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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Steve Mannix

Steve Mannix is a singer/songwriter and respected Karate Instructor. He shares his passion for this country through his original songs and stories.


Recently during one of my concerts which was held on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, I said to the people attending;

“Ladies and Gentlemen, with us in the audience this evening is a person who can reduce the cost of fuel right across this great nation of ours with the effect of just one stroke of their pen.”

The people in the audience looked around for a famous head in the crowd,

I continued.

“That very same person Ladies and Gentlemen can also re-introduce into our schooling system for our children, the three basic Rs of reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic, and get rid of the things that parents all across Australia so passionately do not want their young and innocent children exposed to, again with the effect of just one stroke of their pen.”

I then sang another song as the people in the audience stirred with the anticipation of actually meeting somebody of worth, somebody of value, somebody of real importance.

They were all about to meet that one special person.

After the song I told the people gathered about a Scottish immigrant who was so overwhelmed and gob smacked by the beauty and the freedoms of this great country of ours that he, Peter Dodds McCormick, in 1878, wrote and composed the song we all know as Advance Australia Fair.’

That one man made such a difference, that his love of this great nation inspired another person, who was practicing law at the time as a barrister in Melbourne, Victoria.

That barrister, (Edmond Barton) when he was elected as Australia’s first ever Prime Minister was so inspired by the fact that Australia had its own song that he felt that Australia should have its own flag.

A contest was announced and 32,823 entries were submitted. Every single entry went through the old surface mail system in single envelopes.

Of those 32,823 entries, five of them were almost identical, and so Edmond Barton decided to split the first prize money of Two Hundred Pounds, evenly amongst the five winners.

One of those five winners was a thirteen year old school boy from Melbourne named Ivor Evans who was the son of a Welsh immigrant.

A Scottish immigrant made a difference, inspiring a barrister in Melbourne to create an opportunity for the son of a Welsh immigrant, to make a difference.

Each person reading this can make a difference, and this is how.

The next time you are at the polling booth and deciding upon who you are going to vote for to run this country, just think of this,  you are the person with that pen in the hand.

To you, reading this, never think that you can’t make a difference, for that is a lie.

The truth is that you make a massive difference in so many lives around you each and every day. At home, at work, at the supermarket and on the sporting field.

You are a unique individual, there is only one of you on the planet and so don’t let anybody try to take away your self-worth.

Every Politician knows the most important person in the country is the voter, for the Politicians wouldn’t have a job if it were not for the voter.

The political process has always been and should always be; .. OF the people,  BY the people,  and FOR the people, however for many years now it seems to be Of the people, By the people and For THEMSELVES as more self-serving politicians are refusing to listen to the people.

Next time you are at a polling booth, just about to cast your very valuable vote, regardless whether it’s for local Council, State Government, or Federal election.

I ask you to consider this, just think about the mess that this great nation of ours is in and has been put in by people who clearly care more about themselves than the people who elected them into office and ponder what future our children and their children will have if this current, two major party merry go round continues.

The future of this great nation is in your hands. So when you have that pen in your hand, be wise and help make this nation great once again.

One by one we can all make a positive difference.  

The future is in your hands.


Come on JimJim I will accept your apologies for your filthy accusations, It wasn't your fault, you were only a boy.

Deputy PM Michael McCormack was being interviewed a short while ago, at some length, in a live cross broadcast by your GAYBC from Broadwater in northern NSW at the site of a major infrastructure construction project.

And what did he have to devote 95% of his time to fending off? A media scrum besieging and haranguing him about little but the ‘Sugar Daddy’ Andrew Broad imbroglio, that and a smattering of pesky, equally opportunistic questions about the perceived lack of female candidates and parliamentarians in the National Party. It was, all things considered, a commendable performance by our Deputy PM, who only permitted his frustration at the enemedia’s whining, obsessive behaviour and corresponding dearth of questions about the infrastructure project itself, the bridge on which they were all standing, show right at the end of his interrogation.

Do you think this same gaggle of so called reporters might ever dare raise similar questions about the conspicuous and complete absence of women in China’s top leadership? Or the inability of Chinese ‘journalists’ to ever ask any direct questions of its political leadership or political system in general?

Not on your life!

And why should they? .... such refrain being all most will mumble in reply. China is, after all, Australia’s largest trading partner as well as the source nation of the largest proportion of new migrants nowadays. It’s equally the source of by far the largest number of those coming to study on a student visa and a rapidly expanding sector of the tourism market to boot. We, or at least our MSM, mustn’t concern ourselves with such trifles.

Furthermore, China doesn’t interfere in the internal affairs of other nations — as it continually likes to lie to the whole world. And asking any such impertinent questions would not merely invite a swift rebuke and yet another stern lecture from China’s State Department, along with thinly veiled threats in its State controlled media, worse still, it could jeopardise our trade relations in a multiplicity of harmful ways.

So never mind trifles like the manifest misogyny, the blatant patriarchy, not just confined to its political system but the nation at large. Never mind stories about brave feminists like the ‘Feminist Five’ who were arrested in 2015 for ‘picking quarrels and provoking trouble’ for their temerity in planning a demonstration against sexual harassment on public transport; that political dissidents, human rights activists and liberal media influencers were long since shut down on Weibo — China’s substitute for Facebook; that not only they themselves but lawyers representing them face swift arrest should they dare voice any complaint, many ending up in forced labour camps, some even being executed, only to have their organs harvested and their families privileged in being sent the bill for the bullet used to execute them — just to underline whose in charge. No, never mind.

Yet there’s an even more compelling reason why our enemedia refrain from ever asking such delicate if probing questions of our Chicomm friends, our great trading partner, even our friendly, fellow Chinese Australian citizens. That’s right, China is a gloriously totalitarian, One Party socialist state! China tolerates little if any political dissent, and but for North Korea, its probably the world leader in this regard. It’s a burgeoning, Orwellian digital totalitarianism — of course one with Chinese characteristics.

And better still, its brimming full with Legally Coloured persons, who in most instances don’t even speak our language. As an added bonus, there are very, very few Illegally White persons to be seen anywhere. It’s the very national embodiment of what our next generation are indoctrinated to admire, yearn and strive for. What more could a dutifully trained, self hating Western journo want?

Yep, let’s all kowtow to the Chicomms, worship the Gods of Multiculturalism, hinder our politicians and political process at every opportunity, further escalate attacks on our own country in general, foster ever more self loathing of Australia and Western civilisation, and joyously celebrate the looming, anticipated demise thereof.




The West's police forces been transformed from men and women in serge uniforms who fought crims and were respected by the public into to heavily armed Darth Vader like goons who ignore the crims and attack their own people. Just look at what befell this poor man who did nothing to deserve his beating (other than exert his right to protest peacefully):

African and islamic savages get off with slaps on the wrists for their violent crimes but whites are attacked for protesting peacefully. The lid is surely going to blow off the kettle before too long. The ex-communist countries, especially Hungary and Poland, are leading the revolt. They know that globalism is just communism under a new name.

Another one bites the DUST.People in Glass houses should not throw stones." they met through a "sugar daddy" dating website. Politicians are entitled to private lives, but when you present yourself to voters as a family man and insult LGBTI Australians during the same-sex marriage debate by comparing gay men to rams having sex in paddocks"."Both Broad and Nationals leader Michael McCormack have been unable to say whether the assistant minister was in Hong Kong in his capacity as an MP, and have still not categorically ruled out the use of taxpayer money to fund any part of the extra-curricular adventures"."Under a worst-case scenario, Broad may well be forced to quit entirely before the election."it would be close to untenable for the government to sit in Canberra before the next election"

Michael Smith, running with the story of poor, starving "refugees" getting off the boats, and being accommodated in five star hotels.

For whatever reason, I've seen genuine refugees - mostly women and children, while their men stayed behind and fought for their country - no hulking, great "men" there, and just so grateful for food clothing and shelter, so grateful to be alive...

TAMPAX have announced that they will be taking the string off tampons and replacing it with tinsel...
This is for the Christmas period only..

Fake President.

No shortage of ink has been spilled on the president’s bizarre Twitter locutions, from “Smocking Gun” to “very legal & very cool.” Typos, excessive capitalization, misnomers and dubious terminology have become occasions for the president’s detractors to have a laugh at his expense.

Yet, some saw in his language on Sunday something darker — a window into his legal worldview, even perhaps an unwitting acknowledgment of the highly consequential role his former fixer is now playing in assembling possible evidence against him.

Andy McCarthy, a former assistant U.S. attorney and Fox News contributor, weighed in on Twitter, informing the president of the ominous associations of his language.

“You should stop,” he advised.

Sir, in mobster lingo, a ‘rat’ is a witness who tells prosecutors real incriminating info. Perhaps a different word? Searches of lawyer’s offices common enough that DOJ has a procedure for them. Here it yielded evidence of crimes you said he should be jailed for. You should stop.

Remember, Michael Cohen only became a “Rat” after the FBI did something which was absolutely unthinkable & unheard of until the Witch Hunt was illegally started. They BROKE INTO AN ATTORNEY’S OFFICE! Why didn’t they break into the DNC to get the Server, or Crooked’s office?

It’s not the first time Trump has labeled someone a “rat” on social media, nor is it the only instance in which his rhetoric has seemed to come from the world of the mob. In August, he took to Twitter to complain that his onetime campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, who was on trial for tax and bank fraud, was being treated worse than Capone, “Public Enemy Number One," as Chicago labeled him in 1930. Trump has praised Manafort for not “flipping,” using language that some commentators argue makes him sound like a mafia boss.

We are being forced to fund our own replacement.
Sydney's migrant mums keeping Australia fertile. They are the baby deserts and nappy valleys of Sydney.
For every three babies born in Lakemba or Wiley Park, fewer than one are born in Surry Hills or Darlinghurst. At 1.75 babies per mother, Australian-born mothers are not producing enough babies to replace the population.
It’s the Lebanese, Pakistanis and Samoans doing the heavy lifting, producing between three and four babies for every mother.

Candace Owens
Over 100,000 of the Union army soldiers in the civil war were under the age of 15.

The average age of a soldier killed on D-day was 22 years old.

Today, we deal with men that cry and boycott if conservatives are scheduled to speak on their campuses.


Those who missed out on education when indoctrinated senseless should do a crash course on common sense and factual news at Infowars.

Well,, an early Christ Mass gift for PPers -- The inkster is pulling the pin here for a while. We, Blount Myk Ecnarud and Kym are going to viist the Bureaus of the Wangaratta Institute in London Copenhagen and Paris and the operatives there in. We may return, by way f a gift some time in the New Year before Ramadan to provide some more Wit Wisdom Whimsy and Wonderment in the hope the collective paranoia here has some what eased -- we live in hope. al Hamdu lillah

Probably treading on Disraeli's turf here...

‘Help Us, Help Us’: Swedish National Police Commissioner Begs as Number of No-Go Zones Rises

POLITICO: Shootings in Sweden ‘So Common They Don’t Make Headlines’, Cities Rocked by Bombs, Grenade Blasts

Swedish Mass Car Fire Suspect Arrested in Turkey

A 19-year-old suspected of taking part in the massive wave of car fires that took place across Sweden earlier this week was arrested by Turkish police Wednesday, as even more fires were set overnight in various parts of the country.

The 19-year-old is believed to have been involved in the fires that occurred in Västra Frölunda, a borough of the city of Gothenburg, but it remains unclear whether or not he will be extradited to Sweden, SVT reports.

Christer Fuxborg, police spokesperson in the Western Region praised the cooperation between Swedish and Turkish law enforcement that led to the arrest but added, “it may take some time,” before the 19-year-old is sent back to Sweden.

Guess everyone has heard the 83 year old gran has been found, having been lost in the rugged Stirling Rangers in WA's south. Having survived for 4 days in the bush in extreme weather conditions, she walked out onto a road by herself, four km away from where last seen. One wonders what the 40 odd police and SES have been doing over the past few days, it appears she just got sick of waiting for them to find her.

Everything Is Rigged: Medicine, Science, Elections, The Media, Money, Education, Search Engines, Social Media... You Are Living In A Fabricated Fairy Tale

"This year’s [Miss Universe] pageant saw the first ever transgender contestant, Miss Spain.

Angela Ponce, 27, was born anatomically male but has since transitioned to being female. She has said she would use the title to campaign for children who question their gender identity."

... a queer named Ponce? Tell me they're joking.

Boo hoo, Woolworths have been refused permission to have staff come in on Christmas Day to "stack shelves". So if you are so stupid that you do not have milk or bread on hand, you 'should' be allowed access to a supermarket on Christmas Day, how about you die of starvation, no one will miss you. There will be emergency rations available at your local servo or corner shop, putting themselves out there to provide for those who are so stupid that they can't plan ahead for 24 hours. Woolworths are greedy beyond belief. Or is it something in the management makeup, that thinks trying to destroy Christmas Day as an inviolable public holiday, is part of their agenda. Perhaps people should look at the composition of the Board, and check out their backgrounds. Just saying.