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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


"I was shot nine times by a firing squad, and once more in the face to ensure my death.” Wenseslao Moguel (pictured) was sentenced to death without trial for his role in the Mexican revolution. After being shot repeatedly he discovered he was still alive and managed to remain still until his executioners wandered off and he finally crawled his way to safety.

He then went on to live a long life touring with the “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” museum.

Many believe the executioner only gets one go at it and that double jeopardy prevents a second go. Not true! Double jeopardy only applies to the trial process and in the case of a hanging penalty a judge will order that he/she, “hang by the neck until dead”. And that means swinging on their feet if the poor buggers are still alive.

To live through an “execution” is often rewarded with a reprieve, not for any legal reason but because it’s seen as a message from God that should not be denied.

But there are hundreds of macabre instances where executions have gone awfully wrong with certain death being achieved only with the French guillotine.

It’s actually quite difficult to kill someone by other means unless your victim is tied up and unarmed and you’re a barbaric Islamic coward.

A professional hangman requires a clinical knowledge of weights and measures; the lynching expression, “hang ‘im high” was to ensure his neck was broken or he was decapitated by the length of the fall, as was Saddam Hussein.

But the aim of the modern, compassionate hangman is to allow the fall to ensure death while avoiding a messy decapitation.

In 1945, 16 year old Willie Francis was charged with murder of a drugstore owner in Louisiana. Francis pled not guilty but the state-appointed defence attorneys called no witnesses and put up no defence. Francis was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by the electric chair.

During the execution, witnesses reported hearing the teenager scream “Take it off! Take it off! Let me breathe!” Another report states that he said, “I’m not dying! I'm not dying!”

The electric chair failed to kill Willie Francis. The portable electric chair had been improperly set up by an intoxicated prison guard.

The boy appealed to the Supreme Court but the appeal was denied and he was again executed (this time successfully) on May 9, 1947... more than a year after his first "execution".

The electric chair has killed many victims in the most horrific of ways, with the smell of barbequed flesh wafting through the witness room.

The use of a firing squad is an inexact science because death is not instant. Even when bullets pierce the heart it is reported death may not arrive for many minutes. Miss the heart and the condemned may never die.

Decapitation leaves the brain fully oxygenated for many minutes and there have been many grotesque experiments carried out on separated heads with blinking eyes and moving mouths.

Lethal injection is the most humane method of killing, but there have been instances of the three-stage automated process failing, leaving a victim’s heart still pumping away with the brain and other organs irreparably damaged.

Stoning and crucifixion are the most barbaric methods of all and only practised in Muslim States. So why has the Islamic Indonesian State opted for firing squads?

Well, they can’t speak or read Arabic, so the Qu’ran’s instructions might have been a little confusing for them.


I doubt if the MSM will tell you this while they try to create another Breivit:

Bob of Brisbane....please stick to the truth about Israel as what you do post simply and totally destroys your credibility in all else that you post. I doubt very much that "Bob' is your name as you blow the standard muslim/leftard tune always. No wonder this site shows me how fucked we are with people like you acting as seers.

A soviet partisan was to be hanged by the Nazis in the occupied USSR. He was a big man. The rope astonishingly broke 3 times and the German Russian crowd all bayed" It is god's will. Let him go". But in best Nazi/Soviet/Islamic tradition they hanged him again with a wire noose. it did not break. In Baba yar the Einsatzgruppen massacred thousands of jews one shot at a time. Yet many were not killed and could have survived if they could have pulled themselves out of the pit. But only one managed to do so. Later on the Nazis became smart and pumped in caustic soda. I will spare you the details of what that did to those still alive

General Pinochet's government used to take undesirables on a one way plane ride to their deaths at sea .

The arms dealers made a killing in the ME during the 60's and 70's when each Sheik had an army to protect them from each other .

Nikolai - I can’t correctly answer your question but the oil prices are varied artificially by the OPEC countries. At present they are low partly it seems to shut out the threat from oil-shale producers in the USA who don’t seem to be able to produce much below about $85 /bbl, and partly to embarrass Russia and Iran who operate outside OPEC.
Carp – I too would rather live in a non-Islamic country although I know people who have been living in the UAE for over a decade and it is orderly, tidy (no graffiti) and stable. Just don’t get drunk in public or give rude gestures to other drivers; you could be insulting a sheik. The ruling sheiks seem to distribute enough of their wealth to keep the nationals happy but they depend on foreign workers for their labour. In Indonesia and Malaysia (and India) I’ve seen a lot of corruption – even more than here.
Trumby - I think the arms dealers pay a lot of bribes and the governments publicly justify their sales by claiming they are threatened by neighbouring countries. Don’t forget there are other countries supplying arms beside the USA, notably Russia, China and Israel. They are great sources of foreign revenue. India has reportedly just abandoned a $20bn purchase of fighters from France and gone to Russia who are said to have some pretty high tech planes.
Hadenuff - It sounds as though you subscribe to the old saying, don’t confuse me with facts.

Who knows Trumby - all we can do is theorize from the sidelines. My bottom line with the who;e Israel\Palestine thing is this: The Islamic faith considers me to be an enemy infidel and any muslim can kill me for speaking against Islam. Despite what the politicians and media tell us, Islam is at war with the non-muslim world and has been since day one. The Palestinians are muslim and therefore they consider me to be their enemy. Therefore I must consider them to be my enemy.

I have often wondered if wars were choreographed just for the US military arms businesses who play each country against each other just for their mercantile gain like years ago the Remington were found to have supplied weapons to both sides of the same conflict so could you imagine their sales pitch ?

Bob you make some good points but at the end of the day I'd prefer to live in a western democracy than anywhere that Islam holds sway. It could be said that the backwardness of muslim countries where the quran is the only book you need has made it easier for western powers to meddle and take advantage of the inherent instability.

Carp - You point out that in the past, taking territory by force was a fact of life. Of course you are right. Are you suggesting however that that gives some legitimacy to what is happening in Israel now? If people say that, they must not complain when those resisting the takeover use whatever force is necessary to prevent it. The Zionists are taking control of Palestine by force (and have largely succeeded) yet they complain when the Arabs use force to resist. The Jews have colonised Palestine to get a homeland for themselves but the Arabs don’t want to lose their homeland and are resisting with force. We should not be surprised.
The world has allowed and even encouraged the Zionists to takeover Palestine. One cynical view is that it was to reduce the Jewish population in their own counties. But they have also encouraged and supported the continuing violence in the Middle East, even while claiming to want peace. There are many reasons for this:
When Middle Eastern countries try to sell oil in other than Petro-dollars (Yuen, Roubles or Euros) the Banksters are disadvantaged and try to bring down the offending governments - by violence if necessary. They have been fairly successful in doing so.
Western powers interfere in the Middle East in general to exploit and control the petroleum resources of the region. Again they have been successful in that they have a great degree of control over Middle Eastern oil.
The USA has a larger share of the worldwide arms market than the rest of the world combined and the sale of weapons in the Middle East is a direct incentive to maintaining turmoil in the area.
There are many forces working to maintain instability in the Middle East - and in other parts of the world - and we should look further than just local issues to find reasons for this.
Carp - One last point, of course we should not have gone into Iraq, or supported the bombing by NATO of Libya. You are quite right. Nor should we be supporting in any way Israel's continual advocacy of taking military action against Iran. The game continues to maintain the instability.
And before someone claims that ISIS started it all, who armed ISIS? It was the USA and other Western Powers, with Saudi Arabia, who first armed and trained the ISIS militia in the hope they would bring down the Syrian Government, but ISIS didn’t play the game; they went in the other direction.
To introduce a little perspective into all this, while we are working ourselves into a frenzy about the possibility of terrorist attacks in our country, where are the newspaper headlines decrying the estimated 18,000 deaths in Australia from medical malpractice each year? Yes, 18,000 each year!

true bobl

Nicolai I agree with you that we shouldn't meddle in the middle east. It is a snake pit of tribal and religious barbarians. We should not have gone into Iraq and maybe just done some special ops and targeted strikes in Afghanistan. Going in with armies was a waste of blood and treasure. You cannot create stable democratic states in these places. As for not wanting to be enemies with the muslim world I think you will find that they consider you an enemy simply because you are an infidel. Their religion divides the world into two parts - the house of belief and the house of war. So yes I don't want to meddle in their internal affairs but even if we didn't we non muslims are still classified as infidels and therefore enemies of Islam. So don't kid yourself that if Israel was somehow dismantled and we left the muslims alone that we would all sit around singing kumbaya.

Carp ever since man moved out of the cave they have been fighting for territory until now a lot of territory is invaded by money. Rather that than Islam !

Bob you miss my point. I am not advocating people taking territory by force. I am merely observing that this has been done again and again throughout human history. Just about every country on earth today has been invaded and fought over at some point. Borders have been determined through warfare and territories defended or expanded by armies. This country we live in was taken by force, ditto the U.S and just about every other country at some point was taken from others. It seems to me the left focus so much venom at Israel yet they ignore the 1400 years of muslim Arab aggression which has caused almost unimaginable human misery and slaughter. By looking at the greater historical picture you get a very different perspective.

Nicolai – As you probably know, the USA supports Israel because the USA is enthral to Zionist Jews. And the Jews do have immense control of the USA since they run the money business, the media and the entertainment industry. I think Netanyahu once said words to the effect, we don’t so what the US wants, the US does what we want.
Carp – Are you really saying that because the Zionist Jews have taken over Palestine by force, they deserve to keep it? You believe in a “might is right” policy in this day and age? Would that policy apply to someone breaking into your house and stealing something? If they can get away with it, it’s okay? Come on! I can’t believe you mean it.

This is why I can't understand why the Palestinian cause is given such prominence by the left in western countries. From what I have read, the followers of Islam have invaded and taken by force far more land than tiny Israel. As I have said previously, the followers of Islam have slaughtered tens of millions, raped and enslaved countless others and still hold vast territories that once belonged to others. I for one do not see them as victims and therefore have little sympathy for their claims regarding Israel.

You can say that the modern era is different with the UN etc but at the end of the day the very final arbiter is force or the threat of force. The fact is Israel has used force to take and hold this territory. The muslim armies have gone to war with Israel and been defeated. This essentially means that Israel has a legitimate claim to the land according to the precedents set thousands of times over by hundreds of nations throughout human history. The same way that the muslim Arabs have taken land by force throughout the world during the past 1400 years. Israel\Palestine is not unique in terms of people being dispossessed.

Nikolai - Hamas are Sunni not Shia. Bob - I admit I do not know the minute details of the history of Israel and I wouldn't be surprised if the events you outline are completely true. However, in my view these things have happened throughout human history, all over the globe. People have attacked, invaded and taken territory from others by force ever since humans have existed. Israel\Palestine is just one of tens of thousands of territorial conflicts that have occurred and are still occurring. How have most nations ever taken and held territory on this planet? The simple answer is by FORCE. Boundaries have almost always been settled by war and violence - everywhere. Now it doesn't matter if you and I agree or not - this is the world we live in.

The Arabs were not there in biblical times. They came with the spread of the Ottoman Empire. They became established during the Exodus when the seven tribes dispersed. At NO time have the Arabs tried, or wanted, to live in peace with the Jews of Israel.. They have always been a part of the caliphate of Constantinople. Go there, stand there. You will feel it !!!

Nikolai – You are right. You might add that the Hamas and Hezbollah are only a threat to Israeli because the Israelis stole the land from the native Arab inhabitants.
bobl - You might well be right but it was immoral and illegal for the Zionists to steal the country from the Arabs. It was the Arabs’ country and they lived happily with the Jews who were there at the time. If you consider that acceptable, would you advocate occupying large parts of Africa in a similar way?