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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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... or you might find yourself down a dark lane with your pants around your ankles

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


NSW Premier Mike Baird has decided to spend over $40 million trying to find, in a sea of one million schoolchildren, those who have been “radicalised” by “radical” Muslims. He then intends to “un-radicalise” them into responsible Muslim students. WTF?

Why do political leaders believe any problem can be solved by chucking umpteen millions of dollars at it? The level of stupidity of this decision ranks alongside Obama giving a definitive date that he will withdraw all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Hmmm.

Premier Baird, directed by our inept ASIO, is asking the parents of likely juvenile head-choppers to dob in their “radicalised” kids when it’s usual for the entire family to be involved, as was the case with the 15 year-old killer of Mr Cheng.

Oh yes, the parents will likely say, “Golly, we had no idea!” Well they would say that, wouldn’t they, yet they attend the very same mosque where they took their children to be “radicalised”.

This term of “radicalised” should be buried, these kids are doing no more than what their faith instructs them to do... they have been “normalised”.

If only our political leaders would spend a weekend reading the Koran! Then they would understand that “martyrdom by cop” is a family affair whereby the entire family gets a free ticket to dinner with the prophet Mohammed.

To kill an infidel evokes the ultimate Koranic family blessing. View the proud mothers of martyrs... there is no grief, only honour and pride.

Why is that so hard for politicians to understand when it’s staring them in the face?

Bear with me here because I think of everything in cartoon form. I see a broken hydrant spewing water a thousand feet in the air, there are cars floating off down the creek, entire suburbs are underwater, people are drowning, others are being helicoptered from roofs.

There are politicians running everywhere with expensive mops and bags of dollar notes trying to stem the flow, yet no-one has thought to turn the hydrant off.

Excuse my gratuitous analogy but this appears to me to be exactly what is happening. If we are to stop this mad Islamic agenda, we must stop it at its source... and the source on every occasion is the mosque where the worst of Islamic Shariah Law is taught.

“Moderate” Muslims don’t get to be Islamic leaders, only the most radical do. For Christ’s sake it’s not Rhodes scholarship stuff. The most vile rhetoric comes from the top! It’s the Shariah vermin clerics who are tutoring the young mice.

It is the mosque’s elders who invite the worst of the firebrand foreign preachers to Australia.

Yet after each terrorist incident our politicians embrace these Islamic leaders over tea and bickies and ask for their assistance! WTF? No wonder Muslim elders say they prefer Baird and Turnbull to Abbott. After all it was Abbott who as good as called them all liars. These bastards are giggling in their beards at this overt display of weakness.

Appeasement emboldens Islam’s worst and Islam’s worst can be found preaching in mushrooming mosques each Friday, and we do nothing to stop it.

Islam is a dangerous cult, a faith system entirely incompatible with Australian values and it has nought to do with racism, it permeates all nationalities.

“We will decide who comes to this country...”, is just a distant Howard echo as the UNHCR has now taken that decision out of our hands. Abbott said we will only take persecuted Christians, but Abbott’s gone, and so too has Howard.

Maybe the borderless “New World” era of Turnbull, Bishop and Baird hasn’t noticed that these terrorist incidents on each occasion follow Friday prayers.

Hmmm, now why would that be, it is not the kids who are conducting the prayers?


$40 million to deradicalise?? He has it all wrong. The 'normal condition' is not radicalised, so those who are suspected of being radicalised should be deported if possible, without a right of appeal. If they're kids, strtip their parents of citizenship, and send them all off. For the others, they should be taken aside, given a big touch up, told to lift their games, i.e., deradicalise themselves within 7 days, and if they don't, then it's a serious roughing up coming their way, possibly ending their lives. Said deradicalisation should be in custody in case they decide on wreaking havoc during their 7 days.

JuLIAR Gillard back in 2010 gave over $500 million to fund Indonesian schools where they teach the koran and practise Female GENITAL MUTILATION in the actual CLASSROOMS - About time we had a report from our NEW Juliar Bishop as to what happened with ALL this money NOW. 95% of Indonesians still practising FGM on their muslim girls and Christian Churches STILL being burned.. Yech. WHAT a SUCCESS STORY - NOT !!! We want OUR MONEY back, Juliars !

Just for the record, I don't like Mikey on single bit. He is in the palm of property developers, mainly foreign.

Why has the NSW Government killed Kings Cross. It needs to return as the Chinese foreign investors are buying up big for newly developed apartments. This is an iconic part of Sydney and should remain so. I'm over being told what to do by those that my tax dollars pays their wages. It would be great if Mr Pickering could do an in-depth investigation of the secretive deals that are going on with Chinese billionaire property developers. We the Australian people are fighting two invasions one is against a dark ages brutal ideology and the other is the Chinese property invasion. HELP where is Carlotta?

Why doesn't he just spend $40M on one-way tickets to the middle east for them? More efficient..... just send the lot !

President Barack Obama, Pope Francis among ‘Top American Jews’ list
Posted on November 12, 2013
America’s oldest Zionist Jewish Daily Forward has released its annual PR Award, “Forward 50“, which lists 50 top American Jews who have served the Jewish and Israeli interests the best in the previous 12 months. Pope Francis is the only Goyim who is on the 2013 list of the “notable Jews”.
According to Daily Forward editor-in-chief Jane Eisner, Pope Francis was given the honor for his close relationship with Argentina Jewish community as Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires. Jorge Bergoglio even co-authored a book with an Argentina rabbi. The other “plus” cited by her includes, Francis support for the LGBT community and his visit to Israel next year.
Francis accesion to St. Peter’s chair early this year was celebrated by the Zionist leaders in America and Europe. Abraham Foxman, head of America’s powerful Israel lobby group, ADL, congratulated Jorge Bergoglio on his election as head of the Vatican. Foxman recalled how Jorge Bergoglio as Archbishop of Buenos Aires had celebrated various Jewish holidays with the Argentinian Jewish community, including Chanukah where he lit a candle on the menorah, attended a Buenos Aires synagogue for Slichot, a pre-Rosh Hashana service, the Jewish New Year, as well as a commemoration of Kristallnacht (Crystal Night).
The others Goyim (Christians), who had been honored by the “Forward 50” in the past years, include Father Paul Ouderkirk, President Barack Obama and Chelsa Clinton. Interestingly, Barack Obama received the coveted honor for being a product of Chicago’s Jewish Mafia. Chelsa Clinton received the honor for marrying Marc Mezvinsky, a wealthy Jew.
Pope Francis is claimed to be the first Jesuit to head the Catholic Church. German author, Erich Ludendorfs (died 1937), in his book ‘Das Geheimnis Der Jesuitenmacht Und Ihr Ende’ has claimed that Jesuits are controlled by Zionist Jews.
Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio was named an honorary member of the Rotary Club and received the 2005 Silver Laurel Award of the club as “Person of the Year”. Not many Catholic leaders are aware of the fact that the Rotary Club is connected to Freemasons. On February 4, 1929, by the Sacred Congregation of the Consistory, declared that it was undesirable (non expedite) for bishops and other ecclesiastical superiors to allow the priests subject to them to become members of the Rotary Club, or to take part in its meetings.
Some western sources claim that NSA, spied on Jorge Bergoglio and other Cardinals at the Vatican. It’s no secret now that NSA shared secret data with Israel, while claiming that it’s monitoring anti-US terrorist activities. Is it possible, Israel was keeping an eye on Francis in case he turned out to be pro-Palestinian.
To learn more about Pope Francis, read my earlier posts, here, here and here

Hunter Valley helicopter crash: Richard and Carolyn Green, John Davis 'were deeply committed to the environment'
Three people killed in a helicopter crash in the New South Wales Hunter Valley have been remembered as committed and passionate contributors to the environmental movement in Australia.

there is an IDIOT born every minute...Mike Baird is one of them........the Islamists rubbing their hands together ...more money for them.....for their alleged terrorist activities......allegedly planning to blow Mike Baird up....STUPID.

The lg's Masters. Has a nice ring to it Jack. Think up a format and we will throw it at them.


That's good Gent you have a way with word's

What a spiel from Alterego ! ... He walks amongst us swinging his verbal dick from side to side and sprouting forth with a superior, haughty arrogance and the cock-suredness of a protected pedophile from the elite classes .


What a spiel from Alterego ! ... He walks amongst us swinging his verbal dick from side to side and sprouting forth with a superior, haughty arrogance and the cock-suredness of a protected pedophile from the elite classes ...


Make the moslems work our land in chains .... give them a taste of the lash

Help them understand how this land was built by blood, sweat and tears ..


Keep following please I need the audience Ego, the show must go on. I like David Marr so much that I follow his lead. Marr bags everything conservative and I the alternative. Same as you really Alter.....Ego. You lie once again, my political viewpoints are posted in many threads. Pay more attention you might learn something. I only critised morons, I am very selective. Have a nice day.

LOOK WHAT MERKEL HAS DONE TO HER COUNTRY;……, In Dortmund, 125 migrants complained about the "catastrophic conditions" at the Brügmann sports facility, which now serves as a refugee shelter. The list of complaints included: bad food, uncomfortable beds and not enough showers. Just hours after arriving in Fuldatal, 40 asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria complained about conditions at a refugee shelter there and demanded that they be given their own homes. The regional refugee coordinator, Hans-Joachim Ulrich, said that migrants are coming to Germany with unrealistic expectations. "Human traffickers and the media in their home countries are making promises that do not correspond with reality," he said. In Hamburg, more than 70 asylum seekers went on a hunger strike in an effort to pressure local authorities to provide them with better housing. "We are on a hunger strike," said Syrian refugee Awad Arbaakeat. "The city lied to us. We were shocked when we arrived here." The migrants said they were angry they were being asked to sleep in a huge warehouse rather than in private apartments. Hamburg officials say there are no more vacant apartments in the city, the second-largest in Germany. Also in Hamburg, more than 100 migrants gathered in front of the city hall to protest the lack of heating in their tent shelters. City officials said they were caught off guard by the early frost and that all tents would have heating before the winter sets in. According to Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholtz, some 3,600 migrants would be spending the coming winter in tents due to the lack of alternative housing in the city. According to Hamburg officials, 35,021 migrants arrived in the city during the first nine months of 2015. During this same period, Hamburg police were dispatched to the city's refugee shelters more than 1,000 times, including 81 times to break up mass brawls, 93 times to investigate physical and sexual assaults, and 28 times to prevent migrants from committing suicide. Meanwhile, a confidential document that was leaked to the German newspaper Bild reveals that the Hamburg transit authority (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, HVV) has ordered ticket inspectors to "look the other way" whenever they encounter migrants who are using public transportation without a ticket. The move ostensibly aims to protect the HVV against "bad press." According to the leaked document, ticket inspectors should be lenient with asylum seekers because many migrants are "the victims of professional counterfeit ticket scammers" and many others have "barely comprehensible knowledge" of the HVV's tariff structure. The CDU's transportation expert, Dennis Thering, said the HVV's policy cannot be left unchallenged. "This 'look-the-other-way' policy must be withdrawn. In Hamburg there is the opportunity to purchase discounted HVV tickets, explicitly also for persons who receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act." Every newly arrived refugee receives 149 euros in pocket money every month. This includes 25.15 euros that have been earmarked for the purchase of transport tickets.

I can understand why 'leaders' perpetrate lies if they think it will prevent chaos and costly reaction along the lines of the Cronulla demonstration but at a more intense and violent degree. However, when they actually believe their specious fabrications and borrow money to spend on imaginary remedies. it becomes obvious they are better suited to lunatic asylums than to high public office. In fact, if Baird really believes he can 'deradicalise' these imported quislings, he's not fit to be a postman. The obvious way to fix the problem of disaffected Muslim youth, is not end Muslim immigration and to deport any Muslims with criminal histories and those unwilling to take an oath of allegiance to be administered in mosques.

It is Joe Hockey who is a lebbo.

alterego let me guess. You are studying to be either a psychiatrist or psychologist, you are youngish hence we are called old farts and very critical of opinions you don't agree with. You possibly surround yourself with people of lower intellect than yourself as it makes you feel better about yourself. How am I going? As good as your profiling attempt above?

Surely you jest.