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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Bloated CSIRO and ABC back on Turnbull’s gravy train

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


PM Turnbull continues to throw billions of our hard-earned at his favourite bureaucracies including the global-warming hoax, the ABC, and the CSIRO, each of which was marginally defunded under Abbott. But not a word of protest from the ABC or Fairfax about Turnbull’s complete lack of funding.

And not a word of protest from Assistant Minister for innovation, the over-promoted Turnbull sycophant, Wyatt Sumbugger, who appears to have been partaking of too much red cordial. 

The ABC and the CSIRO was high on my published list of organisations deserving of substantial defunding under Abbott. The CSIRO has slowly become, over 100 years of spreading its obese frame from the NT to Tassie, a Green based, bloated bureaucracy that is adept at robbing the public purse and outright fraudulent behaviour.

Over 5,000 employees fill offices in each State and Territory in a massive, and unnecessary duplication of resources. It appears the CSIRO chiefs love plane travel.

Notable inventions and breakthroughs falsely claimed to have been invented by the CSIRO include:

Atomic absorption spectroscopy, the biological control of Salvinia.

The first application of atomic absorption spectra to chemical analysis was made as long ago as 1860 by Gustav Robert Kirchhoff (1824-87), who demonstrated the presence of various elements in the solar atmosphere. Together with Robert Wilhelm Bunsen (1811- 99), he showed shortly afterwards that atomic spectra, whether in emission or absorption, could be the basis of a powerful method of chemical analysis.

The CSIRO claims the invention of Linola (a flax variety with low alpha-linolenic acid content) used as a stockfeed.

Unfortunately Linola was the subject of no fewer than 14 different US patents prior to the CSIRO becoming involved. Patents were registered by Int. Minerals & Chem Corp on October 30 1951 and these were followed by many others, none of which was a CSIRO application, the latest being Borcherding Axel for the method of treating and processing lupine seeds with production of vegetable protein containing alkaloid, oil and protein on September 21, 2000.

Here’s another beauty... the CSIRO claims it invented the brilliant distance measuring equipment (DME) used for aviation navigation... It was developed in Australia all right, but it was invented by James (Gerry) Gerrand who did not even work for the CSIRO. He was co-opted later as a trophy to be exploited in publicity charades.

The CSIRO also claims to be the inventor of Myxomatosis. This one I really like because I spent two weeks in hospital recovering from myxomatosis poisoning after eating the imported English Redfin fish that had devoured thirsty rabbits that fell into the rivers with the virus. Myxo, as it is called, is the most cruel way imaginable to kill anything and it almost wiped out the Bilby. The CSIRO had naught to do with inventing myxomatosis! It was first recognised as a viral disease (Oryctolagus cuniculus) when it was used to kill European rabbits in Giuseppe Sanarelli's laboratory in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1896.

But here’s the doosey of all doosies The CSIRO signature invention is the much vaunted Wi-Fi technology that wirelessly connects your laptops to the internet. Again this claim is untrue! Australian scientists merely invented a crucial piece of the already-existing Wi-Fi technology, namely a chip that improved the signal quality of Wi-Fi to hotspots such as cafes, public buildings and homes.

The CSIRO has become extremely skilful at claiming all sorts of inventions, (some are valid) but most are directed at fooling the public and convincing dumb politicians to keep increasing its budgets.

Despite the CSIRO’s clear inability to compete profitably on the open market, Turnbull is in the process of reinstating its budget of $760 million and the ABC’s budget of $1.2 billion along with another $1.3 billion to be spent on “innovation”.

It’s indeed astonishing that not one cent of funding was forthcoming from Turnbull... a responsible question that was somehow dodged by an adoring Press gallery.

The question of funding was the gallery's "must ask first" when dealing with Abbott.


"The Turnbull government is like a baby's alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other." --Ronald Reagan (with Apologies)

Larry wins the award for BS artist of the year with his claim about getting myxomatosis from eating fish. The CSIRO scientists actually injected the live virus into THEMSELVES at a press conference to prove it was safe. Nothing happened to them (as expected) because myxo is a VIRUS that only affects rabbits. It can't spread to any other mammal let alone fish.

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I guess it says one or two things about the ABC. 1. Once your in, your in if your PC. 2. They don't care what any one else thinks. But I guess the alternative is the the airheads who are 'on location' when major stories break. Presenter cuts to 'on location' report and says 'what more can you tell us'. Usually they can't add any more to the story but it gives the 'journalist' air time and the channel appears to be 'on to the story'. Mostly just waffle and adds very little credibility to the story.

warrick, surely you are not talking about 'Jenny' the Qld weather 'girl'.

Pretty much explains a lot of the beaurocracy in Australia

Isn't this the Gillard/rudd years revisited? So much for TURDBALL's Innovation Package. If you don't agree with his bullshit philosophies - NO FUNDING.

Don't watch Ch:10 news service anymore, they are now a version of ABC-Lite, their news department is full of a gaggle of old left-wing ex-Canberra / ABC Press hacks led by their on air-presenter Hugh Rimmington who's only claim to fame was being Natasha Despot-Destroyer old root.

Our problems in life stem from the Administration of the Commonwealth of Australia ; If you think the Pollies are too greedy of the gravy train what about those who are driving the train and the rest of the crew that are not accountable to anyone except the driver as person who couldn't even instruct their crew to administer the roll out of the NBN without getting confused and then stuffing it up at our expense from their bottomless pit of debt .

I love Tony Trump

I wonder who is to be ""depopulated"" could they be the white europeans , those of the ""anglosphere""and the other workers , the , taxpayers. the inventive . the social improvers, the ones who treat others as equals, the ones whose fore fathers died for democracy ,the ones who build for the future , for their children,. it cant be them could it?.

Why is not the $1.3 billion spent on innovation to build a dam west of the Great Divide to enable agriculture to flourish. Not waste it on bull shit ideas? That's the kind of "innovation" needed in this country

Big news in SA, two labour government ministers have received massive pay rises, but hell whats an extra fifty grand a year? , this state is broke and in deep financial trouble but they give an extra fifty grand a year to people who are already on half a million, its just labour s way of looking after the workers , no wonder most people have given up in this state.

I actually heard a someone on the ABC ask "But where is the money coming from"""in relation to Turnbulls billion dollar splurge,From the abc, no lessl amazing, have times changed or is the enamel wearing thin on the new leader/

Coal mining is not ‘yesterday’s hero’: Roche

Wednesday, 9 December 2015
Lou Caruana
QUEENSLAND Resources Council CEO Michael Roche has challenged claims that coal mining is a dying industry whose place in the Australian economy will be taken over by new start up tech companies following the Innovation Statement released by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this week.

Queensland Resources Council CEO Michael Roche.

Far from being “yesterday’s hero”, the resources sector would continue to be a major driver of Australian innovation, he said.

“While there is much to like about the Turnbull government’s Innovation Statement, it was diluted by reporting that mining and innovation are somehow incompatible in the 21st century,” Roche said.

“Lost in the ‘ideas boom’ excitement is the fact that mining is a living and breathing exemplar of innovation and ideas.”

Data released by the Minerals Council of Australia has confirmed the sector as a prolific inventor and developer of specialised technologies, with 6,539 Australian mining inventions filed for patent between 1994-2011 by operating miners, the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector, and publicly-funded entities like CSIRO.

“The fact is that mining spends nearly $3 billion on research and development annually in Australia – or put another way – it is responsible for almost $1 in every $6 spent by business on R&D,” he said.

“On the evening news we saw examples of the wonders of 3D printing, for example creating replacement body parts.

“Did anyone stop to consider that those 3D printed body parts are composed of minerals and petroleum products?”

Roche applauded the Innovation Statement’s focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.

“We have been involved in the uptake of STEM in Queensland schools through the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy, which last week celebrated its tenth anniversary in the company of the Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy, Leanne Enoch.”

Connecting 34 secondary schools across Queensland, QMEA is Australia’s largest and most successful industry-education schools partnership between the resources sector and the state government.

“Far from being yesterday’s hero, there is no industry sector more fundamental to the future of Queensland, especially in terms of generating new thinking and ideas,” Roche said.

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and theAmericans know it.” Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio. (Certainly the FBI’s cover-up of the Israeli spy ring/phone tap scandal suggests that Mr. Sharon may not have been joking.) -
Netanyahu caught on tape in 2001: 'Don't worry about the Americans, we easily maneuver them' - 'This is how I deliberately sabotaged the Oslo Accords' - 'We plan to strike Palestinians several times, so hard the pain will be unbearable'

Chinese video
12 Tactics Used By U.S. To Destabilize & Take Down Countries ~ [Eng. Subt.]

Chinese video
12 Tactics Used By U.S. To Destabilize & Take Down Countries ~ [Eng. Subt.]

For an insight into what some people think of excuses for Muslim atrocities listen to 2GB Alan Jones show this am. A female panel member of a TV show is asked why Muslims should be blamed. The answer she gives should be chiselled in stone.