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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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...and PP predicted he was gone in January this year

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There would be very few Aussie Rules followers, players or officials who were not aware of Bomber’s cocaine habit and his association with bikies. Perhaps the coppers only took an interest when he was accused of gravitating to dealing in ice.

There is a drug use pandemic across all sports codes as players and officials become desperate to find something that provides them with better performances. The only “get out of gaol free” card for players who are caught, is to claim a mental health problem, which many do.

                                             Bomber's 1993 Grand Final

There will always be drugs in most sports and at every party. Ice is now the cheapest, the most effective, the most popular, and the most dangerously addictive but when punters are betting on sports results they are entitled to know who has swallowed what…including dogs and horses. 

Kids are dying, not from drugs, but from foreign materials found in them. It’s a simple formula governments have not yet woken up to, and it goes like this:

1.      The AFP and Border Control boys proudly confiscate tons of the stuff.

2.      There is then a shortage that shoots the price up.

3.      This higher price gets the fringe crooks and bikies involved in backyard labs producing cheap copies. But only after the AFP has confiscated tons of it does it then become a reasonable risk-reward exercise.

4.      These "copies" involve materials like paint thinner, toothpaste, bleach and varnish remover. That was shown to be the case in Canberra last weekend. And in some extreme cases even crushed glass is included that allows an excoriated stomach lining to deliver the drug more quickly into the bloodstream.

5.      All drugs deliver the maximum effect when used for the first time, the effect diminishes rapidly with further use. Then it becomes known as, "chasing the dragon".

6.      Kids who find the drug is having less effect, take more, and more, and still they crave the original effect. So they take even more, and that’s when they finish up in the back of an ambulance reporting that a certain drug was responsible.

7.      Newspaper reporters note the drug, usually MDMA (or ecstasy) and report it as being responsible for so many deaths.

Rubbish! It wasn’t the drug at all, it was the over-ingestion of a markedly inferior, foreign, possibly poisonous product. MDMA is neither poisonous, nor addictive. 

That possibly poisonous product only got into the drug supply chain because of a sudden shortage that forced the price high enough for the cowboys to reopen their garage drug labs.

The government taxes the hell out of more dangerous alcohol products and then wonders why people look for alternatives!

I have always maintained that for drugs to be safe they will have to eventually be regulated.

Meanwhile the AFL is more interested in politically correct footy where any suggestion of “racism” can mean a life ban. Yet the so-called indigenous round for our Aborigines appears as reverse racism. A white blokes' round is unthinkable!

And with players like Adam Goodes able to have a little girl escorted from the ground and questioned for hours without her parents… all for calling him an "ape"! 

Bomber is accused of dealing, and that’s a whole different ball game. Unfortunately I believe it’s too late for him to claim a mental illness problem.        

It’s the AFL that should be banning itself and claiming a mental illness. 

                        Let’s have an AFL Administration that isn’t seeing double.


goodes, a champion footballer, a scumbag whining shitball of a human.

Any idiot who dies from an overdose deserves to. I don't give a fuck. It strengthens the gene pool. As for performance enhancing drugs in sport, the most obvious is legal, that being painkillers. If you can't take the field without being injected with a painkiller, that is obviously performance enhancing, not to mention the damage one could be doing by playing on with an obvious injury. Anyway, druggos can keep on killing themselves. I just laugh at their abject asininity and stupidity.

"I have always maintained that for drugs to be safe they will have to eventually be regulated."......I have held this view for years but I understand the reason they are not regulated is that we are signatory to some UN agreement that prohibits the legalisation of drugs. The dutch in Amsterdam got special permission for "research"! Once again we do not control our own destiny it is controlled by the crooks in the UN

These days everyone knows the consequences of illegal drugs. If they die,,, then no sympathy from me. Fully self inflicted, they knew the risks. That includes my own kids!

Goodes did initiate her intimidation and harassment by pointing her out, however he was not part of what then transpired and he was not to know how over the top officials were going to react. Both the great apes and humans belong to the biological family of Hominids (Apes). We share 98% of our DNA with apes and 99% with baboons. So technically she was right but it was no doubt meant as an insult. An insult thrown by a 13 yo girl to a grown man, but from Goodes perspective it may have been the last straw. I have no doubt they are both older and wiser now.

Indeed! The apes were offended by the comparison.

Bomber had to raise the extra cash somehow to pay the fine dished out by the AFL

"And with players like Adam Goodes able to have a little girl escorted from the ground and questioned for hours without her parents… all for calling him an "ape"! " Why were these officials not charged with unlawfully detaining a 13 y.o. minor, removing her from the care of her lawful parents/guardians and subjecting her to intense questioning for two hours. Police are not allowed to pull stunts like that and it is certainly well outside the jurisdiction of game / club officials. The AFL administration and the home ground club concerned were jolly lucky they didn't have a civil case brought against them. Two wrongs never make a right, especially when the greater wrong is done by adults to a child.

After watching Gerald Wheatley and Mark Robinson, re the Bomber Thompson saga, these two fucking idiots should be canned, it is their job to know , what everyone else knew, and they said FO and even endorsed Bomber, Robbo is a prize fuckwit....AFL's answer to Fitzsimmons.

Britain's had it:

In Australian Police forces first responders to any drug or accident scene could be carried out by Police Paramedics who being medical can secure the scene as in treating injured and reporting further medical needs , Police the scene collecting relevant information before the dust settles and so far as psychotic drugs are concerned seeing people are going ballistic in hospital waiting rooms on ice that has led to the death of a Doctor in Sydney and hurt many other medical staff , give the person a lower psychotic drug to bring them down from their nightmare of living the withdrawal symptoms of what ever it is in their system .Para's could carry small doses of bush grown dope that will neutralize the crap they are taking because it is dopamine that the body is starving of .

UK - MORE BRITISH BACK TRUMP VISIT THAN OPPOSE - Less than a third of British adults are opposed to US President Donald J Trump visiting the UK, and more back the trip than those who are against it...In an ICM poll conducted for The Guardian newspaper, people were asked simply if they support or opposed the visit. One third of 33% said they supported it, 31% said they were opposed to it. Another 33% said they neither supported not opposed the visit...The poll also uncovered some interesting tribal differences, with Tories and Brexit supporters more likely to back the Trump visit (no surprise there - says Winston) than "Remain" voters and Labour Party supporters...More than twice as many people who voted to stay in the EU in 2016 were opposed to the trip than those who voted

Who called an ape Adam?

Davina Smith Ch7 just said that Australia is building submarines for the French. Must be true, it was on tv news!!

France : Marine Le Pen's Message to Trump : "Macron is not a New Political Cycle, He is the End of an Old One " - Nice : Front National President Marine Le Pen wants to send a kind word to warning to President Donald Trump following the recent state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to the United States; he is not the one you want. Speaking to Breitbart London following a large rally of supporters in Nice, France, Ms Le Pen said President Trump "should not be mistaken" about President Macron and his ambitions. "Macron is not the new cycle of politics" she said " he is the end of the old cycle"..Speaking to a crowd of over 1500 supporters in the southern French city, Ms Le Pen talked of the NEW WAVE OF EUROPEAN POPULISTS AND PATRIOTS READY TO

Bomber Thomson wasn't making enough money from his bloated salary, he had to get greedy and sell drugs. Obviously the millions he made was not enough. Coaches and players get way too much money as it is, if guilty he should be hammered and made bankrupt.

David Flint talking political sanity commonsense and reason (as rare commodity these days) with Michael McLaren at 2GB.

Transgender News - Researcher says university shut down study on people who regretted gender reassignment.....A researcher banned from Bath Spa University from studying people who regret having undergone gender reassignment says the university is trying to" BULLY" him out of taking it to court over the decision...Jame Caspian, a psychologist specialising in therapy for transgender people, was told his subject was 'POTENTIALLY POLITICALLY INCORRECT' and risked triggering attack on social media...Caspian said he tried to challenge the December 2016 decision in court, but was advised to use the university's complaints procedure first. He said Bath Spa delayed the process so it was not yet finished when the case first came to court. As a result, his legal action was thrown out.

New post from Viv.

Breaking news, Labor member for Perth, Tim Hammond has just announced he is stepping down to "spend more time with his young family". I think he has only been in Federal politics since the last election in 2016 - wonder what this is really about?