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Sunday, 22nd April 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


After four years of investigations and legal proceedings by ASADA, 34 players at Essendon were found guilty of using banned peptides. But Thompson’s arrest is not about peptides, not this time, it’s about trafficking in cocaine, ecstasy and methamphetamines, with the alleged participation of bikies. 

One of whom, Thomas Windsor (above), was living with Bomber at his Port Melbourne “warehouse” residence.  

The doping scandal resulted in Essendon players being suspended and the club copping a fine of $2 million including being banned from playing any further in the 2013 competition.

The AFL, which sees itself as the guiding moral light of all players and officials, must have known of Thompson’s heavy usage of cocaine, and also that of many other AFL players and officials, (everyone else knows) but it refused to acknowledge the predicament, instead attacking all Essendon players, including coach James Hird. Many of the players were innocent kids. 

It affected all the players’ families and friends, but that was okay as long as the AFL was seen to be acting “responsibly”.

Thompson was due to accept the training position at the Gold Coast Suns until one phone call suggested authorities should be aware of his cocaine habit and the Suns reneged on the offer. Why do administrators always pretend they are the last to know?

   Thompson's AFL and media future is now in tatters, he has lost his life and his wife. 

Drug use is rampant in both the AFL and NRL codes and administrative bodies are desperately trying to isolate certain players as scapegoats yet, with the right legal advice, players can minimise the damage by claiming a “mental health” problem that any tribunal will adjudge as excusable and worthy of humane assistance.

I don’t know about the NRL but the AFL board should be disbanded and a new board appointed. From now on their dumb complicity in the problem can only become more apparent.

Social drugs are here to stay and AFP heists of tons of the stuff only make the problem worse. Without proper regulation we are about to see an explosion here of the US opioids outbreak supported by pharmaceutical companies that reward GPs who readily over-prescribe them as pain controlling (palliative) drugs. 

As a reward for over-prescription, GPs can take their wives on free holidays to exotic havens leaving the mess behind for someone else to clean up.

Big pharmas spend billions on lobbyists who convince US legislators to be sympathetic toward the continued GP-sanctioned use of what is effectively highly addictive synthetic opium.

President Trump has now begun the overdue eradication of 95% of the world’s opium production in Afghanistan… a $60 billion crop that supports the entire Taliban war effort. This was inexplicably allowed to continue and flourish by Obama, both Bushes and the CIA. And the question needs to be asked why the Left remains desperately addicted to open borders.

Addictive drugs that are readily available, both legally and illegally to all people, are screaming for regulation… prohibition has never been an answer.

Governments have regulated and taxed the hell out of one of the worst addictive drugs in alcohol, forcing the public into realistic, albeit illicit, alternatives and they expect incompetent football administrators to solve a worsening epidemic in our sports?

If you want a reliable supply start footy training now.


Who gives a fuck if idiots overdose on drugs? I call it a strengthening of the gene pool. As for the AFL, I no longer follow it as I did before, even though I will still watch it, because the team I have followed for 50 years, ever since they lost the 1967 Grand Final, now has a sheilas' team. Women's footy, where the best these bull dykes could put up would be given a shellacking by my 1972 U16s premiership team in the Sunraysia District Football League. So keep strengthening that gene pool you drug using morons.

Do women make good comedians,! The ABC pumping up ex abc favourite Clare Hooper,I admit i have never seen her act live , but am not tempted to do so , What many call comedy is often just weak self important drivel, only funny after the audience has had a skinfull.

Whats the big deal with some media people in the east about recycling bottles and plastics in the waste stream,.I am not a greenie but dislike seeing the massive amount of stuff that could be reused into other products put in landfill, and also plastic is a product of the oil industry ,i also , being a amateur fisher, dislike the plastic and other waste that ends up in the rivers and seas, A little test, Get a bag , and put in the plastic containers that you collect over a month, you will be surprised at how much we waste, In SA there is no problem with discarded bottles and cans , they are quickly picked up ,A green bin and a yellow bin there is no problem.

The accusers of Craig Mclauchlan were married at the time perhaps the media should ask the husbands about it as Craig doesn't to have beaten to a pulp.

This is all very well but when will Harvey Weinstein release his scorecard, Does a fake orgasm translate to being a good on-screen actress.

14 year old girl suicides because of Facebook internet bullying so everyone is joining hands on the net to sing koombaya and do nothing whereas they could do a lot by going through her Facebook account and find these mongrels via their Facebook identities and charge them with torture leading to death while our stupid government tells us to go to the "business " identity called Lifeline or go to Gillard''s Beyond Blue farce that will find something wrong with you so they can join you into their grasp .

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says Premier Daniel Andrews should consider resigning if he does not admit Victoria has a problem with African gang violence and commit to solutions.

"I think Mr Dutton's comments were designed to get a rise out of people," Mr Andrews said.

... that speaks volumes about Andrews right there. What a complete and utter fuckwit. But Victorians love him. Go figure.

What happened to our Pickering Post poster of the year award ? Did Waldo get it ?

Why can't these problems be nipped in the bud perhaps because they are owned and controlled, unlike the USA President Trump who has the guts to stand up to the contaminated United Nations. It's time we voted for genuine government and stopped ages old loyalty voting without really thinking of the long-term outcomes for our country including the Senate. Like loyalty to Holden and Ford can't exist anymore because they have been handed over to overseas control the main party politicians do not deserve a loyalty when all they do is pass the buck and sell us out.

Blount apologies for his non appearance, he has a slight problem. He and Oliver are knotted together, things got a bit heated last night, during a wild session of Shit Sharing. Tiger is there atm, assisting and will deliver a full report later.

Oh really talks about trolls and trolling behavior but steers clear of what her, that other bitch and hadenuffnuff did. Tell me Oh so very dumb ones, who wanted to go to Jenny F place and punch her out? Who wanted to meet several posters here mainly females and 'sort' them out? Who had access to the data base and knew who and how much others paid? Who in a few stories back said they had the access codes to Pickering Post? So in all seriousness who are the trolls?

Another 'only in Australia' story. You gotta love this country!

New Post Up.

smartgirl and oh really team up again, this time as Nathan A and Tricky Woo - pair of lying TROLLING sanctimonious cunts.

Islam's Contribution to the World in 2017...and Our Government invite them to walk among your children..... List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by Most of these incidents are terror attacks. A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 2035 Islamic attacks in 61 countries, in which 15700 people were killed and 14302 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted). ....


"Vodafone Hutchison Australia has been pinged by the regulator after failing to verify the identity of thousands of people buying pre-paid mobile phones."

V-280 Valor the next generation of tiltrotor Bell Helicopter
The V-280 is also faster than the Black Hawk. It will fly at 322 miles per hour, which makes it almost twice as fast as its predecessor.

A man knocks on the door of a house, and a lady in her late 20's answers.

"Good afternoon, ma'am, I'm a representative of the Vaseline Petrolium Jelly company, and we're doing a survey about our product. Do you have a couple of moments?"

She says "Why yes, sure. Go ahead"

"First, do you use our product in your home?"

"Yes, certainly."

"May I ask what you might use the product for?"

"Oh, probably all the expected things. I put it on small scrapes the kids get on the playground. Chapped lips in the winter. My husband applies a thin layer on his tools to prevent rust form forming. Nothing unusual."

The man writes all this down, and continues.

"Ma'am, I apologize for asking this next question, but it's on the form; your answers will be kept strictly confidential, and it helps us make a better product. Do you and your husband use Vaseline for any sexual purposes?"

She pauses, blushes slightly, and glances around to see if any neighbours are within earshot.

In an embarassed voice and a slight giggle, she says "Well... yes, we do".

"Again, maam, I apologize, but can you please be specific about exactly how you use the product?"

"Well..." she says "... we put it on the doorknob to the bedroom so the kids can't get in."

OT - apologies if already posted about.

Can't wait to see if there are responses from the likes of 2twats and Rinfool about
This new book
Manus Days: The Untold Story of Manus Island will be released on January 24.

The author, a former Australian security adviser who worked on the island, says case workers and refugee advocates were often manipulated by the men they were looking out for. Mainly grubby Iranians