work out a solution on the carbon tax. I think we can reduce electricity prices for all Australians," said a beaming Clive.

As suggested last night (after the Clive and Al Show), Tony will be sleeping outside Clive's office counting the minutes to sign Clive's terms and conditions to abolish the toxic tax.

Clive wants Tony's useless token Direct Action policy demolished saving the budget bottom line a billion or three. Tony will be thrilled and relieved to shake off this embarrassing plan. 

The carbon tax will be gone, and there'll be no Emissions Trading Scheme (unless our trading partners establish one too - unlikely). 

It's an Abbott dream. 

In essence Tony has been 'forced' into dumping all global warming or climate change policies - by Clive. 

Cigars all round, boys.

But where does that leave the Al Gore? 

Back on his carbon-spewing jet, wondering if he just got sold a PUP.


Palmer has massaged the media again more shows to come he playing them like a musical instrument.

Look at it this way Larry the RET remains and who has vest interests in renewable energy mechanisms? El Gorbo perhaps? So simply put; Clive the Puppy has bought into El Gorbo's renewable energy stuff. Am I wrong or am I wrong?

Hadley must really have hated Michael Smith to do what he did!!!

How about these supporter of Big Clive rabbiting on about this: Some of Clive Palmer supporters say he will go on to become Australia's first President leader, if and when we become a republic!


AND NOTE THIS …... CO2 being released !!!

NVP is considered an active area because carbon dioxide is released from the Earth's mantle in a number of areas there. At present, eruption frequency is one every 10,800 years, meaning eruptions may take place in the future.

The leftist media won't like that – CARBON POLLUTION ….. OMG !!

Gore never seemed very at ease or should I say comfortable or off guard standing next to Clive Palmer. Perhaps it where Clive has had his large thumb inserted of late. Ohhh ah, Big Al????

Looks like Palmer sold the Greens a pup!!! Woof. Woof.

The carbon tax needed repealing if only for one reason ... the catastrophic man-made global warming myth has never been about carbon but about carbon dioxide. Furthermore, a simple arithmetic calculation reveals that the contribution to the greenhouse heat effect by human activity carbon dioxide is only a minuscule 0.11 of 1%... which is statistically immaterial and scientifically irrelevant. And you don't have to be an atmospheric physicist to work this out!

There still seems to be a lot of worry about Climate change and that the repeal of the carbon tax will not help prevent it. But what about all the publicity concerning the huge amount of emissions going into the air from volcanic irruptions,? It has been stated that all the emissions Australia produces is a very small fraction of what the worlds volcanoes produce, or is that not correct ? We never hear the Greenies commenting on this, a very important question I would suggest.

Al Gore was sold a Pup.

Al Gore was sold a Pup.

Tobyrabbit thinks,
Old Prune face jus got whacked with Clive's Carbon stick, two ugly ladies click click click, With Clive I wonder In the wilds of Borneo sometimes
the vineyards of Bordeaux and Borosa and Hunter Vallies,
Eskimo, Navahos, feminists and even ex no two US Presidents
Move their body to and fro to Clive's Carbon stick. So Clive hit em with his carbon stick.

er..... Is THAT the Thumb he had up Al's arse????
Suddenly Palmer is the Most POWERFUL Man in Australia.

The Greens have been stung and are still stinging via, Al Gores poisonst tail. Al like a scorpion, with a real sting for old Prune Face.

I wish I could be as optimistic as you guys.....

Prune Faces is about to be rolled, after the carbon tax situation.

Jenine Perret on Sky is hopeless, screeching banshee.

Al Gore looked a bit uncomfortable by this bunnies recollection, anyways.

It will be a great thing to have the carbon tax removed but I am not very hopeful that Australian electricity users will benefit much if any as we have seen time and time again that once a commodity has gone up in price it does not revert to it's former cost. Take for example fuel where the price per barrel for crude oil was similar in the past to what is today but today we pay far more than we did about tour or five years ago. Someone out is making a motza and Tony has indicated he would like a bit more of the pie in relation to fuel. The people will always pay and the pollies will always try to make good fellows of themselves at our expense. It is easy to be generous with someone else's coin.