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Friday, 19th October 2018

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...or how to trash the House before the new tenants arrive

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Similarities between the last days of the Gillard Government and the Obama Administration are eerily similar with social experiment implosions, foreign policy meltdowns, out of control debt, dismantled borders and a quota of at least one idiotic decision per day.

Is it just coincidence, or do all socialist governments lose their bonds?

Obama’s deliberate dismantling of America’s southern borders has led to an estimated fifty thousand children making the perilous journey from Central and South America to where they are processed and led away to await family contact in packed halls. 

The numbers increase daily as kid smugglers are now making their fortunes guaranteeing parents delivery to the US border. 

It is fast becoming a humanitarian crisis while Obama sucks on a fag and counts votes with his feet on the Oval Office table.

His meddling in the Syrian crisis and his premature withdrawal of troops from Iraq has created an unholy catastrophe with ISIS slaughtering its way south demanding an “al-nikah” (sex jihad) a fatwa reportedly issued by Saudi cleric, Sheikh Mohammad al-Arifi, whereby all families are forced to hand over their daughters for sex. Refusals are met with executions.

The “al-nikah” Jihadists give the girls to ISIS troops for outrageous sex acts many don’t live through. Leaflets distributed in Iraqi cities today tell families that they must hand over their daughters for sex immediately.

America’s main enemy Iran, has joined the war and ISIS is now moving on Jordan. Terrorist groups are attacking the Israelis with a new zeal now that Obama has alienated them. 

From Egypt and Libya to Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, every State that has felt the touch of Obama is experiencing catastrophic civil dislocation, tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of displaced refugees.

The only time dissolving Arab and Middle East sham democracies do need American troops is the one time they will not see them.

Obama’s debt is now nudging $18 trillion and China is emboldened by an obvious American weakness.

Obama’s supreme social legacy of Obamacare is in a shambles, the Democrats have lost the Reps and are likely to lose the Senate in November.

His polling is saying he is the fourth worst president of all time, and the voters can’t rid themselves of him for another two years.

Sounding vaguely familiar yet?


Oh the intolerance of the tolerance demanding leftists. Nothing about Chris Kenny having sex with a dog being censored of course.

Look out for Jeb Bush !

I do I do I do I always have

What Israel and the Jews in the middle east have done for decades (I lived in Israel from 1960 to 1965 btw that was the most peaceful era in that regions history) is to not take anything from their Arab neighbours or adversaries. With Israel its like this you kill one of us we kill 10 of you, no questions asked if you want violence brutality cruelty barbarism then we can unleash that ten fold upon you. But the problem in that region is not the common Palestinian people but as always the few that rule and terrorise both their own people and Israel.

in NSW - lest we forget that corrupt labor fool Roozendahl who, just before the NSW election DELIBERATELY sold OUR electricity assets at half price [ the board resigned in protest so he then filled it with compliant mates ] to STOP the inevitably victorious Liberals from having the extra 5 billion to spend on infrastructure - how corrupt is that ? labors slash and burn retreat with OUR MONEY

Clive love Jackie now?

the 3rd world war has started. we are weak whilst the enemy within is strong. there will be blood on the streets of Sydney.

It all started after Whitlam when technical colleges became universities, and now even the old Whoop Whoop Tech School is the University of Western Sydney. Six months ago I couldn't spell ungineer, now I are one.

If gaillard gave it up for Obama, she may have suffered Female Genital Mutilation as well.

"Obama’s debt is now nudging $18 trillion and China is emboldened by an obvious American weakness." And guess how he takes care of that - The amount of money in U.S. PENSION FUNDS is $21 Trillion _ I can see a lot of $'s going to the U.S. Govt in exchange for U.S. Bonds and watch the sale restrictions placed on those bonds.

CFMEU national secretary Dave Noonan said he would not respond to Mr Kane's allegations when there were cases proceeding in the Supreme Court and Federal Court. "The real court cases happen in real courts."

Mr Noonan later dismissed the royal commission as a "show trial". "There is no justice being served here," he said in a statement.
"The only interests served are the interests of the Abbott government and their supporters in the big end of town who see unions as an impediment to their profit margins."

Hopefully Commissioner Heydon will have a few surprises for Noonan as the RC proceeds.,6505

Is it my poor eyesight or does one of the Indo wannabes look like Obama?

Is it just my poor eyesight or does one of the Indo president waanabe

Thought I'd take a sticky at The Project facebook site. Not a comment about the pathetic child Bickmore's behaviour towards the great SriLankan blow job with Andrew Bolt. This nit wit girl spruiks her shit out and its obvious no one is allowed to criticise.

Berocca Obama - for the country with a hangover. Dosage - Take one anally, once every 4 years. WARNING - In the event of an overdose contact Indignant Elder for Enema plus free glass of port. If problem persists call The Pope.Improvement should be noticed after 2 years.

sorry about spelling.

If you had milluions, where would you invest it?

I am curious. My brother has a lot of money invested in USA. I am as broke as a broke churchmouse which is pretty borke; but my brother is well off.

To Jack French - some call short term Marion Up.