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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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...and a lift in ratings

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Gillard-appointed crusty old Leftie, ABC Chairman Jim Spigelman, along with his offsider Mark Scott, have plenty to fear from next Tuesday’s budget. They are about to lose their $250 million Gillard-gifted (and tender circumvented) Australia Network along with 80 million Chinese who have taken a liking to Skippy and Bananas in Pyjamas.

But back home it’s a different story. Of their 25 top scripted programs only one, “Scandal”, is holding its own against the commercial channels. Of the remaining 24, all have suffered massive ratings losses with “The Neighbours” losing over 48% of viewers and another five shows either cancelled or held over.

So, what to do with this arrogant nest of Marxist wastrels who have hijacked our ABC and teamed up with that UK far-Left rag, The Guardian? Well, not much really.

Slashing its luxurious budget of $1.3 billion won’t discourage its unbridled support of Labor/Green values and not one highly-paid executive will cop a pay cut, but you can bet its rural programming will take a hit because that’s the only part of its programming the Abbott Government will be at pains to preserve.

Can it be sold? No, it can’t be because the commercial networks, with their multiple channels, are struggling to compete for the available advertising dollar. 

Channel 10 is on its last legs and Channel 9 is up to its ear lobes in debt with SKY sucking the advertising buck out of all of them.

SKY is currently running 18-minutes per hour of commercials and viewers are wasting their time switching channels to avoid the annoying impost because ads are cunningly sequenced to run at the same time on all of over 100 channels.

Add to that the rural channels with their aggregated commercials, in concert with a patchwork of FM radio stations and on-line advertising, and it’s not hard to see why newspapers are dying a fast death.

Selling an amorphous ABC network into the commercial mix would be as welcome as a fart in a two-man Italian lift.

To get the ABC back on track will be electorally unpalatable for Abbott. And he has few choices.

He could decide to go for institutional reform and pay out the Board’s contracts installing an independent (politically impartial) Chairman who could restructure the whole Marxist mess from the top down. 

The Left will scream blue murder at losing their main media mouthpiece but they will still have Fairfax, The Guardian and a few rabid on-line outlets, so maybe that’s possible.

The best option is to flick the whole bloody thing, only don’t say you’re flicking it, say you’re amalgamating it with SBS. Then restructure SBS to take up the ABC’s rural commitments, dilute its ethnic content and give it full commercial access. 

Any hole that’s left, including indigenous stuff, will be eagerly filled by SKY. ABC Radio National should remain.

The cost of having a public broadcaster would then be a reasonable and diminishing $300,000 or less, depending on advertising revenue.

SBS and Channel 10 could then fight it out for third spot in a ratings war, with Channel 10 certain to lose. 

That would give us three free-to-air channels and a bourgeoning SKY, all highly profitable. 

Once the whole thing settles down, flog it off with an attractive IPO and everyone’s happy, ‘cos at the moment television proliferation is a bloody dog’s breakfast.


What would Phillip Adams do without the ABC? I mean, how would the guy live from day to day?

Ban political correctness and fire 99.9% of their news research mob.

Well, I'd replace Mark Scott with Rolf Harris. That ought to do the trick.

I'm sure all the socially responsible people who have enjoyed years of generous remuneration being employed by the public service broadcaster, having taken advatage of all the fine benefits of bonuses, film grants and unimaginably generous maternity leave ( for even those not in your stock standard marital family situation ) ...where was I, oh yes, I'm sure they will be more than ready to tighten the belt and help out with the savings required to right the wrongs of the past six years where a good government had lost it's way and billions of dollars shredded or given to friends as favours paid. Oh yes, the ABC are willing and ready to trim the fat.....ouch, I bit my tongue.
By the way ABC, if you can't/won't report Gillard/AWU RC or Rudd's largesse and greed, you don't deserve to exist.

Waldo likes Teddy Bears also, they don't provide a mental challenge to him.

I just love teddy bears!

Well,something must have upset him somewhat.......for him to say something like that ..I have generally found him to be a very placid person...Actually like a big teddy bear...

Anyway I have met Barry Humphries, my great Aunt who was an actress worked with him on several occasions......
I presume then you saw "Les Patterson saves the world" (1987) great movie..

Ah!! you should have seen what I copped the night I had a serious stick key problem...>>
I posted something about 27 times because of it.....OK deleting something once but 27 times..Yikes it was painful.....but was I being any nastier than you..."that picture looks like" Indignant Elder".....Mmmmmm...

Larry is that a photo of Gillard after she comes out of prison?

Raeleene....using somebody's blog post for your self is actually interfering with their intellectual property.......but it makes the offence even worse if you alter that posting and use it to defame that person .....But what you say are just a pseudonym an avatar..
Not necessarily so if the person behind that avatar is actually well known by many people you can still get sued for defamation of character.
Its a bit like Dame Edna it could be taken by a court of law that if you deliberately slag & defame Dame Edna are actually defaming Barry Humphries......
Just saying ....what a lawyer friend of mine told me on Monday evening and he does have QC after his name...

Are you pissed again waldo.......or is that the parkinsons kicking in....??


Strangely enough, I quite like the ABC, and not just because of adverts either. Many top shows have debuted on the ABC and then gone on to greatness when commercial stations rerun them. I don't give a shit about left wing, right wing politics. When I watch telly I like to be entertained. The ABC does that most times. For me at least...

Sadly, it is getting to be, that the only thing attractive for viewing, with regard to the ABC, is the fact there are no ads. Does anyone know what happened to Leigh Sales from the 7:30 report? And if anyone is fed up of the rubbish dished up as music on radio these days, try live streaming at

The ABC needs a massive enema!

OR " who cares" to me means It's not worth worrying about. Nothing deeper than that.

OR All I know is that you reposted something I said earlier to make a point. Obviously you have taken something I have said the wrong way. I answer posts that are current, the one before, not an answer to one I made hours ago that I don't even remember.

OR You missed one I have said it three times today.

OR Very disappointed. Have you any idea how that makes me feel? Apart from the fact that we have moved on from that particular post and that you have posted it out of context. Not nice at all. So what if I said "I give up" earlier. Who cares.