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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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...the honest facts

Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


If we're going to have a debate about banning the burqa, a little honesty wouldn't go astray.

A few days ago, a misleading article in the Sydney Morning Herald stated the burqa is a religious requirement. With that false proposition the reporter promptly marched off to a couple of constitutional lawyers seeking advice that a ban on the burqua would be 'unconstitutional' on 'religious grounds'.

Never let the facts get in the way of an agenda. 

The burqa isn't a religious requirement, it's a cultural choice.

Nowhere in any Islamic teachings or instructions is the word 'burqa' nor is there a requirement for women to cover their face. The closest you'll find is that men and women 'dress modestly'. That's open to interpretation. 

The burqa is the full body covering, head to toe. That means the eyes, too, with a mesh for seeing. 

The niqab is a cloth facial covering, with only the eyes visible (which is often misunderstood to be a burqa). 

The hijab is a modest veil that covers (around) the head and chest. It doesn't cover the face, 

But for this argument, we'll consider the current burqa ban to include both the niqab and burqa, neither of which is required by the Islamic faith. 

The burqa's true origin is cultural. It stems from the Bedouin desert tribes and was used to protect them from the harsh desert sun and sandstorms. ('Bedouin' derives from the Arabic word 'Bedu' - 'the desert dwellers')

So, as far as the Constitution goes, there's no legal impediment to banning the burqa. And  there's a reasonable argument for its banning on security grounds. 

These days CCTV is a vital part of security and identifying those suspected of criminal activity. Just yesterday we saw the example of a couple of brothers caught on CCTV after bashing a football fan who stepped in to defend a woman. 

The only way they were caught was security vision. They were immediately identified, posted on various websites, shared on facebook. Within 2 hours of the first web posting, they walked into a police station and handed themselves in 

If it's not permissible to wear a balaclava, helmet or other facial coverings into a bank, or government building then all full-face coverings must apply. That includes a burqa or niqab. Racial or religious arguments are farcical and are easily dismissed. 

Many non-Beduoins wear burqas. In fact most burqa wearers are not Bedouin. 

Many Bedouins are not Muslim, and many Muslims are not Bedouins. 

Women who choose to wear a burqa or niqab do it by choice. That's not enough to claim discrimination if asked to remove it, or not enough for any protection under any Constitutional law. 

In these times, it's reasonable for the Government to make the right laws on grounds of security . 

One rule for all. 

No exceptions.


Both traitors to their Country.

Enough of the whinging and moaning you whimps - be positive, do something except complain all the bloody time ! Check out what the Australian Liberty Alliance proposes to end the Islamisation of Australia, and to address all of your worry's and concerns that you post here. ...........

One rule for all.
No exceptions.

Could not agree more Larry. I think it's all about the men controlling their women. Many of them are very beautiful, and would attract a lot of attention from men who would probably treat them much better. Remember Cleopatra? Wasn't she a Persian Princess?

Can't the majority decide this for once? Can't we have referendum about this burqa thing? We should be able to have our say on this matter that has touched such a raw nerve with so many.

Two words: Carnita Matthews.
CARNITA Matthews, the woman who won a court appeal because a judge said he couldn't be sure it was her underneath a burqa, has lost a bid for costs.

The Muslim woman was convicted in 2010 of making a false statement to police, but it was overturned at a District Court appeal because Judge Clive Jeffreys found he couldn't be sure beyond a reasonable doubt that it was her who made the false statement and that she knew it was false.

Yes it's hilarious to see the feminists so clueless on the issue.

Again, i read of Non muslims attempting to air their concerns and being shut down for inciting racial hatred. The leftists are the ones that should be charged with inciting hatred. Bringing a large population of a minority group who historically do not wish to assimilate with the host nation and placing them in our country is at best reckless. I believe in immigration but done incorrectly it is a social time bomb. Human nature is human nature - by which I mean predictable. A man places 2 wild cats together. Naturally a fight ensues. .Who is to blame for that fight - the cats or the person that put them together? We can name it what we want, but whatever way you shape it or twist it, this will not work. The govt is creating this future perfect storm and then pointing the finger at the angry mobs it has created. Just because an idea on paper looks great, you cant discount human nature, 1000s of years of culture and tradition and expect it all to fit nicely like a university thesis. Why are our media and leaders are so arrogant to think that even though unplanned multiculturilism in Europe has been an unmitigated disaster, it will for some reason work here in Australia? Unbelievable. I live in Europe and witness it on a daily basis. Several; times spat at or intimidated by Tunisian and Algerian youths. I am not a racist as the liberals will attempt to slander people like me as. My wife is of Asian descent and as we more intelligent people know , this isn't a race issue, its a culture issue. I am concerned. So concerned that I dont even feel terrorism is our biggest threat. Liberalism and complacency is. Our immigration needs to be balanced intelligently with demographics' research projected forwards. With Shiaas and Sunnis fighting each other in the Mid. East, are we bringing them together here in Australia and expecting them to suddenly put 1400 years of blood shed behind them? The police and the politicians act surprised that these guys are shooting each other in the Western suburbs?? Is it the UN putting pressure on our govt to take this overwhelming number of Mid East immigrants? Why not Swedes? Or Chinese? Or Nepalese? Christian Nigerians who need refuge far more than many others. Christian Syrians. The Koran specifically states non believers are to be converted, taxed or attacked. Now moderate Muslims dont take that literally but in the eyes of the Imams they are not following the word of Allah . If these people arent forced to assimilate over generations and be made to respect OUR our ideals and way of life there is always the threat of fundamentalism raising its head as that is what the Koran commands. I have posted many times tonight as I have just returned to Australia after being away for 10 years and am horrified by what I have found. I guess its a slow change and not noticeable if you live here but to return to a place I no longer recognise is quite disconcerting. People talking about terror plots on our own soil like its to be expected. Mosques everywhere. Racial tension on both sides which is totally un Australian. This place has changed so much in the time Ive been away and apart from a lot more kebab shops I cant quite see what has been gained. Tonight I saw the immigration minister trying to reach out at Lakemba mosque, almost apologising for any anti muslim feeling. when he mentioned the ADF in Iraq, he was heckled by the same crowd he was just moments before trying to suck up to. Why cant our leftists see this?? They dont want to know about our way of life. They must look at our weak democracy and laugh - 'this is all too easy" , they must be thinking. We need to form solid demarcation lines around our way of life, the Australian culture and lifestyle. . Only once that framework is in place do we look to further immigration. A question. What happens in 30 years when City Councils are predominately Islamic. When the local bylaws restricting beach wear start appearing. When the crackdowns on a few stubbies down the beach begin? Are we still going to be shouted down as racist as opur fading voices meekly protest? Like I said in another post, the majority of Muslims just want to get on with life, but as has happened in Western Europe , their passiveness will be used by the more vocal minority as a vehicle to gain seats in council and parliament. From then, there is no turning back. We cant count on the law abiding majority to stand up to an erosion of our way of life. We have heard nothing from them since 9/11 so why would they speak up then? That would make them apostates and thats not healthy for anyone. Sorry for the long text and whatever side of the argument you sit, I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

paladin30 has advised that they have completed the registration of the company for Australian Liberty Alliance and the new party is ready to invite you to join as a member. You may download the party manifesto from the following link -.

Hooray ! At last, an avenue for positive action against the Islamisation of Australia rather than just whinging on a blog site.

Nah, He just thinks he's the "Sherriff of Pickering Town" Duck!

What's wrong with a bloke wearing a niqab or burqa, especially those blokes who want to rob banks or liquor stores? To say that only women can wear them is blatantly sexist and probably illegal. Shoplifters and drug pushers would love the anonymity and the ability to blend into a crowd.

always thought DJT was the sheriff waldo..

The burqa is a body-bag for those who are not quite dead yet.

Some of that could be right.

Hear Hear.

I can't read the title of this post without singing it to the tune of "Bob the Builder".

This is Australia not the Middle East, we don't need Darth Vader costumes wandering the streets of a CHRISTIAN country scaring our children and putting the piss up our pet dogs! If they can't INTERGRATE - they should EVACUATE!

There ya go Waldo! You've been told!

The wearing of muslim dress by pious muslims, is their personal manner of waging Jihad, by offending and intimidating the host culture. So, if we keep 18c, how about some savvy lawyers taking out a class action citing offensive display under 18c. By the way, the public servants working for the Attorney General, keep lecturing me about RACISM, when I write to the PM complaining about Islam and 18c.

Exactly Paul, no exceptions, none, zilch, the end.