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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


An attempt to march the Queensland Government before a Senate inquiry is a blatant bid by Clive Palmer, assisted by the Greens and Labor, to settle old scores with Campbell Newman and in the process trash our Westminster system. 

This is the real Clive all right, but his little plan will almost certainly backfire.

Christine Milne’s agreement is understood, she wants conservation issues resolved... but Bill Shorten? I guess he’s just proved there’s not a cigarette paper between his and Clive’s morals.

The Senate is part of the Federal Parliament all right, but it’s also a States’ House and the States rightly retain their sovereignty. 

This half-arsed inquiry is cunningly set to end just before the Queensland State election in January next year, leaving Clive a pile of poo to throw at Newman on the hustings.

But what is certain to happen is that Campbell Newman will tell the Senate to go take a long walk off a short pier. The Senate will then have to apply to the High Court for a ruling which will drag out until after the election leaving Clive, the Greens and Labor looking like irresponsible, opportunistic wreckers of our Parliamentary process.

I think Clive has just handed Newman another healthy majority.


Brad Turner you a just a typical COWARD with a keyboard & cushion. Come on list the "crimes" here, Police rapes, my God you're sick.

If Campbell Newman does not tell the Senate to go take a long walk off a short pier, he will be in dereliction of his duty, but of course he will do it, good on him.

a former Queenslander? how can that be, unless you've taken citizenship in another country. pup aside Qlders don't usually talk nonsense like that.

Brad Turner, come on tell all about the corruption in Queensland you know all about or are you just another lying Labor loving COWARD like Anna Bligh last election when she referred Campbell Newman to the CMC. That came to nothing didn't it? She ran away from Queensland too.

you need to get a manager and stop handling yourself

Brad Turner, I am waiting, like DJT, for you to reply to the proof of your allegations against the Newman government, and to comment on the blatant absence you choose not to reveal of any corruption during the Beattie/Bligh years. Where are you?

Hahaha! Is that because of little faggott boys like Bandt, Brown and Andrew Leigh, would be behind him? Maybe Clive would enjoy that on second thoughts?

What a moron! Self serving, selfish conceited git! Hope he carks it with a massive coronary and flattens SHY and Milne in the process!

Brad Turner, your comments are libelous. I hope you have proof of your comments because you could be in big trouble. Do you own your own home?

Does Clive actually think? I think he just puts his mouth into gear and out comes absolute rubbish. and his PUPs are the same.

Newman will outsmart the Blob. Just wait and see.

Woops! posted on wrong page; I've found a good name for Clive Palmer, one you can all use. 'THE BLOB' Comes from a 1958 horror film. The Blob is described on the posters as: Indescribable!....Indestructible!.....Nothing Can Stop It!.....Well, he might be Indescribable, but not Indestructible and God Willing we will be able to Stop It! I am sure Larry or Paul could create a Blob looking cartoon of said horror?


So you're a former Queenslander... Why don't you worry about your state's government then?

as Pauline Hanson would say ; "Clive , pleesse ecsplane" ???

Good bye Clive Palmer…Good bye Clive Palmer… Good bye Clive Palmer

Clive who??

Hunter - Problem with keeping bastards honest is that you can't be a dishonest bastard yourself. There lies the problem with Clive.

6 hours ago
its the liars party way the krudster and goss have enjoyed the ride on her back

Sadly for our country's future, it is fact that a senate candidate, by manipulating preferences shrewdly (or paying someone to do so) can get elected with well under 1% of the primary vote. That is a really scary FACT ridiculing our so called democracy.