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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Senator BERNARDI (South Australia) (12:45): I rise today to raise a matter involving a man claiming to be an international business leader but who has demonstrated through his words and actions that he is a person who clearly has limited—if any—association with the truth. I am talking about a gentleman by the name of Mr Mohamed El-Mouelhy, who is head of the Halal Certification Authority.

My attention was first drawn to Mr El-Mouelhy's intentions by his Facebook page in which he made the following comment about me: 'Mr Cory Bernardi is a well-known bigot and Muslim hater. A couple of years ago when halal certification became an issue for the bigots, Bernardi sent me an unsolicited, offensive and racist email. I did not dignify him with a response then, and I am not about to dignify him now.'

Having never heard of this man before, and establishing I had never had any previous contact with him, I was perplexed as to his claim. Upon further review of his distasteful, bigoted and racist social media rantings, I actually thought this was a grubby parody account. Imagine my shock when I discovered that Mr El-Mouelhy was actually a real person claiming to be a respected businessman. I contacted him through his business email asking for evidence of his defamatory claim that I had sent him an unsolicited, offensive and racist email. He responded by not providing any evidence at all and refusing to engage in any further conversation.

Accordingly, I am completely at peace in referring to Mr El-Mouelhy's claims about me as completely false, and I can only consider him to be a liar. This prompted me to conduct a further review of Mr El-Mouelhy's public statements. Clearly, he is no stranger to the limelight. With an increasing interest in halal certification, and as the head of the Halal Certification Authority, he has taken every opportunity to have his views heard. He pops up in TV interviews, on radio and in print. He is constantly offering opinions that halal certification has made him a multimillionaire. In fact, you could probably think that he is the quasi-face of halal certification in Australia. Yet, when given his opportunity to appear before a Senate committee about this precise topic, he refused to appear. I am guessing that the requirement to tell the truth in giving evidence before a Senate committee was enough to scare him off.

But that does not stop him from abusing the Senate inquiry. On Facebook he called the inquiry an 'exercise in bigotry' and a 'sham'. He labelled as bigots all those who called for the inquiry and all the senators who voted for it. He insulted almost every submission to the enquiry and he claimed, quite incorrectly, that the inquiry wants to destroy the halal certification industry. Amid proclamations that the government had 'shut down' the inquiry—again, another lie—he boasted further about the money he makes and mentioned alleged corruption within halal certification in Indonesia.

A large part of me wonders whether we should take anything he says seriously. In addition to defaming me on the internet, Mr El-Mouelhy is happy to abuse many others. He insults the whole of New South Wales as a 'bigots dreamland'. He describes Queensland as a 'bigots hinterland' and the ACT as 'foil hat territory'. I will not list them all now, but he said the same about virtually every state and territory in Australia. On Facebook, he doles out opinions and insults in equal measure. I will characterise just a few of these sorts of abuses today. Next to photos of pork rectums for sale, he writes: 'Favourite food for bigots. They are what they eat!' He accuses the Reverend Fred Nile of watching pornography on his computer and reading 'free porn mags'. In a comment to someone who posted on his page he wrote: 'You are a jealous bogan … die in your rage, bigot'. In another comment about someone on his page he said: 'This guy must have been to a Catholic school; he is besotted with paedophilia.' When asked about animal suffering, he said: 'I don't mind seeing you suffer.' He labels those who do not agree with him as 'bogans, bigots, religiously intolerant, rednecks and hicks'. His comments about a photo of short-cut bacon, where the word 'cut' has been misspelled through the addition of an additional consonant is simply repulsive, and it would be unparliamentary for me to repeat it here.

Such comments do not reflect well on any Australian businessman, especially someone who claims to be as successful and prominent as Mr El-Mouelhy. I have lost count of the number of times he has labelled me an Islamophobe, a bigot or a Muslim hater. Frankly, I put no stock in his insults against me. It is not the first time someone has called me names—and, coming from someone like him, I wear it as a badge of honour.

But the telling thing about all these online rantings and arrogant insults is what they tell us about the character of Mohamed El-Mouelhy. He is willing to spend a significant amount of time abusing people on social media and peddling lies in the public domain. And, by his own admission, he has been involved in corrupt dealings—bribery, to be specific—to attempt to gain access to the Indonesian halal food market. On ABC's Four Corners he was asked whether the $28,000 he spent on a visit to Australia by Indonesian halal officials was, in his mind, a bribe. This is what he said:

"In my mind … as an after fact, yes, it is a bribe."

Why would anyone want to do business with a corrupt businessman? But, according to Mr El-Mouelhy himself, business is booming. He arrogantly talks about how much money he makes from the halal certification industry. On Today Tonight he said it had made him a millionaire. On Four Corners he said that everything he touches turns to gold. His business website claims that it has an '80 per cent market share of halal certification in Australia'—something which I have seen no evidence of, but that is what he claims.

Yet beneath these dodgy boasts there are many questions to be answered. He portrays himself and his business as an Islamic body or authority. The name alone—Halal Certification Authority—implies that it is some sort of peak community representative organisation. It even has a '.org' domain name instead of the usual '.com'. But is it really an Islamic body or authority? Is it really a not-for-profit organisation as suggested by the domain name? As far as I can tell it is neither. It is simply a private business formed to make money for Mr El-Mouelhy through any means possible.

Descriptions of his company, on various websites, claim the Halal Certification Authority 'is the most authoritative national Islamic body on the application of Islamic dietary laws' and it is an 'Islamic body appointed by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, AQIS, according to federal legislation'. Mr El-Mouelhy is not an imam or Islamic religious leader, so I do not know on what basis he makes the claim of being a credible authority. And AQIS does not appoint Islamic certifiers. The certifiers apply to AQIS to gain approval to certify certain products for export. Further, El-Mouelhy boasts on Facebook that `Sharia rules' and is associated with another organisation that includes a special religious or sharia subcommittee.

Despite these statements and associations, El-Mouelhy also denies the existence of sharia or Islamic law. On 11 Feb 2015, during an interview on SBS, El-Mouelhy stated—in relation to a court case—'The defendants have said I am actually working to install sharia law—whatever that is—in Australia.' On 18 March 2015, during an interview on the ABC's The Drum program, El-Mouelhy claimed: 'There is no such thing in Islam called sharia law, by the way.' They are just more contradictions by a man unwilling to be confined by the truth.

Alarmingly, El-Mouelhy also boasts about contributing to the global Islamic charity Human Appeal International, HAI, an organisation that has been banned in Israeli, since 2008, because it channels funds to Hamas and has links to Hezbollah. Mr El-Mouelhy claims he knows of no links from HAI to Hamas, but a quick internet search reveals the HAI logo in use at Hamas ceremonies. Hamas, I remind the Senate, has been listed by the United Nations as a terror group since 2001. In 1996 a CIA report said HAI was used as a conduit to fund terrorism. HAI also sponsored two visits to Australia by a bloke named Tareq Al-Suwaidan, a man banned from the US and Belgium for his violent anti-Semitism. And this is the charity that Mr El-Mouelhy chooses to support.

In short, based on his words and actions, I consider Mr El-Mouelhy to be an untrustworthy person. In fact, he does a great disservice to the Muslim community and the halal certification industry. During evidence to the committee on halal certification, one witness described the shonks and con men operating within the industry and endorsed calls for reform. In my opinion, Mr El-Mouelhy is the embodiment of such a description. I know he has made false statements about me and I know he has made admissions to being involved in corrupt practices.

On that evidence alone, El-Mouelhy must be considered one of the halal industry shonks and con men that no reputable organisation should have anything to do with.


What is it with these occurrences after Muslim Prayers ??? (Police Civvy also shot then) PARIS people My condolences to the Families of those Murdered. .

O/T Today's Australian - Peter VO has written a book - Battleground ; Why the Liberal Party Shirtfronted Tony Abbott. I don't like Professor Pzvzo, he has huge tickets on himself, to say it politely.

Tricky Woo... as they say...time will tell.

Thanks to Cory Bernardi another muslim con-man hits the dust!!!!

'In fact, he does a great disservice to the Muslim community and the halal certification industry'
I agreed with everything he said until this point!

I think Morrison knows himself that he has blown it. I am not sure he can ever come back but there may be a time when he is the only reasonable alternative his fellows can put up with as leader. His current portfolio might break him, and that is a worry. He did well in immigration but the solution was clearly mapped out and he only had to stick to the script and hold firm. He does deal well with the press who seem to have some time for him. Can he bring down and sell a budget? not so sure.

I think not aussieblue88.... Morrison???? he's one of Tur!ncoat's men and, these days, a different 'kettle of fish'. You can have him and keep him

BK.... what does it take to "look" prime ministerial? I believe Scott Morrison has the qualities to be PM....

Surprise, surprise. Six schools have been threatened with having their funding cut after a federal government audit found them to be operating for profit.
The schools, including Malek Fahd in Sydney's south-west and the Islamic College of Melbourne in Victoria, are all affiliated with the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

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Vote Australia Liberty Alliance into the senate. remove the Greens and Labor. that will ensure Halal con-men can't operate.

"Next to photos of pork rectums for sale" ... Very gracious of Mr El-Mouelhy to place his picture up on his FB page for all to see. Given he has a first name Mohamed I'm betting he's porked a few porkers in his time.

What a top demolition job. Go Cory.

El Mouelhy must be a good candidate for a little recoupment of 'Proceeds of Crime"' . He is a great case study in the Muslim art of taqiyya. Lies Lies and more Lies - after all we are only infidels - what's the big deal? Clean the bastard out and lock him up.

Cory Bernardi is one of the few true Aussies we have in Government, who are willing to speak out.Where are the rest of them?

Mr El-Mouelhy is not interested in adopting the Australian way. He is interested in adopting the islamic way here in Australia. Either that, or else he is simply just another Peter Foster!

O/T Under Bolt's banner on his site he says - Editorial - I've been told to get behind Turnbull.

This Mohamed El-Mouelhy is unbelievable. He had a facebook page and I commented to him on it that he's his own worst enemy by his utterances, and congratulated him for starting the new ALA Political party against muslims because of him. He immediately shut his f/b page down and removed it and presumably tried to settle with Kirralee. I photo'd /copied his site just before he shut it down too! Funny guy alright, super salesmen are usually like that though.

Time muslim scum like El muley were sent to a padded cell on Manus. We dont need any muslim scum in Australia least of all like elmuley or it it elcamel ?

This relates to halal because our biggest muslim trading partner is Indonesia.
JuLIAR Gillard back in 2010 gave over $500 million to fund Indonesian schools where they teach the koran and practise Female GENITAL MUTILATION in the actual CLASSROOMS - About time we had a report from our NEW Juliar Bishop as to what happened with ALL this money NOW. 95% of Indonesians still practising FGM on their muslim girls and Christian Churches STILL being burned.. Yech. WHAT a SUCCESS STORY - NOT !!! We want OUR MONEY back, Juliars !

It is not tokenism. It is the start of a fightback and will be fully supported by intelligent Australians. Senator Bernardi is the real deal. Don't denigrate him.