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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


We’ll need to wait to see if Theresa May is great but she is making the right noises considering she campaigned against Brexit. Even the dumb Poms know when they are being ripped off by the EU Globalists and Tony Abbott is there to tell them how to stem the flow of illegal immigrants sucking their welfare budget dry while establishing Shariah ghettoes.

The vote for Brexit was a vote against Islamic immigration and it was not until Brexit that the Poms could state their case without breaking racism laws. Aussies are finally getting a voice without a Brexit, they have decided to ignore 18C and have a go.

Rudd’s open borders resulted in 1200 drownings (that we know of) and Europe has sustained 10,000 drownings, with many more to come, before they wake up that they really do want their sovereign borders back.

Margaret Thatcher was despised by the Pom Left, she was hated with a passion unequally dished out to any other Prime Minister, mainly because she succeeded in recovering Britain from insolvency. 

Tony Abbott is seen as a bright light from down under and, unlike his own country, the UK Conservative movement in the Tories is all ears when he speaks.

              Tony Abbott gives the Annual Margaret Thatcher lecture in the UK this week

Because the self destructive rank and file of the Labour Party has moved back to the outrageous socialist, and unelectable, Jeremy Corbyn (a move that equates to Albanese toppling Shorten) PM Theresa May now has a clear path to make Brexit a quick, workable reality. 

She also has an easier job than the late Margaret Thatcher in quelling the welfare dependent Islamic hoards and combating Western Europe’s communists.

Margaret also showed her ballsy side when, without hesitation, she sent the military to wipe out the Argentinian generals who had coveted the British Falklands. She also took on the many destructive unions that spill over into Oz.

But really, Theresa’s likeness to Margaret is not evident so far. Theresa’s husband Philip is younger than she and their private lives are vigorously protected.They are/were unable to have children and their Conservative histories are unremarkable except for a joint love of cricket, meaning they must be a boring couple. And that's good politically.

While crooked Julia Gillard is corroborating with crooked Hillary Clinton, cleanskin Abbott is supportive of a cleanskin May and that augers well for new global peace and prosperity, sans ISIS, if Trump can squeak home and Turnbull can grow a pair.    

Fairfax is scurrilously reporting that Abbott has suggested his days as PM may not be over. Well, Fairfax lies, those days ARE over and Turnbull is safe for the moment as there is no likely replacement apart from Dutton and the falling star of Morrison.

It seems the further we go, the better Tony Abbott looks compared to a Malcolm Turnbull who has resembled a three-toed sloth trying to evade precarious branches. But Abbott only appears great to foreign governments and our staunch Conservatives who appreciate the dizzy heights he achieved over such a short period in office.

Rudd/Gillard/Rudd will not be emulated by Abbott/Turnbull/Abbott despite the parlous state of polls Turnbull has managed to create for the Libs. 

It’s a shame because Abbott took the Libs to the greatest win over Labor in Coalition history before Turnbull with his sneaky coup promptly obliterated all but one seat of that win. 

Behind every ordinary man is an ordinary woman but behind every great man is an equally great woman and that's one thing they can never take away from Abbott.


It figures that stoned sticks up for the troll, they back each other up all the time. No-one decent on this site wants her here. So it figures you would. CS - at your own peril. I couldn't care less if you want the police to think you're associated with her.

You sound like a sea captain :-) ahoy there

Re Geoff of FNQ's earlier post - I replied but I would like to highlight it as a full post:
Back in my days of Blood Banking (30 odd years ago) there was HepA, then we recognised HepB, then there was this unknown Non-A, Non-B Hepatitis. Well, we now recognise that as Hep-C! Blood banks are notoriously AND reasonably conservative. Hep-C (I stand to be corrected here) is associated with needle sharing, etc, etc. The homosexual drug and sex connection is well documented. Throw HIV or any other unwanted disease into the mix and you have a situation where anyone needing a blood transfusion would have to be very careful. I believe that the Red Cross is well advised to follow their conservative guidelines. Bugger me! They want marriage, then they want to be normal blood donors. FGSake!

No doubt from Stoned, Augusta, it would be assigned something you'd prefer not to hear - that's his style. The real meaning of the word "flabio" comes from the Latin, and is "yellow, or blond haired", and it was originally used as a boy's name. And btw, welcome to PP, Augusta.

Didn't know about the ear hole.

Women usually marry dumb men, as they hate competition......

These 9 gay blades with their budgie smugglers reminded me that I raised budgies by the dozen when I was a kid. All colours , including albinos of pure white or yellow and I became an expert .That's why when I saw the photos from the KL Grand Prix I knew that these budgies were far too small to fly .

Stoney, get out of here .. I am ..

Did you ever wonder how they did the music for The Good, the Bad & the Ugly? It is so cool to see how it was made after all these years. Some of you may not be old enough to remember this classic from the '60s'. Here it is anyway. This is fantastic. Turn it up nice and loud and enjoy. For those still caught in the '60s groove -- this is the answer to how that magnificent signature tune came about...Superb....wait till the guy whistles!


Everyone screams about the evil banks, that is until they have their bank accounts stolen via credit card fraud and hacking and then expect, nay,demand that the banks make good the loss. People today have no idea what it was like waiting in long queues to withdraw or deposit money and pay bills. That we can access cash from ATM and EFTPOS anytime of the day and night have come at great costs and research seems not to enter their rapacious minds. Those who scream loudest about being overcharged on credit card fees, grow up, read the small print and live within your means. Those of us who are prudent, and now have our super in the banks, have much to be thankful for and I resent these Ambulance chaser lawyers and their clients reducing my dividends by instigating mischievous litigation. I wo

Stop the presses!!! Just saw a breaking news item "Budgie nine start arriving back in Sydney"

I hope Malcolm was there to meet them . . .

It just keeps getting better. KEVIN Rudd’s deep desire to be head of the United Nations may have been snuffed out, but the former Australian prime minister’s disappointment did not stop him offering congratulations to the successful candidate.

Stoney, yes you are right ..

Yep , got out while she had the chance, she lives in london i heard and has done for a long time before and during Krudds time in the PM s job,only flew in for the pics, and both got rich because he/she had an inside ear as to future gov, policies,sort of like ""insider trading""but legal,she sold out to some multinational i believe and made a motsa,still think that Kev, should have been investigated for "'extra gov, activities'' but if he got the blame then a lot of others would also be in the poo for the same thing,Mean while us poor suckers with no insider info or no massive bonuses , keep the car on the road and the lights on (mostly)

Show some compassion for Nigerian generals. The vast majority have the extreme misfortune to have wealthy uncles who die intestate and they need help to recover large amounts of money is Swiss bank accounts.

I guess Augusta, after sending your picture, the general retreated.

“Snowden-like” NSA contractor arrested for stealing classified “source codes” used to hack foreign governments
According to the Justice Department, 51-year-old Harold Thomas Martin, who was employed by Booz Allen Hamilton — the company responsible for most of the NSA’s most sensitive cyberoperations — faces up to 10 years in prison for theft of government property and one year for removing classified material. The materials he is believed to have stolen are “critical to national security”, Justice Department officials added.
Mr. Harold Thomas Martin faces 10 years in prison for theft of government property and removing classified material, while Hillary runs for President.

Pot - Kettle anyone?.....9:12AMJARED OWENS
Government staffer Jack Walker should be “considering his future carefully”, says Malcolm Turnbull.

I don't believe any politician, not even Theresa May, on delivering Brexit. Why the delay in triggering Article 50? I'll tell you. It can be done today but Theresa May is really awaiting the outcome of the U.S. presidential elections. If Hillary Clinton becomes president, Theresa May will not be able to overcome the dominance of her fellow politicians who have long been sucked into the David Rockefeller/George Soros/Jacob Rothschild sphere of influence and control, and Brexit will never happen. The European Communities Act 1972 could have been repealed since the election. It hasn't, and despite promises it will, it won't if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Hillary will be the key driver of the Rockefeller/Soros/Rothschild "new world order" socialist agenda.