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Monday, 18th February 2019

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... but by whom?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Labor and the Greens are spitting chips in Senate Estimates over the name of Barnaby Joyce’s accuser being disclosed. A WA woman, Catherine Marriott, has accused him of sexual harassment. To avoid further media scrutiny Barnaby has wisely referred the complaint to the police.

Barnaby implied that he would not have resigned if this accusation had not been made, saying it was, “The straw that broke the camel’s back”.

                                                   Anonymity demanded

If I had pinched Ms Marriott's bum I'd expect a Xmas card for life. So why the Green/Labor hysteria over the disclosure of Ms Marriott’s identity, first published in “The Australian”? We already know Barnaby's identity! 

We are playing a very dangerous game if the names of accusers can be kept secret while the accused suffers public dishonour, and in Barnaby’s case, as with others, humiliating personal damage and the loss of a career.

It opens the gate for the destruction of men by anonymous females who seek (or who are paid to seek) the downfall of any public figure.

If deemed to be unlawful for a female accuser to be named without her permission, it flies in the face of judicial probity. The accused must retain the right to be faced by his accuser.

                                                    Manufactured indignation

Acting Prime Minister at the time, Mathias Cormann, described the accusation as “very serious”. Hmmm, how would Cormann have known it was "serious"? Or was he following his leader's feigned surprise when Turnbull had been aware of Barnaby's predicament and had been discussing it in the PMO for months.

                                                       Sickeningly insincere

His artificial bonhomie at the Tamworth celebration of Barnaby's New England by-election win was sickening! 

Sexual harassment can be anything from a wolf whistle to opening a door for someone who doesn't want it opened. It's what one conceives to be "harassment" in this new fantasy world of feminism. 

                                               Damning all men except Bill

It was Hillary Clinton who said women who complained of being harassed, “should be believed”. Without the right to know the accuser, there seems nothing more injudicious than that, but we are talking Hillary Clinton here.

                                                     Another vagina denier

There are enough devious women available here in the Green/Labor brigade to cause irreparable damage to innocent men in public positions. 

I’m pretty sure I could find a woman in no time  to claim sexual harassment in return for a couple of grand, especially if I could assure her of anonymity.

Election campaigns would be a very fertile area for harassment accusations in future. 

                      Naturally, they are falling like nine-pins at the hated Fox News





but every time some large project is announced there is usally a special species of frog that stands to be harmed and hence block the project.. funny about that ?? frogs that have been hiding for all these years

Your picture of the seated Senator ( I know that, 'coz the leather's red) is.......... Wayne Swan? Is that idiot planning a switch to the Senate?

Barnaby Joyce and the Pope both died on the same day. Due to a minor clerical error, the Pope went to Hell, while Barnaby went to Heaven. When the Pope arrived in Hell, everyone realized the mistake. Due to an issue with the union, they couldn't swap the two until the next day, and the Pope had to spend the night in Hell, while Barnaby spent the night in Heaven. The next day the paperwork got worked out. On his way up to Heaven, the Pope ran into Barnaby. Barnaby asked the Pope, "How was your night in Hell?" "Very educational," responded the Pope. "I've learned a lot from the experience, but now I'm glad I'm going to Heaven. I've been waiting all my life to meet the Virgin Mary." "Ooh, sorry," said Barnaby, "you should have been there yesterday."

One day, the pope was in from Italy and after a rough week of meeting archbishops and other religious figures, he decided to go to Eden in NSW. When he arrives in his pope mobile, he sees a man struggling for his life against a shark. Upon a closer look he notices that it is Barnaby Joyce . Horrified, he starts to call for help when a speedboat pulls up along side , with Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison on board. Scott Morrison leans over and pulls him out. Then Malcom and Scott begin to beat the shark to death with baseball bats. The two men notice the Pope and land the boat on the beach. The pope says to the men, "I know that there has been a lot of attention and a lot of strife in this election, but I can see that you two men respect each other and would help each other in their house of need. You have my blessings." The pope packs off and drives out of site. Malcolm asks, "Who was that?" "That was the pope Prime Minister he is all knowing and in touch with God. Leader of the Catholic Church," says Morrison . Malcom says, "Well that's all neat and fine, but he doesn't know anything about shark fishing. How` s the bait holding up?"

What drives us sailor is the fact that the general population is mind controlled by Jewish 'bullshit'. We could have a carefree life but whatever spirit it is that drives us we feel the need to expose the Jewish Satanic system. Soldier on - Sail on. Cheers to you.

Stringy thinks it would have been just fine for the Japs to roll Australia. A lot of marines and brave Aussie diggers thought differently - think about it Stringy, why were the Japs so focused on Australia. Incompetent British officers in WW1 yes I agree with that.

Oh please, shooosh, you will wake them up !!!!

Remember? Women Don’t Want To Be Regarded As Sex Objects
Numerous designers have followed one of the biggest fashion trends this year; models were sporting their outfits without bras, exposing their nipples to a vast audience.
While it seemed that in London and Milan designers were campaigning for the Free the Nipple movement, New York fashion week went even wilder, shocking crowds with models wearing vagina wigs. Some models wore quite conservative gowns, which however made their breasts noticeable, others walked as if they had nothing to hide, giving their nipples center stage.

New post up

The only bloke who ever took interest in Wong was Weatherdill, and he was such a bad screw that she turned to the other side, and now Weatherdill is screwing the whole population of SA.

YouTube Backs Down After Putting InfoWars On Verge Of Deactivation
YouTube issued a second strike to Alex Jones's main channel early Tuesday over a pair of videos related to the Florida school shooting - bringing it perilously close to termination, and loss of one of its main revenue streams, however the second strike was removed hours later for unknown reasons.

Michaelia Cash threatens Bill Shorten with 'staffer rumours'

'Be very, very careful,' Cash warned during a tense exchange in the employment estimates committee.

I was in the market in Adelaide this morning in the lift and saw a woman probably mid 40s with bags in each hand coming towards the lift. I hit the door open in time and she got in the lift. Not a word from her. I said the word is 'thank-you" She replied 'Get fxxxxx' Might do my own advert and send it to the HRC. No more gentlemanly acts from me.

Hahahaha..LOL.................Now I`ve seen everything.. You just cant make this shit up.....

San Diego State University is offering a one-credit course next month dedicated exclusively to the topic of removing Donald Trump from office.
The only required reading for the course is a book called "The Case for Impeachment," though the course description indicates that the class will also explore the possibility of removal under the 25th Amendment.

What a way to start the morning.Great Fantastic Cartoon.Do not have to guess who they are Perfect even the Sagging Tits the bleach blonde hair and MUTTON dressed up as LAMB. All perfection. Had a good old chuckle much better than reading one of the Snowflakes Postings with the follow up replies by all the Closet Drama Queens. A little bit of Laughter makes the world seem right as well as music for the time and place.This cartoon reminds me of the song "These Boots are made for Walking" the size of the shoes on the skinny legs are just like "Minnie Mouse".

German cities will be allowed to ban older diesel vehicles from some areas following a landmark court ruling. The Greens in Germany are beside themselves at the news that Mother Merkel has approved the ban of diesel cars in her cities, a place where most business is conducted. It might be a noble concept to reduce pollution but the collateral damage is probably incalculable. Well, at least she will have plenty of time to sit beside the river and throw bottle tops at other crap floating by. Merkel has a coalition government to deal with and you can bet they will smoke her off the scene with this hot potato. Watch the moron Adam Bandt and his band of bludgers to get hold of this scheme. Morning Mail

Malcolm Turnbull’s Point Piper mansion received a superfast NBN connection after his department intervened, avoiding a nine month delay which affected other customers.

No backyards, fewer jobs and 'living like battery hens': The 'terrifying' picture of our cities in 2046 - as experts claim immigration threatens the Australian dream
Experts are warning of the devastating effects of rapid population growth
A government report says Australia will gain 11.8million people by 2046
Melbourne is set to leapfrog Sydney as the country's biggest city by population
Experts have argued current immigration levels were causing 'serious impacts'

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That young lady in the top pic probably had a smile on her face for a fortnight!

Deputy Prime Minister facing questions on investment property
The new Nationals Leader quietly updated his register of interests on the same day Barnaby Joyce stepped down.
Sound like his perfect for the job