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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Foreign Ministry is the plum job every Minister wants. The person elected Deputy Leader has the choice of portfolio and Shorten’s shadow deputy, Plibersek made the same choice. It’s the greatest rort going with first class travel for you and your spouse, the best in hotels and sumptuous tucker. There is no need for you to get involved in boring parochial politics, it’s impossible to make a mistake, you can make lots of friends with a limitless budget and DFAT is accountable to no-one.

But when Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was asked by the ABC’s Barrie Cassidy why her application for another UN seat was made 14 years in advance, she replied that it was, “less expensive that way”.

She went on to say that it would also not require foreign aid budgets to be “rearranged” at the last minute.

What Aunty Julie was really saying is that if we want another two-year stint at the UN big table, we don’t want to have to pay as much as Aunty Juliar did. 

Gillard flicked billions to African and Pacific nations to secure votes, that’s the way it works, and Bishop was inexplicably confirming she was preparing to do the same.

“Rearranging” aid budgets is polite way of saying we need to throw more aid money at those corrupt generals who are still equivocating at the 11th hour.

Foreign aid, which was slashed under Hockey, has little to do with aid but has everything to do with filling the offshore bank accounts of corrupt black, brown, and Islamic regimes that have UN membership.

That’s why the people of poor nations remain poor and “donating” nations get the UN seats.

If there was an iota of value to the average Aussie in Gillard’s successful tilt at a UN seat, please explain what it was! Of course it had no value except to the egos of Carr, Gillard, Rudd and Bishop.

Naturally Bishop will suggest it helped to force an inquiry into Putin’s responsibility for the downing of MH17. What a load of frog droppings! Putin, as a Permanent Member of the Security Council, has a right of veto over anything Bishop might suggest. That expensive two-year seat of Gillard’s was of no value to Australians and neither will Bishop’s be.

Julie Bishop’s amorphous DFAT is out of control, is operated by a Left cabal and is running roughshod over Australia’s interests. Among other questionable acts it has donated, along with the corrupt Saudis, $25 million in taxpayer funds to the hapless Clinton Foundation campaign and flatly refuses to deny it or explain it.

Julie is channelling Juliar and the trouble is that Julie is a lot smarter and therefore more likely to succeed as a source of DFAT damage for far longer.

When it comes to paying bribes for a UN seat there is little difference from the bribes paid to FIFA executives for a World Cup venue. With Sepp Blatter and his FIFA head honchos due for a stretch in the slammer perhaps Gillard, Bishop, Rudd and half of DFAT should start packing their toothbrushes...that's a joke Joyce.

Of course Barrie Cassidy let the Bishop response go straight through to the keeper.   



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From today's U.K. Guardian:The World Bank has pledged to boost by up to $29bn the financial assistance pledged to poorer nations to cope with climate change, bringing closer the possibility of reaching a target of $100bn a year by 2020.
Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank Group, said it could boost funding by a third, from 21% to 28%, in response to client demand...
"Countries have identified trillions of dollars of climate-related needs. The bank, with the support of our members, will respond ambitiously to this great challenge,” Kim said."

Doesn't Australia have any "climate-related needs"? Can't Australia get a fair share of these trillions? Or is Australia's role restricted to pouring billions into these allegedly "poor countries"? Eh, prime mínister?

Can smeone please remind WWW and Turncoat that we did nor vote for them to do this. I cannot stand this Fuck you, we know better' attitude from the bottom-feeding, dishonest, narcissistic politicians. We voted for Abbott, and his policies

it is we, that he wants out

Joanne : In the world of religion paedophiles hold high titles within the higher echelons of the executive of the government public service . They follow ancient religious that accept paedophiles as part of their community. .

greg with Assange..they want one world order......along with many GREENs and Clergy of all religions....Barns represents pedophiles and terrorists......he is a union leader of lawyers...right wing faction.......PEDOPHILES want to rule the world a jigsaw it is coming together.......filthy dirty toerags

Maryanne (hopefully without a shaky hand): I wonder too.

You can't spell Malcolm Turnbull without Con and Bull.

I wonder who was leaking in TA's government.

Madam Bishop is giving the Philippine's $150 million to take everyone on Manus Island . The joke is that as soon as they reach there they will join up with the Muslim brotherhood terrorising the Southern Philippines .

00, All I am saying on this matter is It is Larry's Blog. It is his business and it is up to him to ban whomever he sees fit. What I do or think has no bearing on it. You got the name sheriff for a good reason, you took it upon yourself to try an fix this and it ended up spiralling out of control and you got banned. This is where all ill feeling comes from. I would nearly go as far as to say you had or have become obsessed with this.

BlackRoo Fri 9 Oct 2015 10:26:46 am
Good to see the Police treating him as one of "their own" and giving him the respect he deserves on leaving life. Very sad. That bastard deserves to be treated like Man Monis! No rituals, just dump him. I agree Roo, in a bloody garbage can!!!

I am and always have been Marco-eloco, I cant speak for anyone else and I'm not trying to.

I am simply stating you started this with your post. true or false?

...and this herd of Muslims claim they are the victims, so why wouldn't Turds and Shortone give immense sympathy to them.

He and Hilary have a lot in common.

The posts under you post speak for themselves.... I would have thought?

Nobody has except Bruce as far as I know 00. You would do well to worry about your own imagination it appears you are imagining that I am imagining things. Please check NASA for your latest BS imagination, fantasy update. I am talking about stirring up old wounds.

"Parramatta shooting: Keeping teenage terrorism suspect in custody without charge could amount to torture, lawyers say"

Email to the Australian Lawyers Alliance.

Dear Sir

I am absolutely disgusted by the comments made to the media by Greg Barns regarding the alleged terror suspect linked to the cowardly act that resulted in the execution of Police employee Curtis Cheng outside NSW Police headquarters by 15-year-old terrorist Farhad Jabar last week.

I consider the undermining by the Australian Lawyers Alliance of our national security forces powers to protect the general public to be an act of treason.

Maybe the warped viewpoint of Greg Barns will change when one of your own is shot in the back of the head by a Muslim terrorist. A public apology to the devastated family of Curtis Chen

D.W. the first thing shortarse and turnbill did was to give their sincere condolence to the family of the 15yr old. SHAME SHAME SHAME on them both.