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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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... while Jacqui goes home

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


One rule of the bush is never shit close to the family tent but everything that Barnaby does seems to somehow leave a pile of nasty stuff on his shoe. His time as Shadow Finance Minister was an embarrassing debacle despite his background in accountancy. His political judgment is worse than Turnbull’s… yet he’s still the best the Nats have to offer.

Labor was unable to attack his stray shagging (pollinating out of wedlock) because they are just as, if not more, guilty of shagging their own staff. So instead they attacked his monetary entitlements as a Minister. 

Unfortunately they, including a vindictive Tony Windsor, forgot he wasn’t a Minister at the time of the New England by-election. A by-election he himself brought on over dual citizenship… something Labor Members are still dishonestly avoiding.

Poor Barnaby, he could have pulled a 'Shorten' and tossed office shag, Vikki Campion, $200,000 to get an abortion and keep her mouth shut, but he chose the more honourable path of owning up. 

                         A path that has proved much more costly, personally. 

And I noticed Labor's Tony Burke, who promoted his mail girl to Senior Advisor after bonking her stupid during a taxpayer-funded world tour, was MIA when it came to                                                                       Question Time.

So, much to Labor’s chagrin, next week Barnaby’s title will be, “Acting PM, Barnaby Joyce” while Malcolm is taking selfies and chatting with the Don over God knows what.

Oh, mid-life crises can lead a bloke anywhere but I would certainly not lose my testicles over some horsey looking chick determined to climb the Canberra ladder.

 But love is blind and now, sans testicles, Barnaby can cross his legs with a little more                                                                           ease. 

It makes no sense for him to stand aside now that Labor has wrung every drop of voyeuristic juice possible out of it. It’s over! 

Except that Barnaby is yet to be snapped pushing a pram around Burley Griffin. but Barnaby will stay… Lambie must go!

Yep, that rough little tart Jacqui Lambie is finished, hoisted on her own petard of disloyalty to a PUP party, and its money, that gave her a political station way above her ability.

Steve Martin has already been sworn in as an Independent and he refuses to step aside for his former Party leader. So, sorry Jacqui, but you can go home now, the already-inflated quota of 12 Senators for Tassie is full.  

What has happened to this scruffy little Bogan is exactly what she did to the hapless       Clive Palmer.

“Barnaby's resignation is inevitable”, said a reflective Sam Dastyari. “Politics is show business for ugly people. Most politicians aren't naturally good looking and aren't used to recognition, there is no way he can survive this. The reality is this. The amount of rooting that goes on in a place like Canberra in Parliament House”, said the ugly Iranian leprechaun to Kyle Somebastard on radio.

Oh well, politics is never boring… and what goes around comes around!   


Correct. We are in a shit state. The plebiscite papers were not received by everybody, and the people that voted it in in parliament largely were not entitled to. Have a look at Josh Frydenberg, five nationalities.

A picture paints a thousand words: Barnaby's got balls. No wonder Short Billy wants him sacked. And Turnbull wants to oblige, only Barnaby isn't cooperating. Just gets better by the minute.

Anyway, it's a great picture, that should be in the National Gallery, illustrating the rare and astonishing instance of a politician behaving honestly.

Barnaby and Berlusconi of Italian fame must have went to the same school.????????????

What went through the minds of Barney and his new squeeze that they could do this ? They would have known the turmoil it would cause and the fuel it would supply the Labor/Gangrenes and their Marxist media , she is media that's her job so what did she read into what she and Barney are doing to us who have to put up with their shenanigans
"WHY Do Women Wear Makeup at Work??" Jordan Peterson SCHOOLS Beta Male VICE Reporter on Reality

Malcolm has stated that Politicians must not root their staff any more. He will hand out chastiy belts to all women so they can't be humped by randy Politicians

Maybe they should produce a magazine obout which Politician is humping their staff, how and where. Who was the idiot who humped a woman on his desk? Soft porn is now allowed on mainstream free to air so let it happen.

Didn't Billy Shorten live in a house in Canberra owned by his previous father in law until he divorced his wife and children to marry again ?

Sack him and be done with it .so we dont have to hear about him anymore ,im sure there are plenty of Kiwis that want his job and other blow ins

That's cruel . . . do they want to put the mother of the infant Barnaby out on the street?

Breathless announcement from the The Sydney Morning Homosexual:

"Tom Daley is expecting his first child.

The British Olympic diver, who married US film director Dustin Lance Black in May, shared the news on his social media accounts on Valentine's Day."


Once a porky pig has supped at the trough all and everything is a bonus, and ALL the swine do just that

Jerome Corsi on live stream.

The vast majority of New England voters clear support him and I am certain that when the bull dust settles even the ones at present upset by the beat up (see Larry's latest post), well most of them will again vote for him.

After Joyce stood down the National Party subsidised his income by thousands with some bogus job. Guy can't help himself, greed and grubbiness.

BS Stringy, and you know it is, circumstances Stringy, circumstances are not comparable.

Bribe Tony? That's easy to do, ask Eddie Obeid about how he recruited an "independent" MLA later MP. Ask Kevin Rudd how he recruited that MP around 2008 when he recruited Rob Oakeshott newly elected MP .....

Transgenders to play in female contact sports? I don't think so. Nifty way to get into their change room or have a "feel" in the scrum. Who pays the compo when a real female gets hurt? Imagine a transgender weightlifter in the olympic's female weightlifting competition? Born with male tackle then you are a male no matter how you feel. Anyway HOW does a bloke know what being female feels like? At best it's a guess. I know some blokes have "hissy fits" but that does not mean they are feeling feminine, just that they have hissy fits.

So Dastyari has to resign over a few bills being paid by a Chinese businessman and Joyce is taking thousands in "personal donations" and "awards". What a grub. Nose firmly in the trough and no ethics on any front.