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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


Whether you're from the Left or the Right, giving someone a 'fair go' is in our national DNA. It's a common trait that unites us all. But our sense of fairness is sorely tested when our generosity is exploited or taken advantage of. When we're treated as mugs we arch up.

The past few weeks we've all watched, with gobsmacked jaws on the floor, at the way we've been taken for a gravy-train ride by our pollies.

Firstly, Bronny's $5,000 chopper ride from Melbourne to Geelong, an hour's drive. Then the luxury plane trips and extravagant limos.

This from an MP who crusaded against Labor entitlement spending and waste of the taxpayer dollar. Now we've since learned they're all into it up to their snouts, from all sides. The Libs, Labor and the Greens.

Welcome To Canberra - Entitlement City.

We were lectured on the end of the 'age of entitlement' by Joe Hockey who was then photographed with Mathias Cormann sucking on a cigar after ripping into health, education and welfare. The treasurer, when in opposition, made 13 taxpayer-funded trips to Cairns where he owns a farm.

Do as we say not as we do.

The latest revelations of Tony Burke - the opposition attack dog who led the hunt for Bronwyn Bishop until she was forced into resigning her position of Speaker - takes the cream layered pavlova.

Burke screamed of “massive disrepute on the entire Parliament” as he pointed the finger at Speaker Bishop.

So how does Burke explain his own trips to Robbie Williams and Justin Bieber concerts with his kids, or his business class airfares and family holidays to Uluru or his school holiday trip to Cairns, with his wife and children - all funded by the taxpayer?

All within the guidelines, he assures us.

Well, here's another Aussie saying, "Don't come the raw prawn with me, mate!"

There are so many raw prawns in Canberra, the stench permeates all over the country.

Tony Burke held the standards high for Bronny, demanding she resign - so she did.

Her excuse was the same as Burke's, "it was all within the guidelines."

We're not the gullible galahs you take us for.

There's no question as to Burke's fate.

To the backbench - preferably not via a taxpayer funded trip to Cairns and Uluru.


The dethpicable Burke firtht.
He assassinated Bishop whilst he did worse things than she did to waste our money.

So, we talk about Burke, then Pyne and Hockey. What order BA?

they need to pursue Burke over his connections to Obeid and the holiday at the ski resort.... with the Obeid connection some mud should stick.. well justified


Burke is a mealy mouthed lying c...hunt. Bloody cupboard Queen who needs to "Fess-up" and pay back the money he stole. AKA ... Business class seats for his snot-gobblers whilst he was porking his version of Monica Lewinsky

I am really looking forward to the next instalment of the Royal Commission. Shorten must be Shitten himself.

We note you all avoid talking about the exthethes of that motht dethpicable Tony Burke. Are you all covering he'th arthe for him?

you will be jealous really when we find out what is in store for Bronnie in her next role. Foreign Minister. She will out do Carr and he was a world beater. Spent most of his life in First Class with his Partner. Watch out Julie.

You are all jealous because you are not her.

I agree with you willone. They would have know all Pollies have partaken in this scam including Joe Hockey so for Bronnie to have sacrificed herself, big Carrot. Big [email protected]&er.

If she goes to the London Embassy which is very very possible, they will need to sell at the 7 Series Beemers because she won't drive them. She is a Limo sort of girl.

willone, don't worry, on $250,000 a year for the rest of her life she will cope. Can't see her drinking any more $200 bottles of wine which are within entitlements to he row though. She better guts up before she leaves. On the other hand she will be invited to Pollie Parties so will still partake in the good life. You know, people will also invite her to speak at functions. What Bronnie could say that would interst anyone is beyond me. Bit John Howard did it. Just an excuse fo a Government party with all expenses paid.

Imagine if you will. When parliament resumes. All LNP members stand up and BOOooooo each and every time Tony Burke stands up to make a point of order.

Or what that be racist.....? Even though he's a whitey. or is he?

Mr.Perks just wanted to join the mile-high club with his latest squeeze.

I would like to see a purge. No politician should be exempt

Good work willone. Pyne deserves a spray. Most disappointing.

People are angry. Bully Burke must go to the back bench. If he prances around on the Parliamentary floor in QT next week, maintaining his role as Manager of Opposition Business, it will demonstrate the contempt for public opinion that Bill Shorten has because he has the power to shift the bully to the back bench.

Dark horse is loose in the top paddock.

He should do the honourable thing and resign and pay back the difference between First Class and Business Class for himself, and Business Class and Economy for all the others he took. He is an absolute hypocrite and I can't believe he can go to Parliament next week and face the Australian public. Just like the ex-treasurer sitting in the Chamber - obviously, these individuals have no sense of shame.

Clicked on the comments under that entry. They're not good. People are upset. Rightly so.