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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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... but ours costs more

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Even the loyal “Friends of the ABC” would admit to the outrageous Left bias displayed by the public broadcaster... perhaps not, but they would have to admit to the fact that changes must be made, as they are about to be made to the BBC, now that the Brits have decided to leave the EU.

Obscenities in governance between the ABC and the BBC are similar with salaries reaching millions padded with head-spinning extras not available to the funding taxpayer.

The appointment of anchor Duncan Weldon (above) is the equivalent of sticking two fingers up at those who are concerned about the BBC’s Left-wing bias, says Tory MP Angie Bray

The BBC’s unwavering support of the “Stay” vote during the roughhouse Brexit referendum is amply explained by the massive grants supplied to the Pommy broadcaster by the European Union and the loans given to it on extremely generous terms by the European Investment Bank.

Of course the BBC was desperate to stay in the Union, as is the ABC desperate to elect and support a Labor Government.

Australia’s ABC is simply a blatant taxpayer rip-off that seems to be surviving because conservative politicians have become terrified of the perceived damage the ABC can do to them.

Witness Tony Abbott’s feather touch to its $1.2 billion grant... a mere one per cent per year reduction for five years! Even that was abruptly reversed by “Friends of the ABC’s” number one ticket holder, Malcolm Turnbull, as soon as he had knifed Abbott.  

Every Government-funded agency and institution must eventually become infected with the worst of Left Green activists. They all do... there is nowhere else for them to go en masse. Free to air and cable TV will only employ the usual token Muslim, Aborigine, homosexual and an abundance of cosmetically challenged women’s rights activists, but nowhere near what the ABC is freely able to employ. 

And then they delight in thumbing their noses at the masses who aren’t actually watching.

Failing newspapers have now installed pay walls where people who want to read stuff in the Fairfax and other tabloids need to cough up a subscription. So why isn’t the ABC made to justify its sad existence in the same way?

Well because, like for the newspapers, it doesn’t bloody work, very few people want to pay for news that’s available, for free, right here on your laptop monitor. Pickeringpost readers, posters and contributors provide all the local news I need and everything I need to know internationally. For everything else there’s Google.

The BBC is funded by public Licence Fees, as our ABC once was, and Pommy licensees paid over £3 million in fees in the latest financial year making the BBC the second most extensive and best-funded Public Service Broadcaster in the world. The first being our "wonderful" ABC by a fair way.

The Independent’s Steve Topple said recently, “I say fuck it. Let Cameron flog Aunty for all she’s worth to Murdoch. At least then we could effectively counter the bias – and not be drowned out by the wails of people harping back to a bygone era of 'Our Wonderful National (BBC) Treasure' that no-longer exists.”

Why should the ABC be permitted a favoured position in the Australian media marketplace where others are fast going broke. Why should the ABC be able to drag viewers from free to air and cable networks that could convert the extra viewers into advertising dollars? After all, the ABC sees itself as competing for its share of viewers!

I mean if the ABC’s “The Gruen” outrates “The Block” on any one night, it is headline ABC news the following evening. So don’t tell me they don’t compete for market share, and in the most unfair way imaginable.

On-selling its productions, and marketing of ABC products through its Australia-wide ABC shops is further substantial income that has no effect on its yearly grants. The Brits have borne a BBC behemoth that Australia has copied and increased with twice the public pain.

                                   Disc jockey "Adriana" plays varied music via America's PBS

The only United States public broadcaster (PBS) provides its member stations with programming in cultural, educational, and scientific areas, in children’s fare, and in news and public affairs but it does not produce programs; the programs are produced by the independent member stations and producers themselves along with other program producers world-wide.

This may be the answer to our ABC where all other TV and radio networks would be obliged to contribute educative and other programs to a central broadcaster, this could usurp the under-used network of expensive and excessive ABC facilities. Its radio networks could service outlying areas using existing programs

Only the distributor itself would then be answerable to any accusations of bias and the $1.2 billion yearly ABC grants could be spent on submarines and pensioners.

The SBS should be thrown in the mix as well, as it has become a culturally divisive soccer and late night porno channel with a Labor/Green news and current affairs bias even more blatant than the ABC's.

Give me a week and the FTA and cable neworks would readily agree to this solution.

Talk of selling the ABC and SBS is a furphy. The existing market could not sustain another commercial station.

My preference would be to require the ABC/SBS networks to live off subscriptions as do the newspapers with their pay walls. If you want to watch the odd good program amid the mountains of global warming and transgender garbage then you can voluntarily subscribe to it. 

That voluntary subscription system would guarantee overnight insolvency for both of Australia’s public broadcasters.



BA Santamaria

We have known for many years the BBC is socialist and biased. The ABC is its Sister channel - both are very dangerous and both tax payer funded. And yet, no communications has ever done anything about them. TA tried - only to have the then communications minister Turnbull waffle on and make no commitment whatsoever. Turnbull is a left winger too and we want to get rid of him - but he clings onto that Chair like a leech.

I had the mis-fortune to switch to ABC 3 for a few moments. I was truly shocked at the cartoon crap that ABC3 transmits to children. The most ridiculoyus representations of weird characters that I imagine would put fear into young children. The Grammar was appalling and the story lines utterly unreal; totally divorced from any semblance of live as we know it. Doesn't anyone care what the ABC is putting out for children? The level of violence is a worry too.

NY bomber an Afghani

Sorry to dip my fly into the ointment, but that photo of Duncan Weldon (above) is actually a photo of Jeremy Paxman (above).

Baird's gone to the dogs leaving the way open for Liebor's Foley to save the dogs and take government in the process. People like Baird live in a bubble.

The report that one in four French muslims do not support an open secular society and womens rights ,also says that the biggest number of "'anti "" french muslims were those who were young , mostly men and had low education , low job skills, and low economic prospects, Well just the type of muslim migrants that Merkel said was welcomed in Germany ie Europe,!! those in the middle group also said that while they were not "" full on"" muslims "" they agrees with some of the aims of the radicals.. So Ms Merkel what could possibly go wrong !!



These are fraught time for Europe. Our job is to make them better.

As we meet, Britain gears up to exit the formal structures of the EU, on Europe’s borders, hundreds of thousands of people demand admission.

In Europe’s cities, Islamist fanatics plot carnage.

And in Europe’s east, Russia actively subverts the former Soviet states.

Daunting times indeed: for Europe, for democracy, and for western civilisation.

But as Marshal Foch said at a key moment in the Great War, “my centre is giving way, my right is in retreat; situation excellent. I shall attack”.

Brexit could diminish both Britain and Europe – there is indeed that possibility – but with goodwill and leadership, it could just as easily herald democratic renewal across this continent.

Brexit and the rise of populism across Europe could be symptoms of a broken consensus – or could prompt centre-right parties to be less politically correct and once more the true champions of the nation state.

The struggle of democracies everywhere to rein in debt and deficit and to boost productivity could herald a long economic decline – or could be what forces political leaders to be more honest with our electorates.

Western liberalism’s diffidence under threat could be a sign of civilizational self-doubt – or just the latest dark before the dawn.

In difficult times, it’s more important than ever to be brave.

We should never lose our faith in the rule of law, personal freedom, representative government and the gravitational pull of the Western way of life.

In this historic city, I am proud to declare that I am for Europe – because western civilisation, now emulated the world-over, remains the highest and the best manifestation of the universal dream of justice, freedom and prosperity.

Our challenge is to be unapologetic advocates for the ways of thinking that have largely created the modern world and have made these the best times in human history, despite all the challenges we now face.

It’s worth remembering that just 35 years ago, fewer than half the world’s people had safe drinking water; now 90 per cent do.

Just 25 years back, 37 per cent of the world’s population lived in absolute poverty; now it’s fewer than 10 per cent.

And in the past quarter century, global GDP per person has advanced as much as in the previous 25,000 years.

We should never let today’s challenges blind us to yesterday’s achievements and to tomorrow’s potential.

Conservatives are proud of what has been achieved; but we want to build on the past, not to re-create it.

Our task is always to make the most of these times, just as our forebears made the most of theirs; confident that we can find a way through our perils, just as they did.

Before leaving Australia, I asked our parliamentary library to survey and report on the post-Brexit literature.

Leaving the European Union, I was told, will mean Britain’s economic impoverishment and political and cultural isolation.

It was said that Britain will become irrelevant while Europe will be better off without its most recalcitrant member – as if such a world-ranging country would suddenly withdraw into its shell and Great Britain become little England.

This is the kind of arrogant tosh that prompted Britons to vote to leave.

After the United States, Britain boasts more Nobel Prize winners than any other country.

For the past decade, Britain has been the fastest growing big economy in Europe; and along with France, has the continent’s most powerful armed forces.

So an EU that tries to punish Britain will end up punishing itself.

Like many of you, I was not a Brexit supporter – I was, if you like, a reluctant remainer – but all of us have to respect the people’s verdict and make the most of it.

ASX may have been hacked , and remains closed for the day. Media spin is very suspicous , since it was leaked last month that our banks are hacked almost weekly.

Funny thing about Mike Baird , he's good at talking BIG but not at building infrastructure . I still haven't got over the $25 Billion Super Fast Train from the proposed new Western Sydney Airport sight to the City centre All these proposals for Rocket Rail, you won't be able to cross Military Road with out being lumbered by a 400 Ton Flash. The Mascot to tbe City Train ix Very Good but my mates up there won't use it , they claim price .

Spigelman to head ABC
Both Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott welcomed the appointment of former Supreme Court of NSW Chief Justice James Spigelman as the new chairman of the ABC last week.
Prime Minister Gillard and Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy said Spigelman is a good fit for the job.
“With more than 40 years of service to the legal profession and a fierce passion for the arts, Mr Spigelman will be an exemplary leader of the ABC,” they said in a joint statement.
Shadow minister for communications and broadband and federal member for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull, who has a large Jewish constituency and is friends with Spigelman, welcomed the appointment. “He’s very well placed to do the job,” Turnbull said.
“He has got a very fine intellect. He’s very objective. He’s impartial. But he’s got a very, very keen, rational intellect that will, I think, bring a lot of good judgement and leadership to the ABC board and provide a lot of support to Mark Scott and all the team that are doing the important work at the ABC.”
The Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) also praised the appointment. “The ABC is indeed fortunate to have as its new head a person of Jim’s knowledge, wisdom and longstanding commitment to the development of the arts and culture in Australia,” ECAJ president Dr Danny Lamm and executive director Peter Wertheim said in a joint statement...........

Poor Troy didn't know what to think , well you don't if you can't right?. The STRANGE thing is that , as I heard one finance expert suggest that the NSW State Govt could easily raise $10 billion on the International Money Market AND never a better time . Wonder if DIMSIM SAM was initially involved and that's why Scotty pull the plug. FUNNY PLACE SYDNEY. RATES FOR MATES!!

Couldn't understand his morning why from wakeup time 2GB was sinking the boot into everything from Victoria or Melbourne, then I got onto my Galaxy and todays Australian. Seems we've leased Port Melbourne for $9.7 Billion over 50 years and to a Consortium of both Australian and International Participants. Very impressive as the Vic Liberals were talking 7 for 90 yrs , and so was Labor until recently. No wonder the Sydney Siders at Pyremont are dirty 'cause Braindead Baird and Silly Boy Troy wanted to sell off NSW Infastructure for 99 years for $10 billion to his Chinese mates . Scott Morrison knocked that on the head quicker than a winning Greyhound at Dapto. Poor Mick felt sick , all those plans put on hold .

Hillary ... not even a competent liar ....

See Replies ..

"VICTORIA has been “lucky” in its timing after securing $9.7 billion for the 50-year lease of the Port of Melbourne.
Treasurer Tim Pallas said the port was the premium asset in its class in Australia, but the higher-than-expected price was down to some good fortune.
“I think we’ve been very lucky in terms of timing ... couldn’t have picked a better time to go to the market,” Mr Pallas told reporters on Monday.
Premier Daniel Andrews said the Lonsdale consortium’s bid, which includes the Future Fund, QIC and international investors, had passed competition and foreign investments checks."

Legacies of Obama

Read in replies ...

Barnaby for P.M.

Tensions Rising in Germany
Citizens clash with Syrian refugees--and each other.
6:01 AM, Sep 17, 2016
By Christopher Caldwell
Germany is blowing up again over migration. The Saxon town of Bautzen has, like dozens of similar places across Germany, a barracks for some of the million or two Middle Eastern migrants who have been streaming across the Mediterranean for the past year-and-a-half. There People in Bautzen aren’t used to foreigners, and now groups of young men have taken to congregating in city's central square, the Kornmarkt. The migrants say they come there for the free internet. This upsets the locals, 80 of whom waged a pitched battle against 20 teenage migrants on Wednesday evening. Alcohol was involved on both sides. To judge from the video at, accounts differ on who is to blame. The Germans say that the young migrants (whom they refer to as UMAs, the German acronym for unaccompanied minors seeking asylum) are harassing women and smashing things. The UMAs, in turn, say the locals (whom they refer to as "Nazis") accost them every day with shouts of "Foreigners out!" Read more

Re Free speech courtesy of Cattalaxy Files on David Leyonhjelm
I recently lodged a complaint under Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act in response to an article written by the journalist Mark Kenny.

What he wrote was unlawful under that section. My objective, in lodging the complaint, was to show that the law needs to change. It should not be unlawful to call me or anyone else rude names, whether or not our feelings are affected.

The basis of the complaint is that Kenny said I demonstrated “certitude” as a consequence of being an “angry white male”, I was a “rank apologist for the resentment industry” and a “hate speech apologist”. Since S18C makes it unlawful to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person because of their colour, and white is a colour, this is sufficient to make it unlawful.

Kenny also described me as “gormless”, “boorish, a supercilious know-all with the empathy of a Besser block”, “wacky”, a “self-promoting misanthrope” and subject to “infantile reasoning”. These were not as directly attributed to my colour and so might not be unlawful

The Roots of Campus Leftism