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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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actually he has no choice

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


When voters discovered that the objectionable little boy, Roy (who previously flummed the seat of Longman) had assisted Turnbull and the Stick Insect to knife Tony Abbott, they threw him out. They are not stupid. Therefore what should the message be for other suicidal Turnbull supporters? 

                                               Wyatt didn't do his homework

They too are due to be slaughtered at the next Federal election and their seats handed to Shorten without so much as a whimper!

                                                            Likely leader

Peter Dutton, currently in the marginal seat of Dickson, adjacent to Longman, now has a life or death decision to make at the next joint Party Room meeting. He needs to challenge Turnbull… his hat should be flung on the floor along with Abbott’s, Kelly’s and Jim Molan’s (yes, a senator can chuck his hat in the ring). So too can Barnaby Joyce, but he will only be trying to talk sense to Liberal boneheads as he needs the Nats to reinstate him over the useless Michael McCormack first.

Peter Dutton, a fair dinkum Conservative, would win that contest, Turnbull would resign and again attempt to join the Labor Party. Once again Labor would reject him as a self-centred invertebrate. 

                                                            Must go now

He will then be confined to speaking at Lions' Club dinners where he would be free to wallow in his own bullshit in exchange for a few unconvincing hand claps.

Immediately on top of the Coalition’s “to do” list would then be to walk away from Paris, no, run like hell away from it, as other more sensible nations are doing, and slash immigration to a sustainable level with an emphasis on merit-based non Muslims.

Dutton would then can Turnbull’s stupid Snowy 2.0 nonsense and revisit Abbott’s plan to open up the north before China does, damming rivers and redirecting the Stick Insect’s donations of millions to Indonesia’s farmers back to Australian farmers as grants rather than loans. 

    Dutton would then set about doing the stacks of stuff that Abbott should have done.

To put the current political scene in context; voters detest Shorten, but Conservative voters detest Turnbull even more! The Liberal Party will die if it stays glued to the lunatic Left, just as Fairfax did.

So don’t argue with voters, just do it!


paisley: .... United States of America's President Donald John Trump is still motoring! Hits 50% approval in national poll as he surges past Obama's "same-point-in-presidency" numbers .... Also has nearly 30% (and growing) support of Afro-Americans. A level of support that spells the death of the "democratic" potty.

I have to come here to get common sense. Our country badly needs it.

Larry, you should provide a list of all those who installed that insipid prick Turnbull.

Glad Dutton escaped the earthquake. Let's hope the experience puts 'the fear of God' into him and he steps up and out of the current political mess to throw his support behind Abbot.

They - The Libs - had a good man and they let him go... bring him back with Mr. Dutton and we might just have game on!

The Donald is still motoring---------------Daily Mail-----Trump hits 50 per cent approval in national poll as he surges past Obama's 2010 numbers and earns MORE support than he won in 2016 election
Donald Trump is at 50 per cent approval in the latest Rasmussen tracking poll
He only earned 46.1 per cent in his 2016 election victory over Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama was stalled at 45 per cent at this point in his first term

The voters should be reminded of how many ""lefties"" signed up to a statement that they thought that Australia should be more like Venezuela . A country rapidly heading down hill , both politically and economically , with millions queuing up to get out, and into any western country, If i remember that list included many well known aussies many from labour and the greens but also from the media and the arts, the education.,and entertainment community, Perhaps some one still has that list, It would make interesting reading as that unhappy country slides into its predictable socialist chaos.

The Liberal party is dead. It just hasn’t fallen over yet. Next election will take care of that. Changing Turnbull won’t change anything because the party machine is controlled by self interest - just look at the woeful caliber of candidates they are offering. The pre-selection process determines the polices and they have not been for the benefit of the voters for a decade. Remember Payne, Pyne, Bishop and their coterie are still there. Australians who support traditional conservative values have been abandoned and the Liberal party will never get them back. They will be hard pressed to raise volunteers and even more hard pressed to raise funds which gets back to why Turnbull is still there. $1.7 million buys a lot but it won’t be enough next time.

The ABC 7.30 is doing a story about sexual misconduct in the Greens, seems it is almost systemic and the Party fails to deal with complaints. So the propaganda arm of the Greens is doing a very negative story on the Greens. How are the ABC haters going to spin this?

Abbott did fuck-all about the ALPBC. In fact he appointed Turdball Communications Miinister for Chrissake! You think giving Phil the Greek an Aussie Knighthood was the act of an imbecile, think again about the ALPBC & Turdball.
No. He had his chance & he blew it. Fuck him.

More than 1,000 confidential medical records are abandoned on the floor of a former aged-care facility operated by the NSW Government.
The documents contain deeply intimate information of more than 400 vulnerable patients' personal profiles, medical conditions, behaviours, accidents, treatments, and medical history.

Among the documents are pain and incontinence charts, confidential social worker reports, doctor's referrals, hospital admission forms, a personal photo album, and an internal memo regarding a complaint from a daughter who was not notified when her father died.

As usual Larry., you hit the nail right on the head. Keep taking your meds mate, we need you.

CNN Reporter Whines About Nobody Liking Him

Mark Dice

Any one see Alan Jones' speech on Tuesday night attacking the Turd? I thought it was brilliant.

This crap is so comon now, but however they try to paint it, the lot of them are social misfits and degenerates!

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EU Commission figures released Wednesday show that 37 percent of the bloc’s soybean imports last month were coming from the U.S., compared with 9 percent in July 2017.

A Melbourne surgeon is considering moving his family interstate after a home invasion by an African-Australian gang.