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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Don Smith

Don is no-nonsense bloke with a background in the arts and business. He pens unique Aussie banter and has an interest in all things controversial


Imagine Australia as a public company ... Australia Co. Now let's say Australia Co was being pretty badly run, in fact let's say those who were running the business for the previous six years had just about screwed the business into the ground....

So as shareholders we had demanded a massive shake up and we got a new management team into place on the basis that this new management team cleaned up the business, got Australia Co out of its debt and deficit problems, and running efficiently once more.

The new management team has presented us with a business plan and operating strategy and we, as the shareholders, said, "Yep we like this", and we voted in this new management team.

Now just like every corporation, Australia Co has a board of directors. Australia Co calls this board of directors “The Senate” and they are supposed to review policy and assist implement the Management's business plan. Supposed to, that is ... but it appears that we have a rogue board of directors at Australia Co who are stifling the efforts of management to get a better return on investment for the majority of shareholders, who Australia Co calls ”taxpayers”.

The shareholders want a better return on their investment but this board of directors is making life difficult for everyone.... how did Australia Co end up with such a pathetic board of directors in the first place?

The system for appointing the directors of Australia Co is stuffed. The antiquated “Optional-
Preferential" voting system, with its ancient quotas requirement, is something no-one really understands anymore and it's being rorted for all it is worth with ‘specialist "consultants” getting the board members elected on just 0.51% of the primary vote.

In many cases the winning candidate is actually decided by political parties that are allowed to play “ducks & drakes” with a preferential system that is totally out of the hands of the voter.

You wonder why we keep getting dickhead directors on the’s a joke. A board of directors is supposed to be made up of competent educated people with some sort of business experience to ensure the business is run correctly, not some bloke whose claim to fame is that he knows how to take a 4-wheel drive paddock bashing.

And unbelievably this bloke received less than 500 primary votes and is having his strings pulled by some other bloke who a major Chinese International Corporation says is a crook and that he ripped them off for $12 million dollars, part of which it is claimed funded his electoral campaign. 

Oh, and there is that dopey female director from South Australia, you know the one, Sahara Two–Heads ... yeah, that's her. She gets to be on the board because her group gets a whopping 7.09% of the vote. Bugger me, what a great system! Dickhead after Dickhead on the board and the system keeps putting them there.

Notwithstanding, can we really afford to sit back and do nothing about it?

It’s a great system whereby, somebody voting for someone who has no hope of being elected, helps the candidate who actually ran second, run first... but it can be worse when some bloke who runs just about dead motherless last wins the ballot... and that is virtually what happened in the last Senate election in the case of Ricky Muir... horrifying but true.

Do you really know who you are voting for when you vote for the senate, or do you make a mark and hope for the best?

Now, even people who claim that they know how the system works cannot really explain it to you and for Christ sake don’t ask your mate at the pub to explain it, it’s a sure way to make him your ex-mate and you'll probably end up in a punch up.

As for a board of directors, you’re kidding, it’s now like a terrorist organisation holding the country to ransom... and they are able to hold the country to ransom because the system is being rorted and manipulated.

It's a sad day for democracy when a government which is elected with an overwhelming majority to do a job in sorting out the country, cannot do so because a bunch of dickheads who end up in the Senate by default is holding the Government to ransom!

It is now that bad, Paul Keating actually got something right... ”unrepresentative swill” pretty much sums up the current state of the nation right now.

Yes, I know that changing the voting system for the board of directors for Australia Co is a difficult process, just like removing the board of any major corporation.

Firstly, our new General Manager Tony Abbott would need to garner bi-partisan support for any changes and then there would need to be a majority referendum or plebiscite with four of the six States agreeing... no easy task by any means, but one that is necessary for the ongoing survival of Australia Co.

No-one understands the Senate's voting system. It is convoluted and antiquated. It would be preferable having the system the same as for the management team (the House of Representatives) and cut out the quota and optional components.

Even a first past the post system for the Senate elections, as long as it delivers the people the electorate actually votes for and not dickheads that get there because the system can be manipulated. Getting some bloke on to the board of directors with just 0.51% of the primary vote cannot in any way be good for business .

If you go into the Electoral Commission web site and look at the House of Representatives election results, it all pretty much makes sense. However, when you look at the Senate. Holy Dooley, it’s like the Nightmare on Elm Street on steroids trying to work out how these people actually got elected.

Now I am not exactly a fan of the Reps preferential voting system either when a disaster like Clive Palmer, who so obviously was not the first choice of the electorate can get elected with just 27% of the primary vote compared to his nearest opponent who received 41% of the primary vote.

The good burghers of Fairfax as sure as hell were not voting for Palmer but got him anyway.

Nevertheless, the Reps is not really the crucial issue here, the Senate electoral system has become such a rorted complicated mishmash, that it does not even come close to representing the wishes of the electorate and needs urgent attention, because it’s badly busted... actually it’s so badly busted it’s no longer actually democratic.

We have seen a bunch of half-wits destroy the country in less than six years and the board of directors simply let them get away with it.

Now when the new management team wants to fix it, it's a different story, and it would seem that the current board does not care if Australia Co goes bust in the process. Do we have to re-brand Australia Co "Greece Incorporated" because of these dickheads? it seems so.

Well Tony Abbott, you said the other day that it was your job to “rescue the country”, so start rescuing, we deserve a much better return on our investment than we are getting.


i suggest not only are these people intelligent i suggest they need not be trained in the way things happened before they the new four including the quiet one are the way of the future and i suggest the ones being trained are the ones suggesting training need to be provided

not encarcerate dreamers

suggested to clive we all have lots of children lets keep the dream alive .

Was with Clive Leo and Glenn along with slushy

If you mob are so pissed off with who got elected why don't you all nominate yourselves at the next election ???

How true, how true - Australians do not want these dickhead Senators in Government - is there a brain amongst them? There is certainly no business experience whatsoever. Are any of them educated? Yep, let's alter the way we vote - do we need a Senate when we get plebs like these idiots now in Parliament - Well Tony and Scott you have stopped the boats, achieved the Carbon Tax removal so next matter on the agenda is alter the voting system - and whilst you are at it, see if you can remove the Green destructive party!

18c and Preferential Voting must Go!

Unfortunately every form of election produces bad governments. See the UK with its string of bad governments elected with first past the post.

The simple fact is government attracts people who are sociopaths and sundry nutters who want to tell other people what to do, and the process of getting elected generally depends on the ability to lie, lie and lie without compunction. Capable, decent people avoid this environment.

The US constitution, the most brilliant and succinct of them all, severely limited the power of the federal government and thus the harm that could be done by those elected. Successive generations of politicians/lawyers/judges have overturned that allow the US federal government, like our own, to interfere in every aspect of life which they do.

Bruce, this is what upset me... No wonder Australia's national colours are yellow and green. They even acknowledge it themselves!.....belittle Gillard man but no those who had no control over the issue.....No I do not believe you are a supporter of Gillard, I know that you are not. However to take a swipe at Australians in General when the matter was out of their control is totally unfair and uncalled for.....

Our preferential voting system has a lot to answer for. Does it not?
Jacqui Lambie enlisted in the Regular Army in 1989 and served 10 years in RACT and RACMP rising to the rank of CPL.
She was subsequently reduced in rank for assaulting a colleague whilst drunk. She was injured on duty and the Army paid for a breast reduction to ease back pain.
She deployed to East Timor but was deemed medically unfit for duty and was discharged. After a lengthy dispute with DVA, she was declared a malingerer and her Army pension stopped.
The Australian public has been sold a PUP!

Larry, every cabinet minister in Gillards Goverment was University educated and look at the fuckin mess they got the country in. The old saying "educated idiots"

RC have a history of costing big heaps of money to operate but the end result is never worth the cost seeing nothing is ever achieved from them .

The truth is what you will not acknowledge Bruce...that the terms of reference were set by Julia Gillard and her crocked government, not by everyday Australians who you so willingly and so frequently belittle, who actually had no say in the matter.
I have no doubt that had the public been allowed greater input, child abuse in homes would have been included. However you fail to comprehend the fact that if that had been the case, the RC would have run for well over 5 years and nothing would have been achieved.

What do we Want?
A Jihad on the Senate!.
When do we Wannit?

Does everyone know that the major political party's send their aspiring candidates off to politician school to learn the process of parliament and many borne of their political movements actually study the subject at tertiary level and then become their political party's office staff so they can join their flock once they have been voted into office upon the retirement or removal of their politician.

Bruce, Labor under Gillard set the parameters for that Commission and because it was set up in her time it cannot be changed.

Cory Bernardi on 24 now speaking some sense. I think he's a terrific senator and should have a portfolio (Communication ABC)

I find it galling that those that created this mess we are in are the very people opposing the measures to fix the problem. It is obscene. With all the warnings from all of those who know about economics from far and wide, they seem to walk around with their hands over their ears. When we lose our AAA credit rating they will of course blame TA.

Bruce, after watching the demonstrations of our imported community yesterday, I, too, am quite frightened. Did you hear the remarks from one young man with child on shoulders telling another young man that he was Jewish and should be ashamed?

They all died Bruce .