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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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CAN ABBOTT SURVIVE?'s all in the body language

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Tony Abbott successfully brought the Coalition to power in a record landslide election, dispensing with a toxic and incompetent Rudd/Gillard rat pack that threw every dirty trick imaginable at him.

Media defiled him as a woman-hater who may have punched a wall 35 years ago while completely ignoring Gillard’s criminality, Rudd’s psychopathy and Shorten’s sexual deviancy.

His female family suffered relentless unfair attacks, yet they stood by him, microphones were turned up to catch his slightest slip, cameras zoomed in to record his every twitch and expression. The ABC and Fairfax fought hard to keep the incapable Rudd/Gillard in power while demonising Abbott at every turn.

Not once did he stoop to the level of the ABC, Fairfax and Gillard to combat their vile tactics. He grinned and copped it on the chin, yet in over half a century I have never seen such a delinquent media persistently encourage and protect such a wretchedly deplorable government as that of Gillard’s and Rudd’s. As a result, media’s Left have hastened their own demise.

So, what has gone wrong? There is no doubt that Tony Abbott is deserving of the leadership, he has well and truly earned it, but is that enough reason for him to keep it?

Many of his colleagues think not, and it sticks out like dog’s balls. Their defence of him is weak and unconvincing as their sights settle on the next election and their personal ambitions rise to the surface.

To put it bluntly, Tony Abbott has gone from the penthouse to the shithouse in a short 18 months and 18 months before the next election is the cut-off time to change leaders.

But political treachery is not the sole domain of the Coalition’s... Labor sailed into Office on the coat tails of Rudd before Shorten unsheathed Gillard’s knife and pointed to Rudd’s shoulder blades. Shorten, in his own best interests, later unsheathed Rudd’s knife and pointed to Gillard’s shoulder blades, leading to himself being preferred Prime Minister to Abbott.

Let’s be honest Tony Abbott is one of the most uninspiring Prime Ministers ever. But he is trying, albeit hamfistedly, to redeem the economy to what it once was under the Coalition, and a hateful recalcitrant Senate stands in his way.

“Get over it”, says Shorten, “Gillard had to deal with a minority government!” Well, that’s an uncontested outright lie. Gillard held a tenuous majority in the Lower House with the help of Oakeshott, Windsor and a grubby Slipper. She also had a compliant Green Senate that passed almost 600 pieces of the Gillard Government’s legislation. Abbott would sell his arse for that sort of “minority government”!

Tony Abbott’s brilliant stoicism in Opposition has not successfully transferred with him to Government. His record election win was more about the electorate’s incandescent hostility toward the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Government than Abbott’s appeal.

Here’s the problem, Tony Abbott has never been seen as a leader by the Coalition, in fact it has told him so. When he broached the subject of leadership with his colleagues under the Howard reign he was told, “We really don’t see you that way Tony”.

He finally won the leadership by a single vote on factional lines, emphasising that collegiate view.

Here’s the solution, Tony Abbott needs to go! And that’s a shame, but I believe in the next few weeks he will have the decency to step aside in the interests of the Party.

Despite the fact he is a decent Catholic family man with true Conservative values, the dislike for him is far too entrenched for any recovery. Tony Abbott, although once part of the fourth estate, does not understand it. The Press gallery likes to be told to “fornicate off” every so often, their respect is gained with strength of character and depth of resolve.

In a way Abbott has been the architect of his own demise, he has coddled an advisory team around him that has no answer to Labor’s seasoned spin doctors and creative manufacturers of slick one-liners. They leave Abbott agape, without a competitive response, and that’s what influences the swinging bogans who decide elections.  

Julie Bishop has blind spots that need another term or two to resolve, but Scott Morrison has broad factional support and an unblemished record of achievement.

There is really only one person who will succeed as leader, and the Coalition knows it.   


Surely he committed political suicide with the Sir Phil the Greek antic. I, a dyed in the wool conservative cannot take him seriously again.

Is it just me, or there other people who are Fed Up with the Election Adds paid for by the CFMEU? (*#$Union) urging all the sheeple NOT to vote for Campbell Neumann ‘cause He de Baddie ‘oos ganna SELL all Our Assets???
Unlike the last Queensland LABOR Gumment lead by Anna Blight?
Yeah Right?
It’s called GOLDFISH MEMORY Right?

With apologies to A.B. (Banjo) Patterson:

"I had written him a text
Which I'd sent, hoping the next
Time he came in mobile coverage
He'd have time to say hello.
But I'd heard he'd lost his iPhone,
So I emailed him from my smart phone,
Just addressed, on spec, as follows:
[email protected]

And the answer redirected
Wasn't quite what I'd expected
And it wasn't from the shearing mate
Who'd answered once before.
His ISP provider wrote it
And verbatim I will quote it:
'This account has been suspended:
You won't hear from him any more.'

In my wild erratic fancy
Visions come to me of Clancy:
Out of reach of mobile coverage
Where the Western rivers flow.
Instead of tapping on the small screen,
He'd be camping by the tall green
River gums, a pleasure
That the town folk never know.

Well, the bush has friends to meet him
But the rest of us can't greet him:
Out there, even Telstra's network
Doesn't give you any bars.
He can't blog the vision splendid
Of the sunlit plains extended
Or tweet the wondrous glory
Of the everlasting stars.

I am sitting at the keyboard,
I'm too stressed out to be bored
As I answer all the emails
By the deadlines they contain.
While my screen fills with promotions
For 'Viagra' and strange potions
And announcements of the million-dollar
Prizes I can claim.

But the looming deadlines haunt me
And their harassing senders taunt me
That they need response this evening
For tomorrow is too late!
But their texts, too quickly ended,
Often can't be comprehended
For their writers have no time to think
They have no time to wait.

And I sometimes rather fancy
That I'd like to trade with Clancy:
Just set up an email bouncer
Saying 'Sorry, had to go.'
While he faced an inbox jamming
Up with deadlines and with spamming
As he signed off every message:
[email protected]"

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The Federal Voting System NEEDS to be Changed to stop us getting these Ratbags into Power.
Optional Preferential or whatever the Queensland System IS would be The Shot.
I guess it would be asking too much to Abolish the Senate?

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