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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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... it’s time to flick it anyway

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As with most Government orchestrated awards it’s the Awards councillors themselves who seek the notoriety necessary to continue the funding. “Controversial” is  the paramount asset for budding Australians of the Year. It gives the media something to talk about and in a year’s time the substance has waned and only the Awards themselves are remembered.

National Australia Day Council CEO Chris Kirby (left) is a hobby-farming egalitist and deputy-chair Robbie Sefton (right) have given notice that an immigrant of note is to be the next recipient. That’s a nice way of saying a “notable” Muslim is in the pipeline for the 2018 award.

The trouble is that notable Muslims are usually notable for all the wrong reasons and the wrong choice (which is highly likely) will be enough to bury these stupid awards once and for all.

Australia Day provides a platform for all those who hate Australia. 

"Always was, always will be Aboriginal land," they yelled after walking from the Aboriginal tent embassy in Canberra.

"What do we want? Treaty. What have we got? Fuck all", the protesters chanted as they marched up the hill from the tent embassy.

                        Back in 1938 they did have something to complain about

Children of parents in all States must have wondered where exactly they were born as they watched union jacks burnt to a crisp and spat on by whites who have no Aboriginal heritage 

But the Aboriginal flag flew majestically atop the Harbour Bridge.

In Brisbane there was the usual “Invasion Day” march. 

In Adelaide, a parade of more than 3000 people from 100 different cultural groups was abandoned as Green, and white Aboriginal protesters blocked the march.

GetUp was very visible with Greens MP David Shoebridge declaring we must not call it “Australia Day”.

                           A woman lies injured in the wake of the Sydney protests

It seems the only winners yesterday were the members of the Australia Day Council who again achieved their desired publicity by giving the top award to a funny looking little man with a handlebar moustache called Alan Mackay-Sim who claims to have taken some olfactory (nasal) matter from a patient’s petrie dish and used it to cure a spinal injury.

Okay, I wouldn’t have a clue how that works, but it sure sounds a bit dodgy.

If it turns out a scam then it could serve toward the deserved demise of an Australia Day that has become a Divisive Day.


I'm sure anybody who reads PP has seen this, but if not, it's 40 seconds of good laughing

I note that the fool mundine has said he'll refuse to stand for the National Anthem before his next fight. He's more into self promotion and grand standing than Dick Smith and Richard Banson combined!!! Interesting that an aboriginal/Torres Strait islander is singing the anthem!!!

That's the kind of thing I mean Sweetpea...such exhibitionist tendencies are NOT wildly uninhibited and cool...some of them should be charged with public exposure.

It could be said that if Aus Day as we know it is not recognised in the future , it will be the fault of the leftist elites who have managed to usurp a day of relaxation and harmless fun and ceremonial, they have done this by imposing their useless socialist ""gongs""on mostly, their left leaning supporters , people with weird sexual leanings and political hacks,and have thereby hijacked the national day to please the always whinging minority!

I am all for breast feeding, but, at least cover up. In a coffee shop last week a young mother produced a huge udder before removing baby from pusher. Discretion please ladies.

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If there was ever any doubt about Tony Abbott's suitability to become PM then his nomination of Rudd & Gillard for AD honours should, on top of his comical awarding of a knighthood to Prince Philip, confirm it. The man is a weak and gutless fool.These two have brought our nation to its knees yet he wants to award them for that. The man is a dangerous fool and along with Turnbull should be excommunicated from the Liberal Party permanently. No party can survive when its leaders are consistently cast in the role of National Fool. Both of them make Shorten look good and that takes some doing.

To me the biggest turn off is the handing out of gongs to failed politicians and public servants none of whom, I repeat, none, have done a single thing for the advancement of our nation and iots people. They have all just done their jobs,been very well remunerated for it and continue to be lavishly remunerated. If any of them have done extra curricular service to the community that's not what they got gongs for. Just a mutual back slapping exercise awarded by a bunch of "nobodys" to an even bigger bunch of "Nobodys". The whole system should be scrapped. These Lefties who wanted to discard the imperial honours are hypocrites. The thrust of the Australia Day honours list is no different, just a different name to the mutual back scratching mob.

Why does this idiot fringe tiny minority get so much publicity? No doubt the answer is because those who sit on the Australia Day council are members of that idiot fringe. There was a time when I, and many others I suspect, treated Australia Day as a bit of a yawn. Good to have an occasion to pat ourselves on the back and a holiday to boot. No more. Now, thanks to the Aboriginal industry in particular I am avidly enthusiastic about Australia Day and hope that for AD2018 there are well organised groups who will take all these do-gooder naysayers on and give them back as much as they dish out to the law abiding majority. In other words belt the shit out of them.

BlackRoo, that is exactly how I feel about it. There are ways and ways of doing it (and I am not some 19th century snuffy stuffy old lady)....some of the slappers I've seen on public transport have no shame. Got nothing to do with imposing on a mother/baby's right to feed wherever they may be.

Well at least you'd have thought their security cameras would have detected someone on the premises? apparently not?

Westfields should be sued for everything have got!! Firestairs are for safety, imagine if there was a fire and people became trapped?? What then? Not to mention the security? What have they been doing? Not doing security rounds of the premises obviously.

Time these awards were canned. Celebrate Australia as a land of great beauty, golden beaches, sparkling seas, clear blue skies with a mysterious and dramatic red centre. A land that is a free and wonderful place to live. Forget about celebrating individual people. It should be all about celebrating this beautiful country, not the inhabitants who should thank their lucky stars they live here.

Whatever, a sense of humour helps. this is how Australia's future is "dick-tated" to these days. The RAAF's top pot stirrer.


I don't think Vic police are entirely to blame for the Bourke Street rampage.A retired police commissioner said on tv that the police wanted the perp refused bail and it was squashed by those 'higher up'! Also because of the strict restrictions on car those higher up, again, they could not continue! It is those idiots 'higher up' that need to be removed.

Just what is stopping these people whom many seem to be it seems, to be at least half ""white"" from living the aboriginal cultural life they seem to desire, it is a free country! many of their fellow black brothers and sisters already do so , in fact it costs a good part of the $30 billion dollar aboriginal welfare bill to let them do so, yes we agree that the native peoples have been treated badly , but we have moved on, First it was a call to say sorry, now its Au day, no matter the whingers and the renta crowd will always find some thing to whine about,

More from David Flint re Turnbulls hatred of the British settlement and building of the nation he now governs...Experot from David Flint recent article in the Spectator Australia 24/1/2017..Some years ago Malcolm Turnbull made the serious error of saying that the penal colony was a British gulag. He should have looked at the first civil law case under the Charter of Justice handed down by the Judge Advocate a few months after settlement.It's available in the law reports This resulted in a substantial award in favour of two convicts against the ship's captain.....You just have to ask yourself whether a prisoner in a Soviet gulag or Nazi concentration camp could have brought a ship's captain before a court and be awarded substantial damages to understand how Governor Phillip

I thought that galleries core business was displaying tits.