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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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... a biocidal policy

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


There are four non-toxic gases-of-life in Earth’s protective atmospheric blanket. None should be captured and buried. The most abundant is nitrogen – 78%. If there was no nitrogen there would be no plant or animal protein and a very different world.

Next most abundant is oxygen – 21%. Without oxygen most of today’s animal life would die within minutes. Both nitrogen and oxygen can moderate climate by absorbing surface heat and transferring it aloft by convection.

Then comes marvellous water, whose vapour comprises a variable 0.1 - 4% of the atmosphere, while liquid water fills the oceans, lakes and rivers that cover 70% of Earth’s surface and makes all clouds, snow and ice. Water vapour is Earth’s most effective “Greenhouse gas”, except in the very dry air at the poles. Water and water vapour moderate the extremes of temperature on Earth, cooling the hot tropics by evaporation and convection and, by delaying the loss of surface heat, often keep nights warmer than they would otherwise be.

The rarest gas-of-life is carbon dioxide with just 0.04% (400 ppm) of the atmosphere - a tiny amount which is almost the lowest it has ever been in the long history of the planet. Most life probably evolved at levels of 1,000 ppm or more and the dinosaurs flourished in air with 1,800 ppm of CO2. However, this trace gas provides the building blocks for all life on Earth. Without carbon dioxide all plants would die, quickly followed by all animals. It is also a temperature moderating “Greenhouse gas” but generally less effective than water vapour. 

Earth’s biosphere is often stressed by having insufficient natural supplies of the two rarest of these gases of life – water vapour and carbon dioxide. In particular, plant life would benefit from considerably more carbon dioxide than is currently present in the atmosphere – at 150 ppm plant growth ceases, at 2,000 ppm (five times current levels) plants thrive; and 400 million years ago, life flourished with 4,500 ppm CO2. US submariners live comfortably in air with 5,000 ppm and human lungs exhale air with about 45,000 ppm CO2.

Unfortunately, natural processes are continually capturing the rarest gas of life, carbon dioxide, and burying its contained carbon under oceans and lakes.

Earth is composed mainly of igneous rocks – molten magmas at depth and solid igneous rocks like basalt, granite and gabbro near the surface. 

Natural processes of erosion are continually degrading these primary rocks, producing gravel, sand, silt and clay which are moved via rivers towards the sea. Floods also sweep dead plant and animal material into lakes and oceans. As these suspended erosion products meet still water, the solid materials are deposited as sandstones, shales and carbonaceous beds. This process removes carbon dioxide from the biosphere, burying it in the lithosphere.

Carbon dioxide is very soluble in rain and surface water, forming carbonic acid which can react with minerals in rocks and water-borne sediments - this forms carbonates which settle to the floor of the oceans as extensive beds of marl, limestone, dolomite and magnesite. Much carbonate is also tied up in corals, shells and animal skeletons, much of which gets buried when the animal dies. This natural process of capture and burial has the greatest effect on the rarest gas of life - carbon dioxide.

Volcanism can release carbon dioxide, methane and other hydrocarbons from buried deposits. The volcanic heat drives volatile gases from strata such as coal seams, limestones, oil shales and methane clathrates, thus returning buried carbon compounds to the biosphere. Submarine volcanoes can also warm the ocean, thus driving off some of the ocean’s vast store of dissolved carbon dioxide. Without this return segment of the carbon cycle, carbon dioxide levels would sink inexorably to levels unable to support healthy plant growth.

However, in a piece of serendipity, man’s use of hydrocarbons and carbonate rocks is returning a small part of the naturally sequestered carbon dioxide to the biosphere which needs it urgently. Hopefully this may also delay Earth’s inevitable return to the recurring ice age episodes typical of the era in which we live.

Those advocating “Carbon Capture and Burial” want humans to waste energy to capture, compress, pump and bury valuable carbon dioxide. They have no concern for life on earth, and their real aim is to make the use of carbon fuels like coal, oil and gas so expensive that all industrial activity will shrink, thus restricting the footprint of pesky industrious humans on the earth.

They are the real enemies of the biosphere, particularly the human component of it.  


Viv, as always, you are a breath of fresh air.

tony, you've got to be kidding! Just where is this "heaven"?

If only the above article could be read aloud in Parliament and preserved in Hansard. One added point, however: abandoning non-renewable energy sources leads inevitably to disarmament. Good luck with your bows and arrows when you're faced with an enemy who makes weapons out of metal. The globalists of the Left have not given up their dream of a disarmed world kneeling at the feet of the United Nations.

Viv, a ver clear and succinct explanation of the life cycles of our planet. It is such a pity that Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt will not publicly recognise these undeniable facts and be brave enough to promote them. I have no problem with direct action in its broadest sense, but man sequestering CO2 in an effort to affect the climate is rubbish, and they know it!

Advocates of anthropogenic Carbon Sequestration are naive in thinking that their efforts will have any impact at all on reducing Carbon dioxide levels. It's like trying to make a thunderstorm more effective by making sparks with a spark gun on a gas wand.

Viv, thanks for this excellent article. If you get the time can you please give your account of Coal Seam Gas. Ta!!!

As Plibersek did on Q&A , the hysterics always express Australia's emissions on a 'per capita" basis. It is the only reference that make us look bad. We still only produce about 1.4% of global emissions however it is expressed. Qatar is the highest 'per capita' emitter but produces only about 0.40% of global emissions. So whenever "PER CAPITA" is mentioned you know you are being spooked and mislead - Garnaut is a serial offender.

Some people say when a tree is felled, they call it killed.Yes and no.. the carbon can be usefully stored and maintained, and reused for hundreds of yrs thereafter if kept dry and minim sun.Thus it proves H20 and radiation are the decomposer triggers and even that result is a giving source re absorbed , dispersed and a food cycle.They don`t give enough credit to the whole cycle process.It is atomical(characteristic of atoms) involvement, they under-rate it? Consider a wonderful table .. over 500 yrs they can last and even then be re-used.So very useful.Or a pile of wood chips left in the sun can self ignite due to chemical /radiation/H20 reaction.It`s chemical and conditional.

And 400 million years ago the Earth was 14 Celsius warmer. Microorganisms are much, much quicker to evolve and it's likely they will be the big winners.

Great article. What a pity the Climate change scammers, haven't the brains to understand earth's nitrogen cycle.

"BRISBANE is bracing itself for more bad weather after one of the strongest, most devastating thunderstorms in years brought huge rainfall to the city in a period of just minutes."
Why hasn't Tim Flannery been locked up for public mischief??? The man is a nutter and has cost tax payers billions in unwanted desal plants around the nation. Can someone audit his wealth please?

Today's lunchtime Euronews: the recent big freeze in Canada has moved south. The temperature in every state in the U.S.A. is now below freezing. New Yorkers are struggling under a metre of snow. Global warming anybody?

You are a sensible dear gent Mr Forbes .Thank-you for your valued `time`.

How Fraudsters Turn the 24th Warmest October Into the 4th Warmest

The animation below, via Real Science, shows how NCDC turned the 24th warmest October, into the 4th warmest October.

Writes RS:

The actual thermometer data showed October as the 24th warmest, nearly four degrees cooler than 1947 and 1963, and on a long term cooling trend.

After time of observation bias adjustments, the past has cooled, but temperatures are still on a downwards trend.

The biggest cheat comes when they apply the UHI adjustment and homogenization, which makes the past much colder (yes, you read that correctly) and turns a cooling trend into a warming trend.

Finally NCDC throws in an additional cheat, on top of the USHCN cheats.................

Thanks for your contribution Popeye .

The PP opening explation and the 'Amused' item are excellent explanations, that even a simpleton can understand. So what does that make Gore, Gillard, Rudd, Banker Moon ..AND THAT LOUD MOUTH YANK ?!

Ahh they don`t like providing details Logicprobe.. it`s habitual .. we may cotton on , you see so they just throw out the ``would we belieeeeVes``in odd little graphs and alarming pictures for us to assUme with.. not until after they over charge us all do we get confetti like dribs and drabs of the useful detailed info. That is why I appreciated Viv`s honesty and `intent`.

Bullshit presented by a good orator is still bullshit at the end - it is just that the gullible suck it in and believe it. Al Gore did the same. And how about Hitler and Goebells ? Spin bs however you like and only fools will believe it.

The Big Kahuna recognised the problem of carbon burial 65 million years ago when he directed a comet to knock out the dinosaurs. They were probably the coolest animals who would ever roam the earth but they were fairly ordinary diggers ... Much better to give those little mole-like dudes a chance.

Viv, you are criticism the Global Warming religion, so according to Islam-defending lefties you must be a racists.