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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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You bet it is, and here's why

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Australia Institute, which is given SKY air time well beyond its station, has made an art form of spewing misinformation. Despite the fact that this “institute” is no more than a radical Canberran Left-wing think-tank, media is projecting it as a coterie of knowledgeable intellectuals. It most certainly is not! 

Its director, Richard Denniss (pictured) is a former adviser to the Greens’ Bob Brown and a committed global warming nutter.

An example of this “institute’s” deliberate deception is its published graph of 36 developed nations’ debt showing Australia’s debt as the third lowest. Bloody hell! That’s tantamount to saying Australia’s debt is higher than Tonga’s.

A nation’s debt makes no comparable sense at all unless it is linked to that nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), otherwise you are comparing apples to kumquats. 

Yet the media is giving inordinate air time to pasty complexioned, Left-wing ideologues, in crumpled open-necked shirts and grey suit coats, who are determined to convince the economically naive that Australia has no debt problem.

Australia has lower public debt than that of the US and China? Of course it bloody does, you deceptive little toad!

For Australia to remain the lucky country it needs government with foresight. Costello and Howard understood the precarious nature of Australia’s economic base following savage tariff reductions and free trade agreements. 

They knew we could never afford to value-add to our minerals. They knew the car industry would be unsustainable in future. They knew unions’ EBAs would make our labour uncompetitive against the might of Asian manufacturing giants.

They also knew we would be almost entirely reliant on ore and minerals (you know, those holes in the ground that the Greens want filled in) for a strong future economy.

Our budget emergency is real because if China sneezes Australia gets pneumonia and China will sneeze eventually. If Australia is in debt to its current extent when that happens, we become another Grecian pauper. There will be no way out of it, we no longer have a diversified export economy yet we rely on diversified imports. 

Our current trade account is always in deficit. Add to that our addiction to entitlement and a quickly aging population that relies on an outdated Medicare and we will be in deep excreta if our spending isn’t contained and our debt isn’t reduced.

We must not return to the Whitlam era of printing millions and borrowing from Khemlanis. 

If we can arrive at a budget surplus and public debt is brought under control we will survive as a lucky country when China sneezes. 

When China stops sneezing we will blossom and bloom as an example to others who drowned in the socialist vortex of entitlement.

Discard the advice of those who made the mess. Ignore Left-infected media advice. 

Be not a moth, look through the dark for where the truth lies... not where Labor's light on the hill shines brightest.


No Australian government since polling began has ever come back from a 53 to 47 deficit to win. Even the Howard government in the post GST election only trailed Beasley’s Labor party 52.7 to 47.3. It looks like we are headed for another moronic Labor disaster. More boats, more spin and a trillion dollars in debt. Yep, that looks to be our future, so good luck everyone.

Not only that.. Let us see Labor survive without the slush funds provided by the Unions to Labor... What Hockey has done is a no brainer and something that has been going on for years. He did noting wrong by organising functions to raise fund for the Liberal party. Every Politician does that and even Labor do it. What is wrong is that there are bad eggs in every basket. What is wrong is the innuendo that The Age and The SMH raised in their paper yesterday and at the time I thought that legal action may be taken against them for defamation. p.s. Interesting to read in Tuesday Fairfax papers that they have toned down their comments of yesterday... wonder why ???

Thankyou for the education. Just funny how we never hear ill of the Jews and the Buddhists in daily Australian society yet we have the Muslims wanting Sharia Law in Australia and the Muslims crying poor when we even criticise their ways. Wake up Australia..... In 20 years time this Country will be over run by them if we do not take action now. They already control our feeding by ensuring that McDonalds only use Hal al meat. Guess what ??? The Muslims somewhere in Australia get a fee for that service and you and I are paying our well earned money to them indirectly.

WHEN will we get a Govt who has the guts to take real hard hitting action against these traitors to our country ??

H2O Quite right lololol and so am I. I was angry I meant no harm. Sorry.

Some of the reporters on Sky actually look embarrassed when they conduct interviews the string puller at Sky clearly controls all levels of how and what questions are asked. Some of the interviewers are actually smart enough to know they look silly.

For the past 6 years I have wondered how a major proportion of Australians could be so terminally bloody stupid. Unable to reason for themselves. So terminally stupid that they could not see what KRudd and Gillard and their ilk were doing to this country. So stupefyingly dumb that their own ingrained ideals were impenetrable to truth and reality.

But I finally got it. I knew that they had been indoctrinated from birth by their own families. Their own militant fathers and mothers. This is why a Keating or a Whitlam or a Swan or any of this ridiculously challenged bunch - despite showing signs of intelligence at times - never see the big picture. They never see the reality of their massively flawed doctrine.

And over the weekend we saw this happening for real as a Union march - the annual May Day March - where 700 of the rank and file Unionists were marching from Trades Hall in Melbourne with their children in tow. Wait for it. Wearing T shirts with "Fuck Tony Abbott" and "Abbott Hater" emblazoned on their fronts. The kiddies that is. Kiddies being indoctrinated with their parents own twisted ideals before they even have the chance to develop any reason themselves.

So what are they pissed off about? Declining job security. Equal pay (?) And proposed budget cuts. So this is the bunch that honestly believe that a country can go on racking up debt forever and still provide them with the conditions and security to which they have become accustomed.

What don't you fools get? Don't you know what the number $500 billion means in the context of 22 million souls? Don't you know what interest is -which is now so massive that we actually have to borrow to pay off the interest - let alone the principal? Don't you realize that Labor is not the answer and was never the answer. They ALWAYS get us into debt that takes years to expunge. Don't you remember that it took 10 years to pay off Keating's debt? Don't you know that these poor little blighters that you pin your stupid messages to, will probably never see an Australia that is out of debt and prosperous again?

You fools. You bloody fools. How dare you be allowed to stuff it up again for the rest of us! And how dare you use your children in this way. If we had given your mob another go at governing what is left of this country - you would probably have had to sell your offspring off for medical experiments. Because you sure as hell would not be able to afford to feed them anymore - let alone buy them offensive T-shirts! Wake up! Grow up and use your brains.

Sorry, more important I went to the footy this afternoon. Who builds the factories to install the robots. How do the pre-fab houses get to site, unloaded and put together. In coastal Queensland houses have to be built to withstand cyclones and require substantial foundations. I have just completed a stint working on a coal mine development, approximately 2000 working on the job with approximately half that doing manual work. Love to see the robot that can build a Wash Plant.

Houses are now being built in factories by robots and shipped to sites in modules to be erected. A few bolts and the job is done.....that is the future.

Yes maybe you are right tontella but in the mean time? I have worked in heavy industry for the past 35 years, certainly we get new equipment to maintain our plant but you still have to use it, transport it about, it's not always easy. It seems that the more we change the more we stay the same

Jesus didn't go around telling his followers to murder and behead those who didn't believe in his teachings, Jesus as far as we now was not a paedophile, Jesus did not condone rape, Jesus turned water into wine Mohammad ruled its consumption a capital offence, Jesus gave forgiveness to a prostitute Mohammad's law would have seen her stoned to death

bricks still being laid same way as forever
mybe the robot could wipe your arse and clean your shitter as well

Tontella - What about crutching sheep. There will always be a requirement for manual labour. Farmers, nurses, the guy in the fruit and veg shop, plumbers, electricians, concreters, etc. etc. etc.

Office worker tontella?

Haven't seen any brick laying robots.

and who builds your houses

or cleans your shithouse
attack the lerftard voters-- its not the right time to take on the aged
they were lib voters drop it hockey make a fool of the msm and there green army

look after your voter base there is no votes in the current leftards

cut them to death

and the democrats are LABAR ooopps sorry buster i mean LABOR.

Florida Democrats have declared war on women; but fortunately, their attack on our freedoms was turned back by Republicans who represented America and voted against them.

Anyone who isn’t certain that Democrats are devoted to destroying America need only take a look at their despicable conduct in the Florida Senate. In a vote that never should have had to be taken, every single Democrat voted to force Sharia Law on the people of Florida. By doing so, they placed women and children in very real danger. The vote was 24 votes for America and 14 votes for al Qaeda and the Taliban cast by loathsome Democrats. They voted to deny Americans the Constitutional protections generations of American men and women fought for and died to protect. Democrats have revealed their desire to force Americans to live as slaves to a third world, foreign “justice system.”

Since the liars in the Democrat–controlled media won’t describe what these quislings have tried to force on Americans, here is an outline of the horrors of Sharia Law.

There would be no freedom of religion because Sharia supports only Islam.

There would be no freedom of speech.

There would be no protection for homosexuals, Christians, or anyone else Islamists don’t like.

Rape victims would be executed, and those who were not executed by the state would legally be murdered by their families as “honor killings.”

Women would not be allowed to vote, drive, go to college, or show their faces in public. Little girls as young as 8 years old would be forced to “marry” men three and four times their age. Many would die when these beasts forced themselves on their “brides.”

Women would not be allowed to be treated by male doctors they were not related to.

Stoning as a form of execution would be sanctioned for women caught in adultery. Women would be forced to wear burkas in public.

There would be no pig farms or dogs, and public schools would be forbidden from serving anything but Halal–style food.

Alcoholic beverages would be forbidden, and cab drivers who suspect a passenger is carrying alcoholic beverages (or Christian or Hebrew bibles) could refuse them service.

Democrats voted to force this on American citizens. If they had the necessary numbers in the Florida legislature, Sharia Law in all its barbarity would be used in Florida courts. Democrats tried this. Keep this in mind next fall.

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Bruce one thing is for sure you have a great sense of humour cheers mate

The problem started when too many idiots voted for Kevin Krudd . Come on people give credit where it is due . So if the cap fits wear it