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Friday, 20th April 2018

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Australians ‘Wrong’ On Islam - Liberal MP

Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


DON'T you hate it when you’ve accidentally joined the wrong party, stood for pre-selection, got yourself voted in, then look around and find you’ve got almost nothing in common with your parliamentary colleagues?

That’s what’s happened to Craig Laundy, the Assistant Minister for Multiculturalism. He’s a Liberal MP with Green blood running through his veins.

Craig reckons Australians are doing Islam wrong.

He told Fran Kelly on ABC radio, “People that dive into this debate and say controversial things, I would argue, the vast majority are speaking from a position that is not well informed.”

“The perceptions they have are wrong.”

Craig Laundy has not yet been sworn in as the Assistant Multiculturalism Minister. That takes place on Thursday.

The greenhorn 45 year old first term backbencher rode into Canberra at the 2013 election on the wave of anti-Labor voter anger. He won the seat of Reid in Sydney’s western suburbs from Labor with a 3.5% swing. He’s the first Liberal to hold the seat since it was formed.

Since then he’s worked hard to be anti-conservative.

Why? Self preservation.

Without that anti-Rudd-Gillard-Rudd factor in the electorate there’s a pretty good chance the traditional Labor seat will go back to the ALP, thus relegating Craig to the ignominious ‘One Term Wonder Club’.

Then it’s back to pulling beer at one of dad’s pubs (Arthur Laundy owns 30 Sydney pubs, and has a personal worth of around $500m)  

What to do? What to do?

Turn radically left.

He has:

Slapped down PM Tony Abbott, when Laundy loudly and publicly opposed changes to Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act, forcing Abbott’s hand to dump his election promise to repeal the odious section of the Act which smothers free speech

1. Slapped down PM Tony Abbott when Abbott said the ABC acts in a way that "instinctively takes everyone's side but Australia’s.” Laundy defended the ABC’s right to be biased, saying it is not the role of the ABC to be patriotic.

2. Opposed Israel and supports Palestine. Laundy is the co-chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Palestine group. On 5 June 2104, the Abbott Government announced the term “occupied” would no longer be used to describe East Jerusalem. Laundy publicly opposed the shift in language, saying the area was “occupied” by armed Israeli forces. 

3. Demanded an increase of Syrian refugees to 20,000 when PM Abbott said Australia would accept 12,000 persecuted refugees. 

4. Publicly applauded and supported Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs’ attacks on the Abbott Government when Abbott questioned her political partisanship. Laundy told Triggs to keep doing her job, telling her, “My door is always open to you.”

So why would a so-called Liberal MP (who admits he comes from a “Labor family from all sides”) turn on his own party and especially his PM, Tony Abbott, who backed Laundy in his seat preselection, above others, despite Laundy never having been a Liberal Party member until an opportune 18 months before the 2013 election? (Q. Would you really want Laundy in the trenches with you?)

When you take a close look at Loundy’s voter base you’ll find he has the Liberal seat with the biggest Muslim representation.

According to the 2011 census, the seat of Reid is one of Sydney’s key migrant electorates with the nation’s fourth highest proportion of Muslim residents, the fifth highest proportion of residents born overseas and the fifth highest proportion born overseas in a non-English speaking country. The electorate also has the seventh lowest proportion of residents of Christian faith and has fast growing populations from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Sudan and Somalia, all Muslim majority countries.

Golly, those dots linked up pretty quickly.

So back to Laundy rubbishing Australians who are ‘wrong’ and ‘not well informed’ on Islam.

Questions for Craig Laundy:

1. Have you ever asked your Muslim constituents if they’ve read the Qur’an?
2. Have you asked your Muslim constituents if they agree with everything in the Qur’an?
3. Have you ever read the Qur’an?
4. If you have read the Qur’an, which of the 100+ Qur’anic verses calling for terror and death to unbelievers do you believe Australians are ‘wrong’ and ‘not well informed’ about?
5. If you haven’t read the Qur’an does that make you ‘not very well informed’?

There are also a few questions for the Liberal Party to answer.

1. Were you aware of Laundy’s extreme left Green position before you preselected him?
2. Were you aware of Laundy’s coming from a “Labor family from all sides”?
3. Do you support Laundy’s non-conservative positions?
4. Will you be endorsing Laundy as the Liberal party candidate at this year’s Federal election?

If the Libs do re-endorse Laundy that’s a clear signal to the party faithful of the future direction of the party.

If the Libs decide they’re not Labor-Green lite and give Laundy the flick, Craig Laundy could well seek preselection with the Greens, his natural home.


Lord Turncoat will not be getting my vote in any way. My friends also agree that the overthrow of Abbott was a dastardly act of Treason. The cabal of Jerks that executed this (Bishop, Morrison etal) should hang their heads in shame.

You will soon read the same phrase about 1/4 of the time what a wonderful forgiving chap allah is and then there is 1/2 meaningless waffle mostly pinched from the Bible. The rest is pure nonsense. Usually it is the hypnotic wail which sort of hypnotises a person Then the chosen bloke stirs up the mob to do horrible things to every one but the wankers.

Oh how ignorant and intolerant we are. 15 y.o. boy beheaded for listing to music. Mobile garbage bags - victims of genital mutilation, HELLal extortion money and contamination on our products, threats to OUR AUSTRALIAN WAY OF LIFE on a daily basis. Silly me - how ill informed I am. By the way - how many islamics in your electorate - DON'T HAVE A SECRET AGENDA THERE DO YOU. No wonder the lABORAL party is on the nose. Rename yourselves = THE SELL OUT AUSTRALIA PARTY.

An oldie but a goodie. lol.

So will you, infidel.

Kym...what would you suggest?

'Russia bombing hospitals' - Turkey deflects own actions onto Russia, launches propaganda barrage
Fort Russ
2016-02-16 00:00:00
In recent days, government forces and militias in Syria freed seven localities in the North and North-West of the country from terrorists. Just over a hundred square kilometers of territory. These statistics were reported on 16th February by the Ministry of Defence. Turkey, fearing complete loss of control over Northern Syria, is launching new artillery strikes. But at the same time they say that it's coming from the direction of Russia.

A camera on a Russian drone was sent to the villages on the Turkey-Syria border in the province of Aleppo. More than a hundred artillery strikes — according to data, analysis of the shooting, and leading military experts — was inflicted by the Turkish army, not on the positions of terrorists, but the Syrian government forces and the units of the Syrian opposition that are fighting against ISIS. But Ankara is seeking to hide their interest in the Syrian conflict by churning out accusations against Russia, one after the other. The main rule: the more absurd the statements, the more likely the public will believe it. Well, the public should be at least sympathetic. Kiev's Cabinet of Ministers cope quite well with this role.
Comment: Turkey may have gone way beyond its usefulness to the West with stunts like this one. Or has it? While some of the world knows what a slimy, self-serving rogue player it has become, the controlled and corrupted state of Western media dutifully supports what it says as true. Facts and proof don't matter; impression management does. Russia is being scapegoated and the West is being fed lies.

For more on this jaw-dropping lie, see:
"American warplanes destroyed it": Russia rejects Turkey claim on MSF hospital missile strike
Turks launch 100 artillery strikes on Syrian towns in Aleppo

just three letters to remember at the next election.... ALA

He's just another vote buying self serving politician, the country is full of them, they couldn't give a stuff about Australia or Australians.

All the Cardinal Pell haters should read Andrew Bolt's "To Pell and Back" in today's Daily Telegraph. It is exactly what I have posted on a number of occasions. It just shows what heaps of shit the leftist media are.

Kick him out! He doesn't belong in the Liberal Party - just another con

How come the darkies and the coons in Australia are still screaming about their so called stolen generation when others who lived in the orphanage's and got badly treated by the religious mob got on with their lives and aren't screaming like the darkies and the Coons are ?

Sydney’s most famous former deputy mayor, Salim Mehajer, suffered a double-blow last night when the administrator appointed to Auburn City Council terminated two controversial decisions that stood to deliver him large property development windfalls.

Interim administrator Viv May halted long-running negotiations to sell a council-owned carpark in Lidcombe to companies owned by Mr Mehajer, who as well as being, until last week, an Auburn councillor, is also one of the area’s most prominent developers.

So, BishopJ, how do you like these apples? Learn not to interfere between traditional enemies. It's as basic a rule as not sticking your oar into a family dispute. I doubt you have any idea at all what they are spatting about.

the best way to destroy a party is from the inside...Malcolm would agree with that

Breitbart....Over 700 UK crimes per week committed by EU migrants.

Like Turdball, Laundy is just another ALP/Green plant. A week ago we reported on the stirring sentiments expressed by General Christian Piquemal, the former commander of the French Foreign Legion, just before he was arrested at the PEGIDA demonstration in Calais.

As most readers will be aware of by now, after being arrested and then sent for a brief stay in the hospital for “health reasons”, Gen. Piquemal recanted any involvement with PEGIDA, disassociated himself from “racism”, and emphasized that he had never been involved in organizing the demo in Calais.

It was obvious that he had been gotten to. The government presumably sent an emissary to the General’s bedside while he was indisposed and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He may be too old to threaten directly, but perhaps he has a son or daughter in the civil service whose career might come to an abrupt and regrettable end. Or something similar…

Australia is going bonkers. A Liberal Minister more Green than SHY and more stupid than Tricky Trigg. A Navy that has a jihadist Captain. An Army with moslems in it. With their own dropkick Immam, halal food and no doubt the key to an armoury.An opposition with a walking dead Leader of a party entirely controlled by militant unions,.