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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Dead student bomber, Tameran Tsarnaev, 26, idolised Australian Imam, Shirk Feiz (pictured). Fiez featured on Tameran’s facebook page and he had a large collection of his videos.

Fiez also featured on last year as a dangerous Islamist who lectures in radical Islam in both UK and Australian mosques.

As with other Imams and Mullahs who promote terrorism in mosques around the World, Australia has done nothing to stem his activities. He is free to continue to radicalise those of the Islamic faith.

Of the two apparently normal students only Tameran converted to Islam. After a six-month overseas “holiday”, he began praying five times a day, while preparing to kill Bostonians.

His younger brother Dzhokhar, 19, now in custody in a critical condition, had been affected by his radicalised older brother to the extent that he participated in his atrocity.

The Boston bombers were symptomatic of all other terrorists, they stay long enough to meld unnoticed into the community. They attract no attention until they are summoned to act. Then they need to pray that all the virgins aren’t gone, prior to acting.

Home-grown terrorism is the insidious aftermath of US, UK and NATO involvement in foreign countries.

Al Queda has found fertile ground in recent rebel movements in Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan.

It has now taken root in Syria where the West has wisely refused to get involved and it’s spreading like Patterson’s Curse in Africa, financed by Afghanistan’s insidious heroin trade.

President Bush declared war on Islam. Is not Islam to be expected to declare war on us?

Afghanistan’s Taliban just wants to be left alone to administer its decadent Sharia law... Al Queda and its hundreds of cells wants revenge.

Pakistan, nurtured as a lone but untrustworthy link to the West, is aligned with Afghanistan’s Al Queda.

Proof-positive of that was the Egyptian Bin Laden’s safe sanctuary... officially arranged adjacent to a Pakistani Military Base in Abbottabad.

Unfortunately Australia is an active junior ally of US, NATO and UK involvement in these ill-conceived wars and to suggest we aren’t a yummy target is blind foolishness.

Why do we expect to be able to kill thousands in the homelands of these rogue states and not expect some sort of retaliation?

The ALP’s politically correct open border policy is a dangerous threat to Australia. Handing out thousands of E Bridging visas to Islamic ‘unknowns’ is about as negligent as any government could get.

Our ‘Welcome pack’ may as well include suicide vests and bomb construction instructions.

No other developed Western or Eastern country would even consider allowing illegal, unprocessed, Islamic immigrants loose in their country.

They are too busy trying to deport them. Many have banned further Islamic immigration, others have always banned it.

Ok, so we can’t deport them, we are too beholdin’ to a corrupt Islamic-dominated UN to do that and anyway 10% of our carbon tax has been promised to them. Now that wouldn’t make sense would it?

But surely Australia’s mosques should not be allowed the luxury of promoting and inflicting terrorism on their hosts. Surely the ‘freedom of religion’ ethic has gone too far?

Mosques with their evil Mullahs and Imams are nurseries for terrorist activities yet are no-go areas for authorities. Why?

Do we need to suffer the disgusting attitudes of Islamists in the US, UK and France, do we need to suffer the similar murder of Boston’s sports patrons before we act?

Guess we do.

[Correction, Osama Bin Laden was Saudi.] 


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For the record, I'm agnostic. I'll even prove it at the risk of being beheaded.

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Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni "Anti-semitic", "its a trick we always use it"

Heres something else all you pro Islamic do gooders should consider. What has Islam actually given to the world that makes it a better place? Who was the last great Islamic leader who inspired the people's of the world? When was the last time you saw an Islamic nation helping the people's of the world? If you can't remember you right.

Of course another raving pro islamic lunatic. 'It's all Americas fault.' 'Its all a big conspiracy.' 'We're all being victimised again.'
The Japanese government won't allow Islamic people immigrate to Japan, why do we? It's high time you all were told, we don't give a shit about your religion, we don't want you or your type anywhere near us. You should have all been put in internment camps when you bombed innocent people in New York. And don't start going on about some rag heads that got bombed in some foreign desert. No one gives a shit. You don't see us flooding into Afghanistan do you. Be polite, shut up or piss of back to where you came from.

US gov announced over loud speakers they were running a "drill"with "bomb sniffer dogs" on the same day, at the same place in Boston.

Here's main stream Boston news reporting this...

Tameran Tsarnaev, was a patsy.

Australian media have never written one word about the "drill"! Why not, Larry?

London 7/7 bombing, 2005 - Former Scotland Yard, Peter Powers admitted his organization was running "drills" at the same time and same three (3) locations where bombs went off.

The day of 9/11, the FAA were running "drills" of hijacked planes.

1993 WTC attack was run by the FBI - Hear Dan Rather tell you...

And on it goes...

The terrorists are the governments and those that gate-keep for them.

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All, and i mean ALL... public service operations are required to comply with ensuring "diversity in the workplace"...... in the past i briefly contracted to the APS and was astonished to see this policy in actoin.... it was a disaster.... but no one dared mention it lest it upset their APS career and APS superannuation nest eggs...!

The Muslims have control of what we eat. We all have to pay the Muslims to certify the food is suitable for Muslims. Most of the major brads you buy at the supermarket are halal certified, that means that part of the price you pay for these products goes to the Muslim brotherhood as a kind of food tax. All cattle and sheep are slaughtered in this country according to a barbaric and primitive custom. We pay the Muslim brotherhood for a Muslim cleric to pray to Allah while the animal slowly and painfully bleeds to death so that Muslims can be sure their meat is halal. Most of the popular brands pay the Muslin Council to certify that their product is fit for Muslims to eat. If you buy bread, milk, cereals, chocolate and a vast number of food products the chances are that you are paying money to the Muslims. You are paying them to impose their primitive culture on you.

Another correction.....Bush declared war on terrorism and specifically stated the US was not at war with Islam. He repeated this ad nauseum. Bush would often crap on about Islam being a religion of peace and about how the vast majority of Muslims were wonderful people. Flick the news on once in awhile Larry. Fly your plane into Putin's Palace and see how long it takes before his bombs drop on your family's house.

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