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Monday, 25th March 2019

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and to hell with Hillary!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


All except the Left’s loyal “Washington Post” believe the Arab Spring offensives have had disastrous results… from Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and now an unsuccessful Syria, there was no thought given to who might take over after an enforced regime change. 

                            Bush Junior's Iraq... liberation or obliteration?

The destruction of Iraq belongs to Bush Junior. The debris that is Syria belongs to Obama. Libya is all Hillary's. 

The mayhem that is now the entire Middle East belongs to the opposing cults of Islam.

Obama barracked for, funded, and employed in his Administration, dozens of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a founding Egyptian terrorist group, and armed the Syrian rebels in his determination to oust the duly elected and moderate Muslim, Bashar Assad who had the temerity to resist being murdered.

Assad, a decadent, Europeanised piece of shit, is an Alawite, which is a Muslim break-away group from Shia Islam and includes elemental Christian beliefs. 

Was it the Christian elements that infuriated Obama enough to instruct the CIA to arm the Syrian rebels? 

Syria’s capital, Damascus, is said to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. I don’t know about that, but I do know the entire country is in ruins, and Obama had no plans for anyone to rebuild it.

Obama’s instructions were to only arm the “moderate” rebels. Unfortunately the rebels consisted of Al Queda, the Al-Nusra Front, ISIS, the Khorasan, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam and dozens of other Western sponsored terrorist groups. 

                               The bastard who made Syria what it is today

The real reason Obama refused to designate any of them as terrorists is because they still remain proxy groups supported by his friends in real radical Islam, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Incredibly, with his self-bestowed wisdom of Solomon, he actually considered he could determine who the “moderates” were.

                                    The bitch who made Libya what it is today

When you throw Hillary Clinton into the mix with Libya, it becomes clear that the middle East and North Africa is a decomposing mess only a non-political Trump has a hope of fixing.   

It’s hard to deny that Obama wanted the most radical form of Islam to reign supreme in his joint Sunni/Saudi-Wahhabist hatred of Israel. His best shot at drowning Israel in the Mediterranean, while appearing to keep his own black, spidery hands clean, was to give Iran the bomb and plane loads of cash. It seems to be working... Iran is now but a stone's throw from Israel's border.

Bush Senior resisted intense pressure to take Baghdad after his ‘Desert Storm’ operation chased Saddam Hussein’s “million strong” craven Republican Guard out of Kuwait. 

But following an unrelated 9/11, Bush Junior couldn’t help himself, and now Iraq barely exists.

             Syrian casualties limited as Trump forewarned of the Coalition's bombing.

There are a few things that the weekend Trump Syrian offensive has made clear:

1, Putin’s missile defense system he boasted of, doesn’t exist.

2, Despite Assad’s chemical ‘weapons of mass destruction’ being identical to those that Saddam Hussein used to kill the Kurds, Hussein’s WMDs still today are claimed to have been non-existent.

3, Trump’s statement that US troops would “soon” be withdrawn is a nonsense.

4, Despite the Syrian rebels suffering poison gassing in exploding barrel bombs, that video was clearly staged with kids woken in the middle of the night to be hosed down with water for no reason other than to look distressed.

5, Israel will take an increasing role in Syria’s demolition.

6, Putin will back off, for now.

7, The ISIS Caliphate was disbanded only after Putin’s intervention, not Trump's or Obama's who wanted the Caliphate to succeed with his outrageous “terms of engagement” that ensured only thousands of US troops were killed.

8, The Stick Insect's beloved United Nations is as useless as an ash tray on a motor bike.

9, New Zealand's Dinosaur Dentures' pregnancy is affecting her equilibrium.

10, The Left has shown it will always find fault in any Trump success, and,

Obama’s grand plan is working and only Trump has the ambition and ability to reverse it.


Go away Tiger, you don't know what you are talking about. This discussion started over a woman lawyer wanting to sue a barber because he wouldn't give her daughter a cheap haircut, which he claims he had no qualifications, to do and the discussion gradually deteriorated from your input. You are a typical Progressive, always wanting change and then never satisfied when change happens. Just leave things the way they are unless there is proven need for change.

This thread originated over a case discrimination withba bunch of old whingers doing that. I asked for some solutions rather than whinges, to say, housing affordability and all Ii got was move to where you can afford a house and back in the day we paid 17% morgage rates. My question was who started their working life with a $40k debt. So my point is you stupid old white men have had it pretty easy. Stop your whinging.

Neither have you Tiger, that's the trouble with you so called progressives, you think that all change is progress when in fact all it does is stuff up perfectly well working systems, that is why conservatives want to conserve and keep things the way they were, tried, tested and trusted. Everything the progressives do pushes up prices and other costs. What does HEC's have to do with anything anyway? That only started because Whitlam thought everybody should have free university entry, nearly sent the country broke and prices shot up on everything. So much for progress.

You've said nothing.

as i guessed, enough said.......

You can deny that housing affordability is one of the biggest issues facing Australia all you like but that doesn't make you right. When you started working did you have a $50k HECs debt

Everybody paid 17% on their mortgages in the 80s, some of made a nice earner as well investing. BAT no idea what you are trying to say. Jimjim where the fuck do you live? Do you realise housing affordability is one of the biggest challenges facing Australians and if your solutions worked that's what people would be doing. Do some research on how many years income it takes to buy a house these days as opposed to the 70s and what percentage of weekly income is taken by rent.

Tigerbalm. You do not need a 4 bedroom, pool, video/communications room, brick, hjacienda, North Shore, Mercedes bloody al.
do what we all have done, start small, simple and affordable. Then either stay or you can develop with the times.
I saw a Documentary, a while back, interviewing an Indigenous bloke in Kalgoorlie, the mine workers, earning a motza, but "Poor Fella Me" not on the payroll, Hey Cuz.
What's the reason you may ask......................

Therein, is the answer, you have to ask, because it is so bloody obvious, that you dumb bastards, all think it is about race.

Well as for Russia's defence system , it was not used, or needed. The NATO planes, etc stayed out of Syria's airspace and fired a great heap of stuff , without putting themselves in harm's way. I believe that it is possible Trump played Devil's advocate and rolled with the warmongers , to show them what they actually face, therefore postponing WW3 for a bit. All the bullshit in the world will not take away the absolute lack of evidence of damage. The NATO brass KNOW that most of their stuff was shot down in transit, by 50 plus years old Syrian AA fire. The videos are all over the net of this happening, but not on TV .As a Syrian Army bloke said, " 3/4 of a billion $ worth of target practice and we didn't have to pay for it. If that is your best, you better be very nice to the Russians. "

So why are we seeing fake images of children being gassed in Syria?

So why are we seeing fake images of children being gassed in Syria?

All you ABC haters tell me where else you could see today's program 'Howard on Menzies:Building a modern Australia and next Tuesday's Monash and Me, not to mention 7.30 has an interview with James Comey. I know it's not the same standard as Outsiders but surely worth looking at?

Political parties all have the same Master
Turnbull speaks with forked tongue on company tax.
"..................Apart for this foreign policy issue “that did Rudd the most harm”, Rudd also faced opposition from the mining industry, due to his supertax proposal. Julia Gillard agreed to slash this proposed tax to 30% to end a war with the mining giants and excluded all commodities from the tax apart from iron ore and coal. Major economists backed the Rudd supertax as large corporations make billions dollar profits selling Australia. In 2011 BHP Billiton announced a 10 Billion six month profit. Jewish mining Magnate Joe Gutnick among others, also attacked Rudd’s supertax with a lavishly funded Mining Lobby TV media blitz. The resources tax issue was becoming a struggle over who runs the country – foreign multinationals or the elected government? Were the major conspirators against Rudd mainly pro-Zionists? There is no concrete evidence that the Israelis demanded Rudd’s head, but a lot of circumstantial evidence which suggests it might be true. The Jewish community was deeply disturbed by the abrupt change in the Rudd government’s Israel policy............."

All we get from you stupid old white women is "how do I do it" as though you are the only ones who have had to face the problem. I arrived in Australia in 1965 with a wife and two kids and twenty pounds in my pocket. I started off with a small house after renting for five years and over the next fifty years I bought and sold twelve houses upgrading each time until I was able to downsize to my present one when I retired, with money to spend, and you reckon I am ignorant. And I had to put up with interest rates of 17%. Go and cry somewhere else Tigerbalm.

Rumpole shows his ignorance and Jim Jim showing his naivete. Just proves my stupid old white man mantra. What if your job is in Sydney Jim? Just up sticks and move to Mudgee and hope for a job. Get out more. You two just confirmed my stupid old white man theory.

Work harder!

What are your solutions for say property unaffordability?

Good to see that you are learning something Tiger, and that's from an old white man who still has all his faculties, which is something that appears to be lacking with you.

I love coming here and introducing a point of difference. Otherwise it would just boongs bad, muslims bad, cultural marxism bad, Political correctness gone wild, homosexuasls bad, women need to know their place, unions bad, Gillard a slut, Shorten a rapist, book learnin is useless, science is crap. You know ... all the stuff stupid old white men like to whinge about. No solutions, no pathways, just whinging about how things used to be better. I have nothing against old white men, just stupid.

There's plenty of smart people in Bowling Clubs and the RSL Tigger. If you find this site not up to your mental capacity, go play on Facebook or Twitter, there's plenty of intellectual giants posting on these sites that should suit your mental incapacity.