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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It was 4pm on a Friday late last month. Alex (we will call him that) sat in his car at the gate of a property north of Yarra Glen on the outskirts of Melbourne. 

It was drizzling in rain and he was waiting for a Tamil businessman he knew as Tirku who had insisted he meet a Hindu High Priest from Sri Lanka... Alex had no idea why.

A silver Prado pulled up and Alex followed it up a dirt path to a modest weatherboard house. 

Tirku assisted a small tubby bloke in orange robes from the car. Alex went to greet him but the “priest” ignored him and his outstretched hand.

Another man who appeared to be Indian alighted from the car and was introduced to Alex as a builder.

Tirku owned many Melbourne rural properties and he was keen to show them around the 10 hectare Yarra Glen property.

Alex was confused because Tirku was not a close friend. They had briefly exchanged phone numbers at a council function where he had shown some interest in Alex’s Croyden assembly plant.

It was an eerie one hour visit to the property as they appeared to speak Hindi while completely ignoring Alex.

The following morning Tirku phoned Alex. “That Hindu priest is the equivalent of a Tamil pope you know, mate.” Alex still expressed total confusion so, after Tirku was assured of Alex’s confidentiality, he proceeded to explain.

It was after Tirku had explained to Alex why he was needed that Alex decided to contact The Pickering Post... “You won’t believe this”, he said to me.

I was told by Alex that apparently only a fraction of Tamils arriving here illegally are sent home. The rest are given bridging visas and let loose in the community and ordered not to work while they are being processed.

As I reported in a previous article it would take about a week for these blokes to find jobs and on this occasion Alex’s assembly plant was Tirku’s target.

Tirku was the go-to man. He was well-known in Sri Lanka and fleeced only 20% from each wage.

Alex was told he would only have to pay them half the basic wage and Tirku would arrange to transport them to and from work. 

He was told not to worry about the low wage because all bridging visa immigrants are entitled to an array of benefits including 89% of the unemployment benefit through ASAS (the Asylum Seeker Assistance Scheme) the Red Cross and SAS (Community Assistance Support).

Tirku had said that hundreds were already employed in landscaping, cleaning and gardening and that he had accommodation for them in Port Melbourne, Glen Waverley and Blackburn. 

Others had been settled in the south eastern suburbs and Mill Park in the north.

“I thought I'd test him out”, Alex told me. “I told him I had connections with a company that provides cleaning services to a string of shopping centres in Victoria. 

“He was excited at the suggestion and said if we could get together for a chat, he would pay me a brokerage fee.”

Alex continued relaying his story to me but by now he was angry, “Why should these kingpin guys be making a killing fucking with our immigration system”, he said. 

“The whole damn thing is so well organised and the government is falling for it at the expense of the Aussie workers they say they are protecting!

“There’s no way one of these blokes will be working for me. You have to let people know about this, Larry, Gillard and Abbott haven’t got a fucking clue what’s going on.”

Perhaps Labor luminaries rue the day they dismantled our border protection policy... or do they even care?


Now one day aussies will realise the truth that LTTE tamils are drug traffickers,credit card scamsters and people smugglers ,they will dump you all in Antarctica...till then you can bribe aussie politicians and eat welfare money

Frankly they should shoot these people at sea. Then the people smugglers & others wanting to come will get the message. Tough situations need tough solutions.

Labor luminaries have no morals, they are the children of Union Goons who betrayed our troops and just don't care about this country
The only morality an ALP turd has is the personal Super and what can be stolen as taxes and fees.

For me the vast majority of boat people are nothing more than illegal immigrants. I may have a very old fashioned idea of a refugee. Jews escaping Nazi death camps in Europe is a prime example. What I see today is Sunni Muslims escaping Shiite areas and vise versa in their own countries and instead of moving to an area in keeping to their beliefs they come here. Once here they impose on all of us their Sharia law. All cattle and sheep are slaughtered in this country according to a barbaric and primitive custom. We pay the Muslim brotherhood for a Muslim cleric to pray to Allah while the animal slowly and painfully bleeds to death so that Muslims can be sure their meat is halal. Most of the popular brands pay the Muslin Council to certify that their product is fit for Muslims to eat. If you buy bread, milk, cereals, chocolate and a vast number of food products the chances are that you are paying money to the Muslims. You are paying them to impose their primitive culture on you.

It cost the Australian taxpayer an average of $13,000,000 per boatload of illegal immigrants. We can't afford this farce of boarder security.

trooper, re your post of 2 hours ago, a minor theology lesson for you.

Muslim 'Allah' = Christian 'God' = Jewish 'Yaweh'

Mohammed = Allah's # 1 Phophet.

...and yes, the Quran (the book-that-cannot-be-wrong) does clearly state that, among other things, he was definitely a rock spider.

Maybe we should invest in a few armed drones and send them after the leaky boats...or Gillard, your pick.

Tis CROYDON - not far from Yarra Glen - where I mentioned "fruit picking" on another site - we have seen them on orchards in the Yarra Valley - it is a worry - white vans up Maroondah Highway in the wee hours of the morning with non australians piled in them, going to the Yarra Valley - any one can see - why haven't the politicians recognised?

This just shows you what our sham our reporting services are. A television newsreader once said that no way would they actually watch a news report on television because it was all worthless and after reading this I agree.
We have supposedly free press, current affairs programs including the sometimes hard hitting Four Corners (I absolutely discount Insiders which is so one sided it is a waste of space) why on earth aren't they picking up on this is of concern for every Australian.
I am just so sick of how this government is running, sorry, not running this country - we really need that election now.
What a mess the new government is going to have to deal with while all these drongos that made the mess are off enjoying their retirement (and there is going to be a lot of them) at our expense - it is all so sickening I can see why it would make anyone turn to drink. The press, televisions networks and the government - all asleep and useless.

I'm told by people who should know that there's a extra nasty aspect to this racket where an immigrant gives a percentage of his wage to an agent to be given an off the books job as described by Larry. Many of these so-called 'boat people' have borrowed heavily, frequently from criminals or at least loan sharks, to find the fare on a people smuggler boat. These debts must be repaid, so quite often the debt is 'on sold' to like-minded individuals in Australia (all too often from within the same ethnic immigrant community - shades of the Italian Mafia in the US and Australia in the 1920s and 30s). The newcomer and his family are basically in thrall to these money lenders, forced to work where they're told to for whatever "wages"(!) they're offered, and in some cases, are forced into criminal (and some sources fear, possibly terrorist-related) activities.

In short, many of these poor bastards have jumped out of the frying pan into the fire, the only difference being that, now that they're living in Australia, the Australian taxpayer is helping to fund the disaster and the miserable lives they have not escaped by coming here.

I understand there has been quite bad weather in the Indian Ocean over the last week or so - even a cyclone. I wonder how many boats taking the longer route trying for the 'home run in one' haven't made it? My guess would be that if this sorry excuse for a government learned of any and thought they could keep it quiet, they would do so.

Sorry Larry and off the edge fruitcakes whose pens are mightier than the reality of how you live your lives - don't get me wrong, layboor and their union scum masters deserve to be completely obliterated, and I have thought thiis ever since the silver bodgie made his name screwing nation and business back in the days of whitlam and the ACTU .... get real folks, this just the latest incarnation - enjoy your fresh fruit & veg because illegals working for "contractors", who are legals with an annualy changed ABN, provide most of the labour picking fruit & veg in this country, and this has been going on for years, decades. Pay the big honcho chief the award hourly rate, he gives you an invoice, everything is sweet ... No one wants to know about it .... for two reasons - 1. no aussies are prepared to do the work, and 2. the price of F & V would double overnight If you could find aussies to do the job. Productivity per hour would halve, and the cost per hour would rise to full rates = hourly rate + workers comp + super + sick leave + carers leave + compassionate leave + penalty rates for Sat & Sunday & Pubic holidays + payroll tax if you are big enough + and endless list of complying with politically correct crap. In summary, the unit labour cost would more than double .....

The ethnic groups have their own "turf" and ocassionally the head honchos fight turf wars with knives & guns, threats, and sometimes cash inducements. There are Koreans, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Afghans, Iraquis, Tamils, though I haven't heard of any African work gangs as yet. Take a drive around Stanthorpe SEQ - what are all the signs outside the front gates in Korean? Drive through Cranbourne and note the numbers of minibuses and oriental peak hats in the fields of vegies ... or ask a few berry growers in the Dandenongs and down on the peninsula what happens if the department of immigration turns up .... the ilegals are at the bottom of the pile ... and I really, really wish they were not here. But bullshit bluster will not solve anything, and despite what some of you here are writing these are humans, just like you and me, but with a diferent take on the world. Focus on the fuckwits who allow them to get here - fatarse and her bunch of brainless dick slappers and shell-less mussels ....... That last one is the only thing I will remember about Slipper .. which was the highlight of the boors reign. The boors just don't care - too busy sorting their neptotisitic retirement and looking after their union cronies. Election NOW.

Death to fucking Muslims and thier fuckwit god !!!


If I ever find one of these towel heads near my part of town there will be another body found on the street.

Now how do we go about rounding up all the sponging, rag head muzlum pricks already here ?

Deport the scum ASAP

Lets hope natures washing machine kicks up some real foul weather between now and Sept 14th too.

More deaths at sea is what I want to hear. (Sorry if that offends).

C'mon 60ft waves, storms, sharks

And if Abbott & co really do buy Predator Drones to patrol our coastlines they should carry more than a bloody camera and GPS.

The whole fucking shebang and blow these bastards out of the water before they get anywhere near the mainland. !

Fuck racism. Who gives a toss anymore what these loony left lawyers and do gooders say.

Yep, I'm a fucking RACIST and PROUD of it !

Blow these vermin out of the water. We have far too many wogs in Aus as it is.

No wonder racism is rearing its head again in Australia, we have freeloaders being given preference by the idiots in Canberra.

Blow these bloody illegal, welfare-sponging invaders out of the water! They should be exterminated like vermin!

Gizzard the lawyer is probably getting a kick back?