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Friday, 16th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


North of the Sunny Coast they think Pauline Hanson will be PM. Further north of there they are convinced she will be a ten-term President. But of course she cannot even be PM for a single day. The problem in North Queensland is that they suffer from heat stroke, too many stubbies, and they don’t understand the new voting system. What they are really saying is that they hate the two majors.

The LNP and Labor are disowning One Nation, as both majors always do, but one of them will gain government with One Nation as a junior partner, and that’s unlikely to be Labor who will again be aligning with the Greens and GetUp, despite Adani.

But Labor does have a secret weapon called Tim Nicholls. Premier Pluckachook, who seems ashamed of her Belarusian/Polish surname and has opted for a ridiculous quasi French interpretation of Palaszczuk... pronounced properly as Palatzook, and not "shay".

No-one should be ashamed of their surname.

It is an election between two Parties led by two of the most trivial simpletons in Queensland's history. But for half a century Queensland has been famous for its lack of leaders.

Pluckachook has shown her faded colours and wit by declaring she has no idea of the GST rate or the deficit. Nicholls is equally politically agnostic with a well-practised, artificial, silly grin that switches on and off while annoying the crap out of everyone. 

His team, if that’s the word, has proven to be failures with Springborg, Langbroek and Seeney still seething over the disastrous Campbell Newman experiment.

I know these people and if ever a ruling Party needs the brake of a Senate it's both of these. Draining the Queensland swamp and its corrupt judicial arm makes Trump's job in DC look like a cinch.  

Yep, the LNP was (and still is) so lacking in talent that it had to draft a diminutive ex-army bloke from the Mayor’s Office as Leader, when he wasn’t even a member of Parliament!

                                               Labor's Dick exposed! 

Cameron Dick got his $16.5 Health Budget figures so wrong his kids' shuttlecock club banned him from holding the treasurer's position.

This snap election will come down to a choice between two Parties who are both better suited in opposition with the electorate confined to choosing its own method of execution. 

For Pluckachook to win it will take Pauline Hanson to be caught in the cot with Gautem Adani and his missus. For the LNP to win it will take Julia Gillard and Graham Richardson to join Labor’s campaign as an item. 

The grandstanding Katter, who now claims to be the sixth most powerful person in Australia, is of no consequence and is content to play with his donger while FNQ burns.

As a concerned Queenslander I suggest lethal injection is probably the most painless method.  


Since moving to Surfers Paradise 20 years ago I have never witnessed the lack,scarcity of Police Officers in and about our town let alone the complete absence of Water Police on our Main River waterways. The election cannot come quick enough.

Dont you ''love it'' how they alway bring up the hollow hoax with Anastasia Palletshed to get sympathy, now its Frydaburger ,oooooooow their parents escaped the holocaust ,dont pick on them ooow they had it so hard from those awful nazis !!!!!!!!!! never ending victim hood !!!!

You know stuff-all about it 7.62.

Yep, my bet is that andrew blunt has an ISIS flag tablecloth!

Get Up funded by Soros. Get real folks. They are the useful idiots of the hardcore marxists. Our politicians are letting us down. Get rid of teacher unions and resist the enforced so called innoculations of our you healthy kids. Both my daughters suffer from the after effects of Gardasil. Gardasil is a scam like many innoculations. Just do your homework if you care for your daughters....

Mikka Januszek, Phillip Prideaux, Giulio Di Placido................all good 'up the red rooster and cooee cobber' Aussie names..............but Giulio nailed it..."nowhere near the same perks we receive in Australia."..............fuck working for a living Giulio, stay in Oz...let the taxpayer look after you......after all, you don't hear Mohammad whinging do you.

Well Giulio, Mikka, Phil... and the other 1,997 Australian green card holders, the US will just have to do without your hard work, financial genius and entrepreneurial skills......I'm betting in a few years without you all, the United States will be relegated to third world status.

Too late for that Dusty.....seems the Irish have invited the 'enemy' right into their hearts and living rooms................which is darkly they have also been keenly accommodating the rainbow alliance in the very same places..........I'm dragging out the deckchair, esky and chips........this will prove rather entertaining methinks.

knowing they have NO FUTURE is having a wakening effect.

ilooking at the Chans and /pol/ the kids are getting fed up

All we all need to remember is that when doing good jews are being jews. when doing evil, jews are bad white males. But generation Zyklon aren't buying the lies, I sure hope that like me, you will get to see the pendulum swing that cannot be stopped.

IRA were today's antifa.

When Poms used to come out from their mother country they'd have to endure anything up to 13 inoculations to cover them from Australian diseases and if we travelled to other countries we would be covered for everything that could await us but nowadays there isn't any disease prevention for all those who travel overseas who then bring back a disease that can't be treated because our medical professionals have sold us out to Big Pharma who paid them into believing they have the cure all pill that they are now finding don't work and people are dying from contact made with these people who have migrated from diseased countries foreign to us . .

Edwin, they sound like fair dinkum Aussies hey ? They might even be eligible to sit in our Parliament.

Giulio Di Placido, Mikka Januszek,Phillip Prideaux. Aussies?..Like fuck.

New post up.

Apparently we, the generous Australian taxpayer, ponied up $100,000 for legal fees for the drug runner in Colombia. Cassie Sainsbury.

why? Will it be treated as repayable or is this just a write off?

Stick petty cash?

Like to live there when Trump is Prez. By the way, banning the green card lottery is a great way to rid the US of Trump-hating Hillary-loving foreign riff-raff.

Olie, did your coon wife get entry?