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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s hard to deny that multiculturalism is a rich part of Australia’s history. From the early Chinese and Afghans to later the Greeks, Italians and Asians, each has called Australia home in their own way and it was only natural they tended to stick together, it was a security thing... much like we search out Aussies when we travel to a strange land. Nothing wrong with that! China Town, Little Italy and Greece have much to offer in culinary delights and cultures.

But there is no Little Mecca to enjoy and embrace, we are locked out and they are locked in. Stroll Lakemba late one evening at your own risk. Stroll China Town and you’ll be met with big smiles. 

There can be no integration with the infidel. Muslims have no intention to embrace our culture, it’s wrong and alien to them. They believe they will soon rule the world and all who stand in their way must be beheaded. Not a good start to assimilation. 

Multiculturalism began in earnest in the 60s with the coffee-coloured ambitions of the musical “Hair”, the religious parody of “JC Superstar”, the sexual revolution and the “ban the bomb” brigade. I was very much a part of it and Labor stalwart, Arthur Calwell’s white Australia was lost in the rush to reform. 

Whitlam continued with the multicultural push and Gillard/Rudd/Gillard as good as finished it by allowing 30,000 unprocessed country shoppers to live among us, unable to work and reliant of handouts. 

So where did we go wrong with the Islamic culture? Or was it the Islamic culture that was wrong for Australia?

Well, we certainly haven’t learnt from the disastrous European and Scandinavian experience with Islam. The Left’s ideal of multiculturalism has hit a brick wall and it seems their only response is to brand concerned Australians as bigots and racists.

Australians have never been bigots, in general we are the most welcoming people on earth, we treasure immigrants of all colours and creeds who want to join us in appreciation of the greatest country in the world. But to refuse to recognise Islam’s dangerous and divisive underbelly is foolhardy.

Let’s face it, industrious, productive and successful people usually vote conservative, those on welfare invariably vote Labor. So, with 80 odd per cent of Muslims on welfare it should be no surprise that the Left will always favour Islamic immigration. 

Richard Marles’ announcement that Labor will, “turn back the boats, but only where it is safe to do so”, screams of insincerity, plagiarism and a coming election.

We have the choice of dealing with the threat of Islam in two ways; we either confront it or we appease it and Islam doesn’t care which. 

Appeasement allows it to exhibit our weakness and confrontation allows it to accuse us of bigotry, racism and discrimination.

That is why Abbott is betwixt and between, trying to seek a middle ground with Islam... but there is no middle ground with Islam, there never has been, it’s their way or the highway. 

But the vast majority of Australians will not concede that two per cent of the population is able to subvert our values and they will express that feeling at the ballot box.

Ask the nicest Muslim you know, if it came to an Australian caliphate, would he choose you as a friend or the local Imam, and if he says you, he is lying. 

Ask him if he supports the Islamic State and he will say no, but ask him if he supports their aims and he will equivocate. 

Shariah hadiths excuse every Muslim who tells an infidel a lie anyway.

The backward culture of Islam is the only culture in the world that is incompatible with every other culture, it is even incompatible with itself. Every country it has inhabited knows that and until Abbott realises that, he will stay lost in the middle without a solution.

If you are frightened of the Islamic threat (and they want you to be) you have already lost the war.

For Abbott to suggest we are not at war with Islam defies belief! We are currently bombing the Islamic State. They administer a despicable Shariah Law, its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has a degree in Islamic studies, local Muslims have been told to search out ADF members and behead them, the military has been told not to wear uniforms in public, mosques encourage our destruction, and we are forced to finance a war against us by paying more for our groceries.

So, are you prepared to be called a bigot for the sake of your country? It really is a small price to pay?


Persians were ALL Zoroastrian until the Arab hordes came storming in and in addition Persians are Non Arab. Now the Zoroastrians are a persecuted minority in their own country and it all is a lesson on what happens if you let the Muslim scum in. You kindly omitted her religion/ideology. Even if she was Muslim, there ARE nice ones out there but all will bow to their father, husband or Imam and are only sleeping. If she was not then she well may have some interesting things to say as the Persian resistance is quite strong in the USA.

The next election will be fought on who we let into the country.

But they will come up with a fistful of dollars while calling TA et al the taxing government, etc…..and the dills will vote for them again.

you are correct but Abbott has not been able to sell his case... you and I understand but we are just 2 votes, it's the other 14 million or so that count... and he is not (at this time) winning that battle. His debt and deficit message is drowned out by Labors "Unfair budget against the poor" message. Until he crosses that bridge he is dead water... Increasing the fuel excise won't help him win votes...

A new political party has just been formed and is being launched in 2015. It is worth having a look at their manifesto. I was impressed. You can download the pdf too.

The Muslims must be chuffed with Andrew Bolt presently. He's reverted to tactics of the left , name calling and finger pointing at Jacqui Lambie, for exercising her religious freedom. She turned down a suggestion to attend a group hug day at the mosk. For that he called her a bigot. This from a man who's incensed at sect 18c. A cheap shot at an easy target ? Camouflage behind enemy lines? A.B. seemed impressed that some Muslims were wearing " proud to be Australian " t shirts. Sacrifice up J.L. as a reward? A sociopathic response to being called racist himself? Is A.B. being subliminally groomed? Sacrificing a knight for a redundant pawn. A tactical blunder in the "100 year war " with Islam. The t shirt I want to see is "I'm proud to have given up bullshitting Islam"

esoileh you are the inbred…..

Good article Hermes , It's time for discriminatory Immigration ,
Our rules , our laws. Don't love it Leave

Sailor is high on something . And drowning on bullshit it seems

Very interesting post Hermes. More than one way to skin a cat, goat, camel or whatever. lol

I guess tomo's actions prove my point. And thank you Bruce.

I feel like seeking ASYLUM in Japan.
Would too, but the Li'l Nips wouldn't have me. :-[

Can't make up my mind—can I just be a concerned bigot?

kosher has no tax or subsidies you anti-Semitic fool

It certainly isn't mate and that comment is as brainless as the rest of your drivel. BUT it's so typical.

Larry, how does one get in contact with you? Local primary schools in my area are being visited by a Muslim woman wearing a niqab, the full face-covering black garb, talking about Islam and how Australians must accept them for who they are and not sling racist insults. If I had kids in Primary, they would be banned from attending this woman's talks. Why is the Education Dept, and stupid Principals allowing this?

Yaaaay! All our Middle-Eastern friends saving up for their ocean cruises come 2016 . . .

Haven't you watched 'Cops'.

An old ringer was travelling from outback Queensland in the 50's for a holiday in Brisbane. He was pulled up by a copper near Gin Gin. The copper asked him a few questions, Where are you from? Blackall, Where are you going? Boondall, What make of car is this? Vauxhall, What do you have in the Boot? NOTHING!

Another bigot or concerned citizen? Watch this video clip in case you haven't seen it before.