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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Bendigo residents will know of a certain Mr Donald Erskine who appears to own, or have his fingers in, much of everything that ticks in the city. 

Earlier annual reports of Bendigo Bank state that Donald Erskine is or was a Bendigo-based director of the bank. Members of his family are employed by the bank.

The board and management are digging in for a fight to gain approval for the Bendigo mega-mosque and Mr Erskine and the bank have been able to get the Bendigo Press onside. This has left those opposing the mosque with an uphill battle.

In an unprecedented move the bank showed its determination that the mosque be built by cancelling the accounts of all those who are opposed to the mosque, stating it had the right to decide who its clients were and that the bank was “promoting racial tolerance”. Hmmm.

The mosque is designed to provide for 1,000 prayer mats yet, according to the 2011 census, Bendigo (which includes the areas of Castlemaine, Heathcote, Pyramid Hill and Kyneton) supports only 263 Islamic residents within that entire area. 

So it appears Bendigo residents can look forward to half Victoria responding to Fridays’ wailing calls to prayer. 

Digging deeper it seems Mr Erskine also has an interest in the land adjacent to the proposed mosque on which there is an application to council for subdivision.

On its register of shareholders, Bendigo Bank doesn’t have to declare any holdings over 5 per cent so it’s also interesting to note that the register shows Mr Erskine’s “direct” interest as zero but an “indirect” holding by Erskine Investments Pty Ltd of 840,000 shares.

But there is one obnoxious little potential terrorist who is also determined that the mosque goes ahead, the Australian born Zaky Mallah (pictured).

In 2005 the AFP claimed he planned a suicide attack on offices in Sydney. Mallah was charged under the counter-terrorism laws and jailed in the maximum security multi-purpose unit at Goulburn for two years before being acquitted of the charge. 

Sentencing Judge Wood CJ, concluded that: “The prisoner was an idiosyncratic, and embittered young man, who was to all intents something of a loner, without significant prospects of advancing himself. While I accept that the prisoner enjoyed posing as a potential martyr, and may from time, to time, in his own imagination, have contemplated creating a siege and taking the lives of others, I am satisfied that in his more rational moments he lacked any genuine intention of doing so.” 

The number of clairvoyant judges seems to be increasing.

In 2011 Zaky Mallah was sacked from his job at ANZ Stadium for broadcasting a video of areas of the Stadium on Youtube. The videos included shots of the VIP private dining room, and the kitchen. It was claimed he was again planning a suicide mission, but he has not been charged due to inconclusive evidence. 

Mallah has been active in recruiting other Australian Lebanese to fight overseas. He recently travelled to Syria but returned saying he was just there to “have a look” and to have his photo taken with Al Queda combatants but did not fire his weapon. Hmmm.

In 2013 he was again arrested and charged for posting instructions on how to join jihad and boasting of his glowing experiences of life on the frontline in Syria.

Mallah, now 29, proudly claims that ASIO says he is potentially Australia's first suicide bomber.

Since being charged he has toned down his rhetoric but his “impassioned” plea for the building of the Bendigo Mosque can be seen here: 


Try not to throw your coffee mug at the monitor.


The "Atheist Dad" seems extremely learned in the affairs of the Bendigo Bank. I wish he could enlighten us all as to the advantages for our beautiful little historic town of Bendigo, to have a mega mosque there. Thanks Larry.

Attaching this 'bomber-wanna-be' to Bendigo Bank is incredibly misleading to say the least. Besides which, most, if not all of the content of the first half of this article, which mentions the Bank, is completely inaccurate. Mr Pickering, from whom do you garner the misinformation that you publish on this site?
The Bank closed one account, not wishing to be associated with a hate group. The claim that the Bank is closing the accounts of anyone who is opposed to the Mosque is not only untrue, it's ridiculous to think that you may have believed it to be true and then feel it was OK to publish it.
I won't be visiting this site again, but I can't help but wonder how many other businesses, or individuals, you might be telling potentially damaging lies about. Irresponsible and disgraceful.

And a 1st floor strip joint called "You Mecca Me Hot" with a Jewish delicatessen on the ground floor and a pig farm out the back

Someone should build an adult book shop on the block and call it Koranal Knowledge.

Let them go and don't let them back in.

I think it is about time for a Crusade of real Australians for real Australians. It is about time our Aboriginal people were given control of all Immigration.

Western Banks also funded Lenin and His Bolshevik mates in Russia...

Well this response is just completely unacceptable. It is an emotional issue for many residents and how dare you make a value judgement based on their strong feelings. Why dont you with the bank lobby to ban football matches on this same rationale. I for one will never deal with an arrogant, patronising, scheming, underhanded, prejudiced, small minded bunch that B B ank clearly is.

At least Tony Abbott got this correct......

Step 1. Boycott Bendigo Bank.

A mosque no-one wants? Do what has been done elsewhere - bury pigs on the site / proposed sites.

A mate of mine was telling me that if a suicide bomber ever attacks Australia, then the tide will quickly turn against the leftie Muslim lovers here, but I’m not so sure. Remember Bali, remember the Twin Towers where several Australians were killed? It seems that the loony left only wake up when it is they, or their families that are the targets of Islamic violence.

Hey! Am I alone in thinking that this little turd looks remarkably like that other little turd David Hicks. This one demonstrates the same smug smile of a simpleton

I believe that Bendigo Bank is actually a franchise, so it is the franchisee that makes the decisions to suspend accounts or finance undertakings

Rudd & Gillard should be held to account for allowing filthy muslim scum into this country

With you brian.

I often wonder how Winston Churchill would have handled this Muslim invasion. I think the most probable answer is he would have followed the Japanese system, sorry friends we do not have camels in Japan, they have flees. Our government should do what was done in the eighties and nineties, and have skilled migrants allowed into the country, and keep the hopeless centre link cases out, and also keep the refugee intake to an absolute minimum with preference to Christian refugees that speak English. Labor raised the refugee intake from about 10,000 to 20,000, but I think I heard the government want to bring it down to around the 10,000 mark.

This bloke 'Mullah' needs to be kept under constant surveillance by ASIO. News that the highly controversial Keysar Trad intends to enter the Senate, needs to be quashed. Check out his history in Wikipedia which includes: In 1995 he said, "The criminal dregs of white society colonised this country and...the descendents of these criminal dregs tell us that they are better than us." In 2010, Trad advocated Shari'ah courts for Muslims to deal with matters relating to divorce and inheritance. He has also supported polygamy as an alternative to extramarital relations. This is certainly NOT the type of person we need in the Senate!!! p.s. The records show he has 9 children and no job...which means he is a Centrelink customer????

I have an intense hatred of these type of people what ever their behaviour!