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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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... lucky it's a republic

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Barack Obama, despite having already lost control of the House and now the Senate, remains as Commander in Chief of the United States military, and holds executive authority over its armed forces. He also holds the power of veto over all proposed legislation.

Although far from being a unique situation for beleaguered American voters, in this case it's a charismatic President with a strong black and Latino appeal who has been able to foist socialism on an historically conservative nation, and now it must endure two more years with a lame duck socialist president.

Short of impeachment (or a quasi Sir John Kerr) Obama will stay put, oblivious to an Islamic threat, $18 trillion in debt, an Obamacare in disarray, foreign policy in tatters, war on two fronts with no end in sight, a disenfranchised Israel and a diminutive Russian who wants his little black balls for breakfast.

When mad backroom socialist misfits eventually find an appealing figurehead to lead them into Office it leads very quickly to disaster, and don't we know it.

Australia as a republic could still have Kevin Rudd as its president if he, like Obama, had flummed a second term and that would have been a nightmare beyond even Malcolm Turnbull’s endurance.

Inside six short years Obama has reversed America’s dominance and allowed China a free hand to expand its newfound aggressive influence in Asia. So now he has focussed on the Pacific Rim as a tactical fallback position. All too late.

He steps off Airforce One in Beijing next week for the annual APEC meeting as a defeated President, walking softly but without a big stick to beat Xi Jinping around the ears with over climate change and human rights.

Obama will be politely told the Hong Kong protests, climate change, the Islamic State threat, Taiwan and North Korea are matters to be ably dealt with internally, and without the assistance of the great Barack. 

Lately Abbott has had more influence internationally than has Obama and his nonchalance over the global warming hoax fits more snugly with the Chinese who are opening coal-fired power stations at the rate of one a week. 

So the green tea and Pekin duck banquets may not have a place set for a lame duck Barack.

Getting America back on an even keel will take a quality Republican presidential candidate, and that will not be easy. It was the lack of an appealing Republican that led to the disastrous Democrat experiment. 

And there is none on the horizon except for a third member of the Bush dynasty. Hmmm.

So, perhaps Turnbull’s republic should be shelved for the moment because at least now we can get rid of our Rudds, Gillards and Whitlams inside eight years.


Two minor points;
Obama STILL has his black little thumb over the little RED Button...
He IS " the Islamic State threat"

PS: He STILL hasn't proved he was "Born in USA" - Has he?

Munga - The connection with England that is unimportant. It is THE SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT that is. And you are quite wrong. Go to the ACM webpage and read how younger people are turning their backs on a republic, and a change of flag,opting for our safer and more reliable form of government. The convenor of ACM is a young man. Take a look around the world at the republics….Most are one party states or dictatorships - which amounts to the same thing. Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts completely. We need an a - political umpire as a safeguard. As for the left….we have seen what a mess that corrupt lot have made of our country - starting with Whitlam the biggest disaster, and followed by Gillard, Rudd, Keating - the best PM's since the second world war have been Menzies and Howard

The Australian republic will happen - every year the percentage of the population who feel an affinity to our past and to England shrinks further. Especially with the Left promoting a break from the Commonwealth , all those migrants will vote yes to a republic. The referendum bought some time but lets face it, that fight is well and truly over.

Jolie? Surely you jest

An Australian republic is the worst idea ever….Thank goodness we saw sense years ago and said NO. Someone always has to have the top job…better to have an a-political umpire keeping an eye on that person. And that top job??? Someone is always trying to get it….The pursuit of power is the worlds second oldest profession. And any competition brings corruption, and often it comes down to who can pay the most. Most of the worlds republics are either one party states or dictatorships - and the ones that aren't don't have a political system as good as ours. France for example has had five republics, each one costing a bomb…and they haven't got it right yet. Constitutional Monarchy is the safest form of government.

Ohh and posted in 2005

Obama should not be impeached or removed from office.
If he does, it will allow the MSM to paint him as a martyr to the "racist right" and open the door for more years of socialist dingbats to run the USA.
Hillary Clinton should not be allowed anywhere near the presidency considering her contempt for those killed at Benghazi or that she stayed with an adulterous husband because she craved the power more than anything else.

A Guppy is a very small fish usually swimming in a big pond. Good comparison.

It seem Obama is hamstrung. His party is well and truly gone next time. Maybe America will prosper again. It is a shame that Australia has to follow the US like sheep. Particularly the stock market.

The past six years have (hopefully) been a lesson to the West of the folly of electing a 'charasmatic' leader. Australia chose Rudd 'my name is Kevin and I'm here to help' in 2007 ' and Barrack Obama, the first (and maybe last) black President of the US. It is to be hoped that the carnage they left behind will serve as a reminder that show ponies don't always put on a good show.

Friends of Q Society of Australia
14 hrs · Edited ·
Facts and Figures from the Saudi Ambassador to Australia:
Muslims brought camels to Australia in the 19th century. Now there are over 1 million camels in Australia. There are also over 500,000 Muslims, 350 mosques and 30 Islamic schools.
And more than 16,000 students from Saudi Arabia are studing at Australian universities. “All these students are well behaved and have not created any serious security issues.“
That's good to know. Because Osama bin Laden and 15 of the 19 terrorists who committed mass murder on 9/11, were also well-behaved Saudi students, who created no security concerns. Until they thought 'now' is a good time.

In 2010, 33 percent of US federal revenue (a bit over 4 percent of GDP) was outlayed on defense, materially contributing toward trashing of their economy although since reduced a few points. While in Russia recently, I saw Senator John McCain being adamant on BBC TV that the US would substantially increase defense spending again when the Republicans get control of both houses. Piddling Australia now ranks around 11th in the world for actual defence spend and we are foolishly heading down the same unaffordable track, like a 51st State!

Has Krudd advised Obama that his advices are available yet?

Like their 1980s predecessors, Guppies want the best of everything - if it's green, that is. Guppies will buy anything to enhance their status as eco-friendly guardians of the environment, even if it means throwing away perfectly functional "traditional" items in order to boast that their car, their house, their pets or children are "green." ....from Urban dictionary

Are you allowed to say that dreaded 4 letter word Jack? I know what you are thinking, but I mean kilo.

Right on Gentleman.... think JR might never have been so... shame some are able to critisise without knowing all that much about the subject..

She's good... has it 'right on' !

On second thoughts.. just forget it!

Everything described of Obama's government best resembles the ruination of the Roman Empire .