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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I fair dinkum hope my cartoon is wrong and I'll be happy to lose a few bets but indications are that the Pom mindset rarely changes and if it holds true Britain is about to be lost in a vortex of appalling continental socialism and Islamic influence that has no upside for any bastard.

The stockmarkets, polls and bookies indicate I'm wrong but since when, in the very few instances of UK referenda (including here), has both sides of Parliament promoted a decision that the nation ignored?

With few exceptions the Left has voted to stay in Europe and the Right has voted to leave. One step closer to the new world order is a place where the Left wants to be. As is the case here, it wants the destruction of all sovereign borders and an unhindered influx of illegal immigrants who will rely on welfare thereby increasing the Socialist vote to a point where conservatism become a movement in name only.

The Left is far more atuned to activism than the Right so the greater turnout of voluntary UK voters will be loaded with "remain" votes. It always looked a grim result for Poms who wanted their country back in their own hands.

France and Germany might wield Euro power but the UK has a history of economic stability and long term trade agreements. Once the UK is weakened further by Europe, it's political influence over Europe is also diminished and it's then a slippery downward slide of yet another once great Empire like Italy. And ex-Empires have no place in this UN dominated new world order.

PM Cameron, along with PM Turnbull here, have soft Left underbellies and an inability to see past their own personal short-term ambitions. Although I think both have limited time left.

Belgium's Brussels is not only the headquarters of Euro it is also the headquarters of ISIS and ISIS is determined to destroy western Europe for a start. Chancellor Merkel has opened the doors to countless ISIS operatives embedded in a reported four million refugees flooding north and despite ISIS having warned Europe of this, Merkel was still determined to speak and act for all of Europe as she unilaterally crushed the phantom borders of the West, including the UK's, with Canada's Trudeau and Australia's Shorten itching to be party to the destruction.

"Destruction" is the keyword on the road to the new world order, and there is no better way down that road than unrestricted Islamic immigration. You see, Islam is a master of destruction and it's determined to see a world order of an Islamic caliphate.

This could be an Islamic dog's breakfast where only the UK is able to man the ramparts but it's own tilt at multiculturalism is also in tatters and it may be too late to stem an Islamic tide of European influence.

Anyway I hope my cartoon is wrong, but my antenna is pointing to a lost Ol' Dart.


Have been getting some ads on PickeringPost for the Greens. I have enthusiastically clicked on these ads so that I cost them some money. I encourage others to help the Greens feel good about themselves and cost them some dough at the same time

.....Much of the troubles in the world today, terrorism, drugs, disintegration of families, war, civil unrest and the culture of greed, envy, vanity, deception, depravity, hatred are orchastrared by the elite to cause instability, confusion, fear, desperation, contenion, procrastination and misery. It's not looking good, so prepare and don't be deceived, it's coming.

In my studies - theoretical physics including quantum mechanics, and the Bible and related books, I have come to the conclusion that either scientists have no idea what is possible or incredibly advanced technology is being hidden from the populous of the world. I believe the latter. Much of this technology is based on Nikola Tesla's work which the US government seized when Tesla died. In my opinion, when the elite conspiritors make their move the worlds population will be culled by about two thirds. They that are left will be totally deceived in believing that it is an act of God, such will be the tehicnology, or in other words, the miracles displayed before the eyes of the remaining people they intend to enslave.......

Didn't Germany have 'flying saucers' operating during WWII?

Crikey! Their ABC is in overdrive with articles on the evil Brexiteers.

Where ever the money goes, Harry, there the parasites will follow.

" Many UFOs have been seen coming and going from the world’s oceans, seas and lakes, implying the existence of secret underwater bases." ......Funny how no one seems to get abducted by aliens - and anally probed, if they're lucky - now that most everyone has a camera in their pocket.

Butchers shop in the UK has announced they will sell meat in Pounds and Ounces once again......F...... the EU says boss.

I know this is off subject, But how could any true Aussie vote for a Lying prick like Shortonbrains and let the unions run our country, STANDUP AUSSIES

our leaders are puppets to powerful groups simple as that...Abbott tried to be a leader independent of them and look what happened to him.

Is there a 'Grand Plan " ,in place to allow the dead wood to depart UK. N.Ireland and Scotland seem to be of little asset to UK ?

You are right, the elites do not have to stand in the queue for a home while hundreds of so called migrants invade there streets and schools,they do not have to actually mix with the ""ordinary"" people migrant dominated suburbs where a white face is a rarity,most might well be decent people but that is not the point, the well off , especially those who are on the EU payroll are out of touch with the ""ordinary""people who have pride in their country and its rules , laws. its past and its future.

Whereas leftwing Islamic facists are very handy with explosive vests .

It is no surprise that Scotland voted to stay in the EU, when was the last time that Scotland stood on its own, paid its own bills, etc, the same for Wales.I have some sympathy for their point of view, but lets face it the in a Europe with 27 members Scotland will be an extremely small fish,and reliant on the EU teat just as they are reliant on the teat of England and have been for centuries, the scots tried to invade and rule over england centuries ago and lost so get over it it aint gonna happen.

The Weekend that treacherous PM Keating serious....because the reality is ."The Greens are another arm of Labor" John Howard........Thanks to Keating Australia got landed with Sheik Hilaly..Keating sackED his own immigration minister Chris Hurford just as he was about to deport Hilaly who was than granted permanent residency and later on unbelievably full Australian citizenship.......David Flint Spectator Australia his "Charlie Hebdo " piece 24/1/2015.

AFT..thanks for that...utter nonsense of course..just lie israel's I said, the Kingdom of Israel never existed before, and so there is no basis for it to exist now ( as the Jewish Master Race Supremacist State of modern Israel) this 'Be ready for a major upsetting of the apple cart. Unknown to almost all laymen, a huge number of scholars have quietly come together agreeing on a historical fact that will overturn the entirety of “court history” when all the facts they have gathered become widely known.

They agree that the various tales of “ancient Israel” are largely fictional. Based upon the known facts of geography, history, archeology and even biblical scholarship, many of them argue there was no such entity as “ancient Israel”—that it never existed. Is it possible that ancient Israel is a hoax?

In spite of the sensational nature of these findings about “ancient Israel,” they are, so far, all but totally un known to the general public, including even history buffs. Colleges have been reluctant to teach the facts, and many Christian pastors stay away from these truths as if they would be cursed by God, Himself.

Civil war might work. Right wing rednecks are usually competent with small arms.

asleep in the cave

I heard the UK's decision described as a divorce; In that case, the EU can be described as a Muslim with twenty eight wives. The poms have shown us the way, and did the worlds silent majority a huge favour. Brits, I sulute you, and Donald, you're my hero - can't wait to see you stick it to O'Bummer and that lying bitch.

Could Shortie be an even greater hypocritical lying wanker than he is now???