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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Queensland Labor Government should not blame a little wife-bashing crook like Billy Gordon for falling between the cracks, after all it was Labor’s pre-selection process that chose him, and amid claims of a criminal past that were totally ignored. But Labor has never been all that fussy about who they put up for election.

Premier-for-now, Annastacia Palaszczuk would have checked his margin of victory in the seat of Cook before she called for his sacking from the Labor Party... it was an easily reversed ten per cent, two-party preferred.

Cook covers the north of Cape York Peninsula and includes Port Douglas and the Torres Strait Islands. The anti-Campbell Newman vote makes it appear a safe Labor seat but it was formerly held by the LNP and is likely to return to them in a by-election with Billy Gordon’s rap sheet on show and Newman gone.

But first Anna must convince Billy to resign from Parliament and it’s very doubtful he will.

He can remain the Member for Cook as a well-paid Independent and can vote how he likes whether Premier Anna Palaszczuk wants his vote or not. So the pundits should not get too excited about a change of Government just yet.

Billy Gordon, as an Independent, is almost certain to vote with the Government.

Anyhow, Anna should not appear so shattered... there’s a long list of undesirables who gained pre-selection for the QLD Labor Party. People like Keith Wright who was found guilty of multiple child sex offences, as was Bill D'Arcy. Then there was an extortion case involving a Ms Merri Rose and a Mr Gordon Nuttall is still serving time for extortion and theft.

So Annastacia dear, save us the “shock horror” stuff and the, “I feel sick to my stomach” crap. Little Billy Gordon looks like a choirboy compared to who your Party has previously pre-selected.


Simply a member of the alp .

OT Kinda?
During the period from the last coalition budget in 2007-08, a Costello-Howard budget, to the final Labor budget of 2013-14, there was no problem with income. Income actually increased during that period of six years by $68 billion.
There was a 23% increase in revenue flowing into the government coffers because we had the mining boom and record commodity prices. We had record prices for our coal and our iron ore, so the government enjoyed a healthy 23% increase in revenue.
So, the problem was not on the revenue side; it was on the expenditure side. That is because the Labor government in that period of six years increased government spending by over 50%
There was a 50 per cent increase in expenditure. We know where it went. It went into the billion dollar blow-out in border protection, the pink batts, the green loans, the $900 cheques to the dead and the set-top box program. I could go on and on. I would need several hours to list all the waste and reckless, politically motivated expenditure of Whitlam-esque proportions of the previous Labor government.
That 50% increasing in spending resulted in turning what was money in our national accounts into a net debt of $245 billion. And that debt comes at a cost.
The cost is the interest that we now have to pay on that debt. This year it is a $13.5 billion cost to the budget.
The fastest increasing expenditure that we as a government face is the interest on Labor's debt. It was previously zero; it is now $13.5 billion.

How Peter Beattie wrecked Queensland. Despite his jovial exterior, Queenslanders will remember Beattie as the Premier who helped set up Queensland for a colossal fall. His weird return invites an examination of chaos of failures in the Beattie-Bligh era. Beattie turned Queensland's public sector into a sheltered workshop for unionists where rorts and sweetheart deals flourished. And we are still feeling the pain. When Beattie quit in 2007, his successor Anna Bligh continued to indulge the unions. So I was especially annoyed last week when Kevin Rudd welcomed Beattie back to the fray and made special mention of his job creation skills. Beattie's most successful job creation program was to further expand a bloated public service. And it turned into a costly disaster, as former Treasurer Peter Costello and his team pointed out in their commission of audit. The size of the public service jumped by 40 per cent from June 2000 to June 2012 and was unsustainable, Costello reported. At that time there were 243,250 people on the payroll representing 205,332 full-time equivalent positions in a public service he said was inefficient and inflexible. By 2012 wages and related costs of maintaining the public service soared to $18.2 billion, or 38.9 per cent of the Queensland government's total recurrent expenses. (There are now 193,683 full-time equivalents, new workforce profiles show.) Costello quoted from Public Service Commission documents revealing only 68 per cent of employee roles "were essential for service delivery". He said convoluted work practices, an absence of strategic plans and deficiencies in data collection made it difficult to see exactly where the public service was going. Blame Beattie. Blame the unions.

The Cairns Post reported that Gordon's former de facto is a practicing Jehovah's Witness and as such the followers are not expected to engage in political matters. Wouldn't you think that be a de facto would also be against their principals? .

I am intrigued by Billy Gordon being described as an aborigine. Would he not look a tad out of place in a NT aboriginal community? Doesn't his appearance betray a strong touch of heritage and genetic make-up well removed from aboriginal? Would Billy pass the sort of DNA test recommended by some aboriginal leaders to sort out the genuine articles from poseurs and those who claim aboriginality for whatever reasons?

If you ever wondered if it could get worse:

I'm just amazed at how stupid Queenslanders and Victorians are. Dumb as dog s***.

Isn't it amazing how the worm turns. All the labor party slags were in full support of the red headed slags accusations that TA was a misogynist, without proof (which he isn't and his beautiful wife and daughters confirm that). Here we have a labor minister who is a perpetrator of domestic violence and they are supporting him just to remain in government. When you think how low the labor party can get, you are always amazed that they can get lower than that.


Curtis Pitt must be taking lessons from Billy Shortone:

“The lesson out of this has been you only know what you know."

I have just emailed this to Billy's office cc Pluckachook

Dear Mr Gordon

As members of Cook please do the right thing by yourself and the electorate and resign immediately.

Failing to do the right thing will drive the Aboriginal cause back one hundreds years, something they do not deserve.

Yours faithfully

its all Abbotts fault he should have known long ago (-:

Its a prerequisite to be.....Dodgy, a complete Liar, a closet Lesbian with a pretend Male partner also on the take, a thief, Completely dysfunctional at all matters of any significance, Done Jail time, Stolen from employee's to join a Union or the Labour Party.

The ALP. A world full of the totally unemployable rabble.

Just stop paying the Criminal asap. Let him starve. Centrelink will bury him for free.

Steady stream of Labourite Lawyers, Crims etc on the ABC etc claiming the Criminal Boong can stay in Parliament.

Isn't it wonderful? These Labor losers just can't accept the fact that they are neither educationally, intellectually or morally equipped to become 'leaders' of anyone. Show me their qualifications. Non? I thought not. And yet they persist on clawing their way into parliament, and incidentally into our pockets. It doesn't stop when they're kicked out for malfeasance; it goes on and on with pensions, free travel, 'administrative "assistants ( you can imagine what B.Gordon would do with the money)

Too True

The blue ribbon should be a clue

Anyone seen a chook after its head has been cut off ? It runs all over the place squarking for some time until it eventually dies