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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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… but he’s not the only one to have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment just before falling off the perch

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Another banana bender, Russ Hinze, was a close friend of mine and one of the filthiest, most evil, most atheistic blokes on the planet. But I liked him, and in his later years I trained his string of racehorses for him. None of his horses could run out of sight on a dark night but I told him lying stories beside his bed in Alamanda Private Hospital of emerging Melbourne Cup winners, because I knew he was rapidly dying.

To give you an idea of who and what sort of bloke Russ was: We were in New Zealand buying horses and were attending a racing function at a Wellington Hotel, James Cook, I think it was. Anyway the normally rancid cream of New Zealand society was there in all their fake finery talking shit as usual in groups.

One tallish middle-aged woman, in billowing floral chiffon and outlandish hat, was holding court for five or six blokes hanging on every word she uttered. She was spouting the normal Kiwi garbage when, without notice, Russ broke into the grouping and, in what I thought was a rather polite manner, asked her if she would suck his dick.

Well, the woman gave him a right cross Iron Mike would have been proud of (it certainly would have floored me). The loud guffaws of approval from the menfolk accompanied Russ who staggered into the foyer where he showed no lasting effect from the superb king hit. But knowing Russ, that was never going to be the end of it. And it wasn’t.  

After I bought him a beer and chastised him, again without notice he wandered back into the reception area and proceeded to piss all over the back of this woman’s dress. Initially she had no idea what was happening and only when she turned to see behind her did all hell break lose.

Police came from everywhere and it took five or six of them to literally throw Russ and me out on the footpath. I took him back to his hotel and returned to the James Cook to apologise to all concerned. My apologies on Russ’s behalf were not accepted, so to hell with it… they were only Kiwis.

Back in Australia, years later, I was sitting beside his bed in Alamanda holding his hand. His life was visibly draining away as I talked more bullshit to him about planning the Melbourne Cup for a horse that couldn’t win a maiden at Ipswich. I could tell he was dying.

As I left I turned and took my last look at him. He said words that still ring I my ears: “May God go with you Larry”, I stared at him and he looked away. I only lost a smidgeon of respect for him that morning, and he died that afternoon.

I am unable to believe in the supernatural no matter what the circumstances, despite having been raised strictly Christian. After I was told I only had weeks to live my sole concern was to get home to see the kids. Pray? I wouldn’t know how to start! Sad? No, my life has been a ripper. If I’m due to go, I’ll see ya later (well, I won’t actually will I?).

But I didn’t need any God to appreciate my little girl’s tears falling down her silken cheeks as she refused to leave the side of my chair. You cannot hide anything from her. She is the most intelligent, caring and talented person I have ever known.

She was massaging my feet when she said, “I was really hoping to have you walk me down the aisle one day Dad”, …and my mood slowly changed to anger.

Why are these people I have never met telling me I have only weeks to live. Who the fuck are they? What would they know about me or my family?

“Okay, so you proved us wrong”, said the oncologists as I returned a year later for yet another PET scan. “We don’t know what it is”, they said. “Well, I know what it is”, I said… “it’s a load of bullshit! I’m okay and I’ll let YOU know when I’m about fall off the perch. And I promise I’ll give up smoking only if you take the other lung out!

My golf handicap is slowly coming down, I’m still working, I am broke but getting kissed goodnight by two of my eleven beautiful kids every night with an accompanying “love you Dad” and that is worth more than Turnbull can ever throw at a very healthy Barrier Reef, 

… and I bet you I will be walking my daughter down the aisle one day.

So I wonder if old Bill Hayden did the right thing when he found a God only nearing the end of his life. Is his call from God much stronger than his will to live? Was Russ’s God stronger than Russ?

If I had a God, I doubt he or she would miss me anyway. Only my beautiful family would miss me.

So as far as I am concerned, any supernatural being can go and get properly fornicated!


a beautiful bird, a hot blonde, Bach...all proof of God

Why do people like Guthrie HAVE to say SOMETHING however meaningless and trite? I wish those in 'authority" would just STFU. I only want to hear IMPORTANT stuff from them , NOT this meaningless "stream, of consciousness" they dribble on about. WHAT"S the matter with these morons? Don't they realise just how Irrelevant they are to our lives?

People who are raised in a "strict' religious environment suffer from the same blindness as those who put, Doctors, to high up the tree. Both Priests and Doctors hate to be wrong and they will wreak havoc rather than admit it. It took a number of years for Doctors to accept the idea that the washing of hands between the mortuary and the delivery room would halve infant mortality. And it will probably take many more years for the Pagan Church to accept that Priests should be married men. Then there is the monkey theory of origins and the climate hoax and people have been brainwashed to believe that chemtrails are contrails. Bible Truth can be learned but not by simply reading the scriptures, your heart also has to be in it.before truth is revealed. A Father who can then teach his Child the truth of his/her existence is a Father indeed.

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Homosexuals (males and females) once operated outside the insane and punitive strictures of the jew created and imposed marriage law act.(much like the Mabo land rights rfraud, and most other laws)...they were free to pursue whatever relationships they wanted..and not have to hand the jews their cash to decide what assets belong to whoever,if partnerships broke up...under the guise of marriage equality, the brilliant homosexual crowd voted to enslave themselves to the jew masters...note the jews were never mentioned during the campaign as the masterminds..but the biggest cheerleader was the Jewish you know why...there is now a whole lot of wealth that can be pilfered from homosexual breakups..well done homo about another psyop..naturally most have no idea what they've

Diversity - equals White Genocide.....Tolerance = White genocide.....racism = White Genocide...anti-semitism = White Genocide....feminism = white genocide.......

islam - judeaism for dummies (and the unwashed)

Poll: Will the sacking of ABC boss Michelle Guthrie have any effect on the ABC’s massive left wing bias?

"Beach at Inskip Point collapses into the ocean"

"A large portion of beach at Inskip Point has collapsed into the ocean on Monday morning, almost three years after a giant hole swallowed caravans and threatened campers in 2015.

Double Island Point Fishing Charters posted on Facebook estimating the hole was 7.5 metres deep.

In mid-September 2015, 200-metres of the Inskip Point coastline fell into the ocean, consuming a car, caravan, tents and a trailer."

It that cursed climate change, nothing a couple of billion from our new found Foreign Affairs Minister won't fix.

Street prayers in Munich - Muslims try to shut down filming - YouTube ….new.....Now I wonder why that would be ponders Winston

Senator Fraser Anning
? @fraser_anning
2h2 hours ago

The ABC costs Australian taxpayers over $1 billion a year, producing totally biased left wing news. Make no mistake, the ABC no longer represents the taxpayers interests nor serves the people of Australia. It is an elitist left wing institution that needs to be defunded.

The Stick Insect claims too many men have risen through the parliamentary ranks without merit and the only way to remedy this is to promote more women through the parliamentary ranks without merit. Genius. For those who would like to see the show. Tick Tock WWG1WGA

The Streets wil run with blood - Enoch Powell - Breitbart - Teen dies after tripe shooting in "gun free "London under Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan....Khan has 900 police desk bound searching online for anti Muslim "hate speech"....while the streetsof London are spinning out of control with over 100 homicides , rapes, acid and knife attacks etc.

I see that Michelle Guthrie has been given the boot. Not before time.

For the West diversity means two tier justice.

‘This one’s a monster’
A fifth shark has been caught at Cid Harbour, the scene of two near-fatal shark attacks in the Whitsunday Islands.

Michelle Rowlands, shadow communication minister, of the CFMEU LABOR said, in relation to Guthrie sacking, ......... (you could write the script blindfolded)....

Navy chief’s submarine cost bombshell
Five dramatic words from Rear Admiral Gregory Sammut have put in jeopardy Australia’s long term ability to fund the spending in the 2019 election splurge on education, aged care and other areas.
Rear Admiral Sammut is the head of the future submarine program and his five words --- “on a constant price basis”--- sound innocuous.
But when the Australian government announced in 2016 that it was accepting a $50 billion contract from the French to build 12 submarines instead of the $20 billion firm price offered by the Germans, some of our best defence commentators said they believed the difference was narrowed because the $50 billion covered maintenance and had been adjusted for inflation. They were wrong.
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Watch for the unlawful dismissal.