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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If Syria’s Bashar Assad was warning citizens of impending gas bombing while selling gas masks to the poor bastards, it would be analogous of Al Gore’s current climate warnings while making a carbon credits killing.

In 2007, following an investigation of Gore’s extremely dishonest “floods and famines” XXX movie, a London High Court judge, Sir Michael Burton, (above) ruled against it being shown in secondary schools if it wasn’t accompanied by "guidance notes for teachers to balance Mr Gore’s 'one-sided' views". 

Judge Barton pointed out that Gore's movie "An inconvenient Truth" was an “apocalyptical vision” and was politically partisan, and not an impartial analysis. 

Now there’s some unusual wisdom from a High Court judge for you.

Ex US Vice-President and failed Presidential candidate, Gore is described by many as a limousine liberal, a tiresome pedant and a climate alarmist who lives a jet-setting, carbon-promiscuous lifestyle while preaching frugality for everyone else.

Gore stood to benefit personally from the energy and climate policies he was urging Congress to adopt, but now, as a private citizen, Mr Gore does not have to disclose his income, assets or his interests, as he did in his years in Congress and the White House.

                                           Al Gore and partner David Blood

However, as he soldiers toward hundreds of millions more profit from his fraudulent global warming hoax, he is now a founder of "Generation Investment Management Plc”, based in London and run by his partner, David Blood, a former head of Goldman Sachs. 

This makes for the attractively named partnership of, “Blood and Gore”.

This Al Gore bastard is competing with Al Capone and Hillary and Bill Clinton to gain the title of America’s biggest crook in the past two hundred years.

He even outdid our Rene Rivkin and friend when his Generation Investment Management company warned in their Wall Street Journal feature of a couple of years back that a “Coming Carbon Asset Bubble” meant that everyone should get out now while they can. 

Gore and Blood argued that carbon investment strategies posed three broad risks which would cause carbon assets to become “stranded” and lose their economic value.

Well “goodness me”, I thought, “the carbon kid was finally feeling guilty about his global warming hoax”. But no, I should have known better. Gore and Blood were driving the price down, because Gore was planning on yet another attack on the gullible public with yet another “Inconvenient Truth” movie... and here it is now! 

Gore and his mate Blood were planning on another buying foray into the market to capitalise at the lowest possible price before they lurched into this, another profitable scare. They had already wrung the life out of their last lot of carbon investments in their 2007 scare.

Of course normally that little scheme would get you ten years in the slammer, but this all happened under Obama’s and the Clintons’ watch, and now Trump is none the wiser and now Gore has departed politics he doesn't have to reveal anything.

Luckily for Gore America's west has just reported the highest temperature since 1831. Hmmm, that must mean it was hotter there prior to 1831. He of course will ignore the northern hemisphere's five years of record cold temperatures. 

                                   And there's plenty of horse shit in his stable

Naturally our dear Menzies'-chanelling "Centrist" leader, Malcolm Turnbull, is enchanted in the global warming hoax, but that's no reason for us to fall for it, I mean we aren't all Global Warming Socialist crooks.

So if you feel compelled to go see this new Gore movie, replete with copious new piles of smelly bullshit, you should be aware that Mr Gore is not interested in global warming at all,

…he is simply still busy making a fortune out of it!    


(Reuters) The U.S. decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement means Turkey is less inclined to ratify the deal because the U.S. move jeopardizes compensation promised to developing countries, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday.

“Therefore, after this step taken by the United States, our position steers a course towards not passing this from the parliament,” he said. (link)

Al Gore – The Great Barrier Reef – How does he keep a straight face?
Formation of Acid Rain
Rain is naturally acidic due to the dissolution of carbon dioxide forming weak carbonic acid. Acid rain refers to rain that has a higher hydrogen ion concentration than about 10-5 M. Acid rain occurs due to the dissolution of acidic oxides in the atmosphere. Sulfur dioxide is one such acidic oxide which is produced by natural means such as volcanoes and geothermal hot springs and industrial processes such as the burning of fossil fuels (brown coal) and metal extraction from sulfide ores.

the money trail does not lie.....

The bloke's just got the shits because they didn't give him the job of PREZ......

Like that reply Radar.

...also a gifted bullshit artist.Wonder if he goes to the same salon as Tan Grant.

Thanks, IE . . . I nearly missed it . . .

Banned from listening to Malcolm ? How many more will need to be banned before they turf the reason ?

Flicking through channels and there he was, Al Gore on the Project spreading his lies. I had to watch, I know a glutton for punishment. The panel all nodding in agreement with him it was so pathetic. At one stage I thought walleed was going to lean over and kiss him. All sucked in. The whole panel would have had to change clothes after the show. Phathitic show and Phathitic panel of nobody's. Couldn't stand anymore punishment. Turned off.

Patently obvious sequence of events: 1. Trump withdraws from UN 'green' $ contribution. 2. UN needs the $. 3. Turnbull ordered to strengthen Aust. commitment to the C tax and introduce costly modifications to cars, which will decrease efficiency and push travelers to rely further on increasingly costly electric forms of transport (e.g. trains) 4. Gore sent to Aust to reinforce the validity of this redirection. 5. G'ment uses this to further steal the av. citizen's last little bit of independence by enforcing higher 'green' taxes and handing the $ to UN. What a load of bu.. sh.t Sheer evil! No standards of honesty, respect, consideration etc for their fellow man! Money is their god. Do we sit idly by and let this happen? Note also the request to hand in any guns still in circulation.

It's not all downhill I've seen this mentioned a few times, "Teenagers born after 2000 - the so-called 'Generation Z' - are the most socially conservative generation since the Second World War, a new study has found"

I'm looking forward to his "Conversations In Race-Baiting For Self-Promotion, Profit & Career Resuscitation" exhibition.

If I were a Liberal Party member and received a one year ban, I would appeal on the grounds that one year is too short.

Gore, Gillard, Pope Francis and Rudd, who are among the proponents of man induced climate change have no technical qualifications whatsoever, and Flannery has a degree to do with palaeontology which is the study of wee beasties who died millions of years ago and has nothing to do with climate change. Of course there always has been, and always will be climate change. The ice ages have come and gone, and even the Sahara Desert was once a fertile region. The oceans have risen and fallen over millions of years, and by way of example, all of the iron ore in the Pilbara is sedimentary rock formed from deposition in the oceans in those far off times. For the uniformed idiots to now attribute this natural phenomena to man's puny input is ridiculous. The motives are twofold. For Gore it is personal wealth, and for the rest it is an excuse to redistribute wealth and usher in with finality the Marxist New World Order which is upon us already. When will this happen here in the ADF ? With the increase in Mussie personnel the risk is getting higher. All Mussies should be remover from the ADF!

A Muslim Miracle..OR.. French Letter ?.

SBS ran another sympathetic clip on asylum seekers in Indonesia.

They are given three options ;
Return home or
Seek and pay for own accommodation and living costs or
Seek support from UNHCR and western charities based there.

Although program praised Indonesia, it offers nothing to asylum seekers .

SBS offered an example of a woman of about thirty five with 7 kids.
She has been in asylum camp for some time and wants to join her Afghan husband.

He was an asylum seeker,.. is living in Australia having been granted permanent residency.
On that basis, with UNHCR help,..she will eventually join him

That’s the gets in and 8 or 10 follow.

A Muslim Miracle.

Nine months per pregnancy.
Husband has been in Aus for a few years.
Yet his wife had seven kids. Three under 5 and rest up to 12.

Are all the kids his or was she paid to bring them as such.
Where did she get the money to pay smugglers ?
Did the destitute Afghan duck home for regular bonks. ?
Or did he send a potent French letter ?

Another miracle –they don’t lose all their identity papers in Indonesia

The base is eroding.

The tomato is exploding .

The LNP is imploding.