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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Just channel surfing the other night and there was this party on a beach somewhere (the channel could have been Bondi Rescue, many readers would also have seen it). A bunch of young girls were determined to remove this young bloke’s board shorts, he was strenuously resisting, hanging on to his waist band with white knuckles.

There was raucus laughter and everyone seemed to be enjoying the tussle. I switched channels wondering if the positions had been reversed would not a few blokes be down the police station being charged.

Look, rape is an horrific act and I’m damned if I know how any bloke could possibly enjoy it. But I have known women to enjoy a simulated attempt at rape as an extended form of foreplay before surrendering in climactic submission, and that’s where it gets really confusing. How can a bloke know? If a woman tells you that’s what she wants then the charade is ruined.

But you sort of do know because if she was fair dinkum she could easily cross her legs or punch you in the face. You dont have a knife to her throat, and anyway what the hell is she doing naked in the first place.

Sex gets a lot less imaginative with age but the memory lingers... what if she was filming the session with sound? It would be a hard charge to defend.

Many a girl has had morning after recriminations and many a bloke has suffered the penalty of mistaking a flirtatious advance as an invitation.

Blokes tread a fine and dangerous line. It’s women who call the tune with their rouge cheeks, red lipstick and fingernails. Red is the colour of arousal in all species. It’s a signal that we human blokes must ignore.

Shaved legs bared to the thigh, with an intoxicating pheromone sprayed in every conceivable crevice must also be ignored. And of course we pretended not to notice the gash flash when she crossed her legs.

If a bloke exhibited that sort of arousal in the pub he’d be down the police station again.

Homosexuality is a lot safer... but I think I’ll risk the straight stuff  thanks.


Larry, can you be so good as to pass Gorillas details onto the police if they request the information. Gorilla could be charge with a criminal offence. The maximum penalty for using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence is 3 years imprisonment.

Rosa, Please take this post down. What you have posted is a criminal offence. The maximum penalty for using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence is 3 years imprisonment.

Ohh , will you give it a rest FFS. You just keep it all going, on and on and on.

You're a juvenile delinquent Dee. A judge will just laugh at your pathetic jibes. Go watch Sesame Street

Anyone would have to be blind to date you.

Sounds like a threat Dee Freak. Click.

Of course it is Dee. Who am I to argue with that spiteful serapaxed spiel. Cuckoo.

I got the $1100 Dee. The twelve months locked up with you in the same cell. I'm getting excited. Guilty Your Honour. Lock me up. Care for a gruesome threesome Stoney?


Oh Harrod you dirty old man.

In case you lot are wondering why a whole subject line of about 100 comments are all orphaned. It's because I asked about a previous thread becoming orphaned and what happened?
A pack of undereducated lowlife FW's carried on like demented offensive retarded children.

You lot are a friggin disgrace and don't deserve to be treated as adults. You have been playing this boring low class game of tag on each other for years and all it does is infest and fester in your own minds as it offends others.
You live in the gutter and find it impossible to get yourselves out of it. No class, no self respect, no future. You lot are not worth the pension cheques you take and you are not worth feeding.
Take your insults back to the sewer that is facebook.

Where do you fit in the DSM V DeeG?

LE, the Steptoe of PP:

Yes Lndignant Elder, why do you no longer post under Indignant Elder. Tik Tok twit!

Some hard hitting comments in that lot.

I realise that. They keep naming and abusing the same few posters although I have not seen any evidence that those posters even read the PP any more. The site security here is pathetic. For gods sake don't use your real email address here for your registration - change it if you can - it looks like the crazies have access to the database somehow, or can monitor the server and that is how they got the other posters details and identities. They appear to be the same ones that were attacking the site more than a year ago. Oh and if you don't use a VPN then please do so. There are free services out there. The police may need access to the server records from Pickering because it does look like there are several gorillas with name variations. Not sure how they keep getting past the admin.

oh no gorilla - looks like the hacker has hijacked your account! You don't sound like the valued poster we all knew. You sound like the crazy that bombarded the PP with pornographic avatars, disgusting language, foul abuse and multiple empty posts a year or so ago.

Don't get caught up in it Rosa16

Chirp chirp ........ croak

Good call Micky C
chirp chirp...