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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I always thought I would make it until the look on the doctors’ faces changed to one of concerned urgency. Only then did I know I had a fight on my hands, but I had never lost a fight, and I wasn’t about to lose this one. All I wanted to do was get out of there but they told me the tennis ball-size hole in my lung was cancerous and at best I had maybe six months to live, and even with chemotherapy I was only a 10 per cent chance of making it. That was when the game changed for me.

My little boy wasn’t able to visit me anymore because he got too upset when he had to leave. I was determined to get home. Three times the emergency siren went off and doctors and nurses were rushing everywhere. 

Through a morphine haze I could see between all the legs, my older son in the corridor on his haunches. His furrowed brow relaxed a little when I gave him a thumb’s up.

After two operations to remove the lung I had talked my way out of there and I was getting driven home. But it wasn’t long before I was in an ambulance on the way back.

At half my normal weight and half asleep I kept repeating to myself, “I am strong, I am in control, I am strong, I am in control”, over and over, again and again.

I was improving and tried to finish a crossword to test my mental level but I couldn’t handle it. I was craving for wine trifle and a neighbour brought me a beauty that I quickly devoured.

Finally I was ready to go home again and the oncologists were busy arranging the dates for chemo. 

They looked shocked when I told them I was not having chemo. “Look”, I explained, “all I know is that cancer struck my wife of 40 years and six of my friends and they all died within weeks of beginning chemo.” 

I was getting into the car outside the hospital and the doctors were still trying to convince me of the treatment, but I was having none of it.

A month later my two favourite people, Singo and his son Jack, flew up to buy me lunch. I was eating everything that was coloured red at the time and Singo had arranged for this flash restaurant to provide a lunch of everything edible that was even slightly ruddy.

Reminiscing over the last half century for five hours with tears in our eyes and on our eighth bottle of red I got up to go for a smoke and fell flat on my face, tearing a four inch gash in my eyebrow, but I didn’t feel a thing, it was great to just be alive and with friends.

Another month and I was hanging for a game of golf, but I was exhausted after five holes and content to sit in the buggy wondering why my swing had changed. After being cut in half twice I figured I must have lost all muscle memory as nerve endings had not rejoined where they originally belonged. 

Maybe, but I now have a new swing and a new handicap that has gone from 5 to bloody 17, but I can easily manage 18 holes.

I apologise, there is nothing worse than having to endure other people’s medical stories, but it’s really about Victoria’s assisted death legislation. I don’t pray to God for wellness, I am an atheist and can never change that. But I do believe in the mind’s strength and how sheer will can beneficially affect serious conditions.

Okay, so I have incredible friends and a devoted family. I was helped by friends like Mick Dittman who bought me $4,000 worth of concentrated vitamin C and wouldn’t take a cent for it, and some wonderful ladies in Adelaide who sent me equally expensive concentrated hemp oil without charge.

I can’t say if anything worked because I don’t know what the result would have been if I had taken nothing. I can only say people caring about me worked. My kids’ cuddles and my wife’s cups of tea worked. My friends like Larry Olsen who brings me firewood and drops by with a bottle of red to talk shit with me for an hour worked… all of those things worked.

What also worked was my determination to stay in charge and stay strong. The thought of my kids without a kiss goodnight or crying at a funeral was too much. Two years has taken its toll emotionally, psychologically and financially, but I’m determined not to give in during the next five years of tests and beyond. 

I believe in the sanctity of both old and unborn lives. People who play God believe otherwise. I understand the palliative care argument and the right of someone to decide to check out, but can anyone who decides to end it be of sound mind? And should anyone else make that decision for them? I don't think so.

Only I will decide when I’m ready to check out, 

…not others nominated by Daniel Andrew’s legislation.


Don't let relieving suffering be labelled as someone else pulling the plug , You have obviously allowed qualified people to save your life. > If someone is with it enough to decide on ending their life then their life doesn't need to be ended. > more about not prolonging suffering & distress when it's " all over anyway ". > You will still be here in 50 years as it is your duty to continue with making Gillards life HELL.

Larry, you keep saying you do not believe in God but your words and whole attitude to life say otherwise. God bless you, you are an inspiration.

You're an inspiration Larry

Remember 25 years back when niqabs had hair on them? oops sorry, I got the word confused with..............


Stanley Holloway - My word you do look queer!

Not true ELSA. One of the most illuminating documents not presented at the Nuremberg Trials, was that with Hitler’s signature next to Max Warburg’s appointing Dr. Schacht as director of the Nazi banking system.
The Jewish bankers finance all sides in war.

Hitler got rid of his Jewish bankers and they got rid of him .

Green Shire Councils across Australia are voting to not support any companies in their Shires who are doing business with Adani by refusing to use their services .

It amuses me that Dan only pushed this through Parliament because of his old man's death. Did he have high rego costs and crazy power bills too? How about fixing these things with the same vigour.

Soon the NRL will be like the American NFL and you....irrelevant!!

or, the Hidden Hand.
Psssst, it's the Jews.

you love it when whites are being displaced, don't you. Sleep with snakes you vermin.

Trying to get someone to bite, Andrew? Consider yourself successful.

Government places MA15 to censor Christian TV ad about curriculum taught to 12 year olds
Why did the censors put a MA15 rating on our new ad?
Because it displays quotes from the radical gay sex education that’s being taught to 12-year-olds in our schools through the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ program.
Radical gay sex education like this is being pushed on our kids in school – but it can’t be shown on TV till after 8:30 at night.
Watch the new ad now and see why we need to stand up now for marriage and parents’ rights to say “NO” to radical gay sex education in our schools.
Same-sex marriage will quickly be followed by compulsory radical gay sex and de-gendering programs in all schools.
And parents won’t be able to object.
Thank you for raising your voice to defend marriage, freedom and your children!
Lyle Shelton
Managing Director

"No win , no fee " is a con that only lawyers could dream up.If you lose you still have to pay their outlays. If you lose the respondent will want his legal costs. Looks good, too good to be true.

Faith is just what is says......Faith.

In other words......Absolute belief is something without any evidence at all.

Yes, the "Money Power".

France - A family in Toulouse who called their baby some Jihad are in legal limbo after the city's authorities took the case to prosecutors to see if the name was lawful... Judges with now have to rule whether or not to order the parents to change the name of the child who was born in the southwestern city in August.....Until 1993 French parents had to choose a first name for their offspring from an officially approved list (commonsense really given the idiots who become parents), but now they are allowed to pick any name as long as it does not go against the child's interests (a bad move - no doubt by one of France's commo governments) The Arabic word "jihad" means self denial of a personal and non-violent battle against sin

Yep. Same happens to anybody who tries to escape from the Money Power.