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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Tony Abbott has just achieved better than he was hoping for. His refusal to guillotine the filibuster in the Senate debate on the Carbon Tax Repeal Bill, has forced Bill Shorten to declare in both Houses his platform for the 2016 election: “There will certainly be a Carbon Tax under the Government I lead”.

Either Shorten actually believes a carbon tax on Australians will further cool the globe, or he is a political idiot... maybe it's a case of both.

The despicable, lying, opportunistic Greens have just been crucified on their own carbon cross and either side of them hang Rudd and Gillard. 

Ode to the Greens:

Never has so much damage been done to so many by so few.


At .03811% of the atmospheres gases CO2 is called a greenhouse gas but oxygen and nitrogen make up 99% and absorb 4 times more of the Suns radiation than does CO2. Our education system breeds educated idiots.

imagine with so little effort we can help so many souls imagine theis concept

Is this the LNP saying this ?

"Never has so much damage been done to so many by so few". This needs to be shared with everyone. The LaborGreens are on a mission to destroy Australia, as they enrich themselves, ala Al Gore.

Elvis Costello wrote a song about the deaths of those on board Aeroflot 593 when a pilots lack of judgement and supervision on March 23 1994 gave rise to the deaths of all 75 poor souls on board that flight.

Back then his song "Daddy can I turn this" was seen as nothing more than relating to what happened with the deaths of those on board.

I wonder what the public reaction would be in todays politically correct world if songs about MH370 or MH17 were produced?

Ms Lambie is just a pawn in the Clive circus, her lack of intelligence, acumen and verbal competence was the reason Clive picked her. If she has some pre-existing mental issues, as previously stated by her, she better be prepared to cop the slings and arrows which are part of the political scene, she will surely be tested in her new role as a Senator for which, if she true to her past form, will probably seek compensation from the public purse.

What else could we expect from our ABC. As we know everything they produce for TV & Radio is done by their double-soy, decaff-latte sipping set based in the costly and cosy inner-city studio's in Ultimo. Truly, they wouldn't have a clue of the real would outside their over-salaried public-funded comfort zone.

Both you and Andrew Bolt have won a round - it is to be hoped the Greens will slide into oblivion never to be heard or seen again.

ask Clive - it is all because of Newman and Reinhart!! Clive lost and this is why he is playing games -

cause they're nuts?

Free speech - Do you mean to say that Labor has a soul ?

Methinks Short Willy doesn't have a brain with which to bless himself.. he's obviously not a student of world biology... we all need Co2... it's part of nature... and if we interfere too much we change the balance... God give us strength Short Willy - go get yourself an education!

Thank you, Bruce.

Bruce, you'll have to provide me a direct link, since Yen for Australia is throwing up pages of financial exchange results in google. Does the name Ian Ferguson ring any bells? He was Clive's boss during his real estate career.

Bruce, I have to say it's circumstantial regarding the Japanese and Palmer, however, it's no secret he made millions buying property cheap and selling it to developers for a tidy profit during the 1980s Gold Coast property boom. In 1984, Russ Hinze (one of Palmer's mates at the time) helped overturn a local council decision that was preventing Palmer from building a 66-story townhouse development on the Sunshine Coast. I'd say that there's a good probability that Clive might have helped relieve the Japanese of some Yen, given his mates and his disregard for the wishes of the local community.

No, I wasn't referring to you Bruce. I don't see how it could possibly read that you condone Mr Palmer's behaviour, when you state - "There is no substance behind the magnet. Never let us forget that Hanson was a Liberal, that Oldfield was Liberal." Given that Palmer was (and still may be) a card carrying Liberal/National who got rich selling the Gold Coast to the Japanese, it would be a bit of a stretch to pigeon-hole you into the crowd of Palmer apologists. And by crowd of Palmer apologists, I am refering to a wide range of 'certain individuals' ranging from politicians, to media personalities and even some people who post on this and other sites. Mind you, its the former two that concern me more with their elevation of PUP to some kind of de-facto opposition party, rather than hold the actual opposition to count for going back on their election promises.

Bravo Billy - since you will never lead the country we dont have a care in the world - I suggest you look out for another Union Job - PRONTO -- LOL ; > )

Indeed, DJT. Particularly when you consider that Hitler wasn't above playing the populist card, either.

DJT, I find it amusing that if an LNP or ALP politician were to display the kind of questionable behaviour shown by Palmer, certain individuals would be baying for blood. Yet, since Clive and PUP seem to have been incorporated into the 'little guy/ordinary Aussie battler standing up to 'the major parties' myth, his behaviour seems to be pardoned off as larrikinism or lovable eccentricity. I don't see much difference between a dodgy businessmen and a corrupt politician.