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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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...but they feel much better after killing an Aussie

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


I didn’t have high expectations when I tuned in to the ABC’s 7.30 Report the other night. Lucky really because I don’t deal well with disappointment. 

They interviewed a young, would be Jihadist and gave him enough rope to hang himself. I guess we should be grateful for small mercies. They then turned (predictably) to a Muslim for an explanation as to what was driving this poor radicalised “yoof”. 

Not just any old Muslim of course. He was himself someone who had formerly espoused violent jihad but had now rejected it. 

Of course, I didn’t expect the interviewer to ask anything intelligent and insightful like, “So have you also rejected non-violent jihad”. 

He was clearly ignorant of the subtleties of Islam. He had never read my book or spent a few hours on the internet actually figuring it out. I don’t blame him for that. Most Australians still haven’t. Surely as a journalist however, he should have had some kind of intuition that something is not right. 

The line he was being fed was that this “radicalisation” was largely due to these poor boys feeling isolated and marginalised.

ISOLATED AND MARGINALISED! He hangs out and seems to have grown up around Fairfield and Paramatta. That whole area is a virtual Islamic enclave. Half the shop signs are in Arabic and every second female is in a burqua. 

The only people feeling marginalised in Fairfield are the few dinky di Australians who are either too poor or too stubborn to leave.

By his own admission he had lots of friends who thought just like he did.

Ok, so maybe this journalist had never been to Western Sydney or read the Islamic scriptures. What about the concept of gratitude? 

I know a Jewish lady whose parents were in a concentration camp with Anne Frank’s parents. After the war they emigrated to England. They never received anything much from the British Government. Just the opportunity to go about their business unmolested and make a go of life, which they did. 

They were so overcome with gratitude for this opportunity that they became the most patriotic Pommies you could imagine, waving a Union Jack at every opportunity.

The young boy on the show was brought at age 10 from one of the world’s poorest and most wretched countries on the planet to one of the richest. If his family were genuine refugees, then by definition they were also fearing for their lives. 

They were presumably plucked from a refugee camp and flown here at taxpayer expense. Once here they were given things that most people in Afghanistan could only dream of. Money, food, security, welfare, a home, medical care, child care, flush toilets, you name it. 

Just seven years later, this boy and (apparently) many of his friends are feeling so “marginalised and islolated” that they feel compelled to murder random Chinese accountants and other Kaffirs (That was the word he used. I wouldn’t expect the ignorant journalist to know what that word means but Pickering Post readers certainly do).

ASIO and the Federal Police are so alarmed by his internet postings and his friend’s activities that they are following him 24/7 at taxpayer’s expense. His brother is doing 24 years in Supermax for a brutal murder.

I don’t know how much this is costing or how many refugees this money could support in Pakistan or Turkey but I’m guessing it is a lot.

Clearly this policy of Islamic immigration has been a disaster for both Muslims and non-Muslims. I can only conclude that for the sake of both parties that the Government should put an immediate stop to it. At least until such time as we can figure out how to address the grievances of the ones who are already here. 

It looks like we now have a political party who wants to put an end to this insanity. From what I have seen of the Australian Liberty Alliance so far, they have got my vote.


Harry..........stop talking so much sense.

Just in case anyone is in doubt about Muslim terrorism. Here is a list.

Iam but a poor marginalised Moslem [of course my name is Mohommed ]please give freely of your welfare and donations [especially from the Labor Party and the Gay Greens ] iam a victim and poor and a refugee from Allah run destitute shitholes because our ''religion '' is full of shit violence rape pedophilia ,hypocrisy ,laziness and unproductivity and we need to scab and live off you hard working infidels ,because your so dumb ,naive ,gullible and stupid and cowardly and LEFT ,thanks again i dont have to work for a living in your Goyim country

treat any islamic terrorist in Australia as the police treat bikie gangs, Arrest all their members and bulldoze their meeting places, one member guilty, all members guilty....Rick

It would be ideal for the Muslims to display graffiti on all their mosques advertising the ALA , I'm sure they would love to help .

it would be un Australian not to

im joining up on monday

Great speech by Kirralie for ALA party. ALA will be getting my vote.

So many BLIND and dumbe Leaders in the world today and for past 25 to 30 years. The Gloal take over has been in motion for a couple thousand years and has now go the mass and momentum that makes it more likely to succeed withing our modern times. Australia ( and many other countries ) FUTURE is already written in the history of the Palistian / Muslim insurgency into Israel / Gaza and the warfare for territorial claim and control and the obvious intent of total annialhation of the 'Original Israel Jewish Nation and peoples.'. Every 'refugee enclave' planted in various Australian towns will soon mimic the Israel / Palestinian 'wars'. Seems like Islam not only wants to controlthe whole wrold it wants to own it and disenfranchise ALL the current and original contry, land inabitants and owners.


Time to vote for the ALA. The ALA doesn't have a codependency with islam as do the other major political parties. Codependencies are sick relationships that lead to decay and misery not growth and fulfillment.

evidently most of the morons ,were picking up their dole money or bag of weed that day [not many protesting ] or SHY had blown her budget this week .Good on Geert Wilders he should be given a Medal

Wait till there's a political assassination, god forbid. Or a car bombing. Then the pollies will see this is serious.

Evidently these black c..ts are bringing their road rules here to Australia ,here we wait until there is no traffic, then cross the road ,i have driven through Moorooka and Annerley in Brisbane and they just arrogantly, not even looking strut across the road and expect you to pull up for them ,i can only hope some of them get hit by a 4x4 with a dog in the back or a semi with a load of pigs

Kym Durance, brain deads like you are a major part of the problem!

Waltzing Matilda halal song at while it is still there.

From the Foxtel Russian news last night. So far this year in Germany there have been 395 arson attacks against buildings housing muslim refugees. According to police, 60% of these attacks were carried out by people with no criminal background or political affiliation. So it looks like ordinary people are fed up with what is being forced upon them by a government that clearly does not represent them. How long before we see the same here once thousands of refugees are settled in western Sydney?

Yep, excellent words from a clear and knowledgeable Harry. The problem here also is that we now have MalABC; rejuvenated, more full of itself than ever and fearlessly attacking the kaffir, ie; the average Aussie.

I am a woman , albeit an old woman, and I am terrified of the Muslim way of life and their deep deep hatred of women except as breeders and for sex to be used.