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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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The curse of Capitalism - Competition

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Continued from part 2 HERE

Capitalism is evil. Rich white men start companies and constantly raise prices to gouge the consumers. Meanwhile, they employ poor, working class people and drive down their wages - at least that is what Karl Marx thought. 

The obvious conclusion (to Marx) was that the rich would become so rich, and the poor so poor, that the workers would eventually rise up and revolt against this oppression.

The poor workers would kill all the rich White dudes. They would then redistribute the money from the evil capitalists to the virtuous but destitute poor.

What a shame the world doesn’t work like that. If it did, then I could start a company myself. Pretty soon I would have heaps of workers to oppress and countless customers to gouge.

Then, I could spend all day on a beach with a couple of dozen beautiful girls and a small team of experts working on new ways they could be nice to me.

Sadly, here on Planet Earth, these things never work out - and not just because of that killjoy wife of mine.

Imagine, you are nicely set up growing fields full of cabbages. People just can’t get enough of your produce and you are the only grower around.

Obviously, you don’t want to do all the hard work yourself. You decide therefore, to employ some people to plant, weed and harvest the cabbages for you.

Being an evil, right-wing capitalist, you decide to pay these people as little as possible and keep most of the profits for yourself. So, you advertise for workers at a salary of one cabbage per month.

Much to your surprise, the phone doesn’t ring. “Lazy [email protected]#$ds,” you scream! “These people just don’t want to work.”

After doing some research however, you discover that local workers are earning the equivalent of ten cabbages per month at your neighbour’s onion farm. Being as this is a capitalist system, you can’t force, or threaten these workers to come and work for you.

The only choice you have is to offer them a better deal. You might simply offer them more cabbages per month. Alternatively, you could offer better conditions, more flexible hours, a better path to promotions or whatever.

Because you can't find workers at below market wages, you decide to raise prices instead. You advertise your cabbages at 100 cauliflowers each. Unfortunately, you won’t get many takers at this price.

There may be one or two ultra-rich people who love cabbage and like to show off by ordering expensive cabbage in a schmantzy restaurant. Unfortunately, that leaves you with a semi-trailer load of unsold rotting cabbages and just a couple of hundred cauliflowers for your effort.

The trick then, is to set the price low enough to sell all the cabbages. 

Let’s say you manage to sell all the cabbages for 20 cauliflowers each and are sitting on a tidy profit. Even after paying for labour and all other overheads, the cabbages only cost you 1 cauliflower each to produce.

Now you can employ a manager and head off to that beach full of scantily clad beauties to enjoy your outsized profits - ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling. Goddammit! That was such a nice dream and I was just getting to the good bit!

The problem is, that some of your workers are determined to take over the means of production. Fortunately, this is a Capitalist society. They won’t rise up, kill you and expropriate your property – the man with the gun will see to that.

Instead, one of your workers has been saving up the cabbages you paid him. He has taken these to the bank as collateral, along with a kick-ass business plan and has now bought up the farm next door.

He knows that he can afford to pay higher wages than you do, sell the cabbages a little bit cheaper than you and still make a good profit for himself. This forces you to raise your wages and lower your prices - to compete.

This competition is brutal. Both of you (probably more in fact) will be locked in a constant battle to drop prices to gain market share, whilst bidding up wages to secure the best workers.

Not everyone can win this game. Eventually someone will reach a point where they are losing money. Soon afterwards, they will go broke. The only way the business owner can survive, is to organise his production more efficiently than his competition.

He must reduce his inputs and increase his output as much as possible. Perhaps he can plant his cabbages closer together.

Maybe a better fertiliser will help increase production. He might invest in machinery which will allow one worker to pick or plant as many cabbages as ten workers.

Now he can sack nine workers and produce cabbages much cheaper than his neighbour - for a while. Of course, his neighbour will either go broke, or will invest in similar machinery.

The winner of this competition will be the farmer who can produce the most cabbages with the least input of land, seeds, fertiliser, labour and other costs.

Once his competitors go broke, or decide to grow other vegetables, he may be able to raise prices slightly. However, once his profits start to rise, competition will come back in and try to undercut him.

What about the workers? In the short term, this process can be devastating. Losing a job is never pleasant. If the workers were long term employees, it can be particularly painful.

They may have mortgages and other long-term commitments. Picking cabbages may be all they know. They may have worked their way up in the farm. Perhaps they are on a better wage because they know all the systems and are experienced.

They now have to find a new job and start to work their way up again. If they are older, this is especially difficult and painful.

Even the worker who retains his job and is now driving the cabbage picking machine is at a disadvantage. The business owner now has one job and ten potential employees to choose from. He can now negotiate even lower wages for the remaining employee.

The business owner may gain slightly in the short term, but his competitors will be busy making similar changes, driving down their costs and producing more cabbages per employee. Any increase in profit margins will therefore be temporary.

So, who does benefit? Well strangely enough, this scenario is not all doom and gloom. The people who benefit the most are the cabbage consumers. Competition drives down the cost of cabbages and makes them plentiful.

The business owner and the workers may well be cabbage consumers themselves and will benefit from lower prices, but not much obviously. However, it is not just the price of cabbages which is coming down.

In a capitalist society, prices of all goods are constantly dropping because competition forces more efficient production. This equates to an effective pay rise for workers and business owners alike. This offsets the lower wages to a large degree.

There is however, another force at play here. As the price of cabbage drops, people are likely to consume more of them. If the price drops low enough, the neighbour might start feeding them to his cows to produce high quality wagu beef.

Whatever happens, lower prices mean that more cabbages will be required. That means that the farmer will want to increase production, which means hiring more staff. He may also hire sales and marketing people to sell more of his cabbages. He might employ someone to invent new cabbage recipes.

Meanwhile, the laid off workers will have found new jobs. They may be mowing lawns or inventing telephones which are no longer attached to the wall by a wire.

Whatever they are doing, the farmer will now need to bid wages back up to attract them back.

The number of goods produced by each worker is constantly rising in a capitalist society. The number of people however, is relatively static (assuming the Government doesn’t open the borders to mass immigration).

Overall wages - in terms of cabbages - are guaranteed to rise in a capitalist society. The wages of each individual however, do not necessarily rise constantly. Individual wages tend to roughly reflect how productive each individual is at any particular time.

Steve Jobs created a company which revolutionised the mobile phone. His smart phone allows farmers to photograph cabbages and send those photos to world renowned cabbage experts on the other side of the world for advice in real time.

By creating products which were so beneficial and increased the productivity of so many people around the world, Jobs was able to become fantastically rich. Not everyone can do what Steve Jobs did, however, we all can benefit from his genius.

What is more, in a true Capitalist society, we can choose how much or how little we want to produce. If we want to spend more leisure time with our families or enjoying life, we can. If we want to work hard studying and learning to be more productive, we can do that instead.

Profits and wages in a Capitalist society are restricted not by force, but by competition. Even Steve Jobs had to contend with Samsung and a host of other wannabe phone manufacturers.

Whilst this does not guarantee equality, it offers the great majority of us the chance to earn a decent, and ever expanding, supply of cabbages.

It also means that if you want to be wealthy, you have to work hard and constantly innovate to produce lots of things that people want. You also have to be careful not to spend too much of what you earn.

Not surprisingly, lots of powerful people don’t like that idea one little bit.


When are they going to piss off this football centerlink shopper back offf to where he belongs.....If he was so scared and oppressed what the hell is he jetsetting around the Globe for????? He should be here, repaying the debts he has racked up for the Australian Taxpayer....And if this PRICK now has a Passport to travel....Why cant he Piss off back to where he came from and do something back there to improve his OWN Country????.....Australia still has Homeless and others needing urgent medical needs without these jetsetters sucking the Taxpayers chequebook dry for their Personal Entertainment..........OR DID I MISS SOMETHING??????....In my humble opinion anyway.....

No, 'Cultural Marxism' is not just a buzz word
The soul of Marxism, according to the great Alexander Solzhenitsyn, is not to be found in the state ownership of property, but in the concept of Dialectical Materialism. According to John Laughland:
"...the true core of Marxist-Leninist doctrine, according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, was the ideology of dialectical materialism. Derived from Hegel and ultimately Heraclitus, this doctrine - on which Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin all wrote extensively - holds that the world is in a constant state of flux, that nothing is absolutely true or false, and that progress comes from the constant union of opposites. Milovan Djilas, the Yugoslav communist intellectual who turned against the system, said in the opening paragraphs of his seminal work on communism, The New Class, that the key to communist ideology was the belief in the primacy of matter and the reality of change."
History, for the Marxist, is defined as a series of social and revolutionary struggles all leading inexorably to the final "truth" and the end of history - a stateless, borderless, globalised world; a New Earth with a New Man who has been thoroughly cleansed of his need for private property.

At the start of the 20th Century, many followers of Marx quite expected that they were at that point in history where the revolution of all revolutions would occur, with the workers of the world uniting to "throw off their chains." Yet, to their surprise, this did not happen. They were especially surprised to see the working classes going off to fight for what they saw as their bourgeoise overlords in the First World War. And when the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 failed to spread throughout the globe, as anticipated, many were dismayed.

However, rather than abandoning the theory that lay behind their hopes, some began to theorise that the reason that working man wasn't throwing off his chains and rising up in revolt was because working man had been too thoroughly conditioned by the bourgeois cultural norms he had been brought up in to see what was in his best interests. Working man was generally Christian - at least nominally - and held to the cultural customs and traditions that Christian civilisation had passed on to him. And it was this that, according to the Dialectical Materialists of the early 20th century, stood in the way of the spread of the revolution throughout the globe.

The answer to the conundrum, some theorised, was that in order for working man to cast off his chains, he first needed to be reconditioned against those cultural norms that he had learned, especially with regard to marriage and the family, but also including other traditional institutions. Put another way, for New Man to be created, he first had to be weaned from his attachment to Christian civil and cultural norms before he could be weaned from his love of private property. Hence, the cleverer Marxists began to call not for the grand, global revolution they had previously been hoping for, but rather for a subtler and more lengthy cultural revolution, aimed at destroying the existing Christian culture.
Read on -

All I can see is a self serving trough dweller unable to hold her parliamentary colleagues together and jumping on bandwagons and using publicity stunts to remain in the media, all the while supporting the Government at every turn. Perhaps you could articulate her vision to we, who are without political acumen.

No she hasn't , you need to seek more information and look at the bigger picture.

As I said before "You are full of shit Bruce"

New post up.

Where is Tim Costello? Nowhere to be seen when Australia is in strife. Too busy worrying about other countries and too busy asking Australia to donate to other countries.

The disgraced CEO of the NAB spent $500,000 of other people's money on an overseas holiday for himself and family.

Paul Murray showed the sign for the door for the new unisex (disabled plusLQIT whatever) toilets to be installed in some universities. It consisted of a disable sign plus a figure of a female with a skirt, a man with trousers, and a figure which was half female and half man. As Paul said, if it is a unisex toilet, just put the word 'Toilet' on the door.

Clover Moore has announced that she would introduce 'rainbow crossings' for Sydney, to make people of all persuasions feel inclusive.

Anyone any ideas on why the media, which loves humiliating pollies, isn't running with not one but two scandals involving both Liberal and National members this week?
First, we have Bridget MacKenzie, Nats deputy leader spending $20 000 plus of taxpayers maney to watch some obscure game of ice hockey when she could have flown commercially for $600 odd and secondly, Liberal minister, Scott Buckholtz, abusing a female RAAF officer.
Must be “be nice to the Coalition” week .. any other time both would be headline acts for the 3 day cycle .. On a more sombre note .. Julie Bishop ha said she will be contesting her seat, again! Seems spending your own money doesn't have the same appeal as spending the taxpayer loot on the endless round of “society” gatherings!

The cheering of the MSM in the demise of the Chair and CEO of the NAB is beyond the pale. It seems that what happened in the witness box at the RC is the only criteria for their position.

Wentworth Forum, a must read story -

At morning mail see the video 'Speaking of Smuggers'

Venezuelan Jews Recognize Illegitimate Prez Juan Guaido On Illegitimate Zionist Entity’s Illegitimate Authority
According to Rabbi Isaac Cohen, the Chief Rabbi of Venezuela, head of the Venezuelan 'Israelite' Association and a Zionist extremist who has been heavily lobbying the Maduro government to reinstate its diplomatic relations with 'Israel' for several years now, the Venezuelan Jewish community has recognized neocon-puppet Juan Guaido as the new ruling authority in Venezuela because the usurping Jewish entity has approved of him.
Shocked. Astonished. Flabbergasted. Taken aback. Gobsmacked. A people with a history of being removed from no less than 109 locations throughout their history are rejecting the legitimate state leadership in favor of an Imperialist-anointed puppet given "legitimacy" by the illegitimate occupier of Palestine? It's simply inconceivable! Who could have EVERRRRRRR seen this coming?
Anti-Parasitic sarcasm aside, this treacherous decision by Rabbi Isaac Cohen and his coreligionists raises a number of philosophical and geopolitical questions that must be asked as the Zio-Imperialist-orchestrated crisis in Venezuela heats up every single day.
This is quintessential dual-loyalty. Venezuela’s Jews are saying “to hell with democracy” and “long live Zion” by taking this position. They’re choosing their “tribe” over their place of residency. By pointing out their allegiance to ‘Israel’ over the Venezuelan state itself, are we engaged in the “age-old canard” of “anti-Semitism” [which isn’t really a canard at all] that Jews aren’t loyal to the state they live in but rather a foreign entity that pursues the interests of World Jewry over Gentiledom? Nope. Just acknowledging the blatant facts at hand: Venezuelan Jews are more loyal to ‘Israel’ than they are to Venezuela. If they weren’t, they’d back Maduro. Simple.

Farage: EU ‘Scared’ of WTO Clean Brexit
Brexit architect Nigel Farage has said that Brussels bureaucrats are “scared” of a no-deal, clean Brexit because of the cost to European manufacturers and the looming eurozone recession.

When asked on Sky News on Wednesday if he were offended by European Council President Donald Tusk saying there was a “special place in hell” for Brexiteers, the Leave Means Leave vice-chairman said, “No, not particularly. They’re scared, they’re rattled. They really worried.

“I was in the parliament last Wednesday, I said that their arrogance and the behaviour of the unelected elites was driving British public opinion towards a WTO ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

“And I saw the fear in Juncker’s face, in Barnier’s face,

Pauline's sold out CS.

Aaaand sure enough..following 50 degree heat, and drought and no power in Adelaide..the State Libs with the Scumo libs announce that they will spend million of dollars on bringing immigrants to regional areas of the State (most of which is uninhabitable, including nuclear fallout zones) couldnt make this shit up - we're being had Molochs Media described the BS as a'Migration Windfall'...unreal '$19.5M TO BRING MORE SKILLED MIGRANTS TO COUNTRY SA
A key plank of the State Government’s targeted migration push will today be realised with the announcement of $19.5 million in federal funding to attract skilled workers to the regions.

Why are the Liberals so, so slow to recognize things? Or to take action? This on Bolt : "Teena McQueen, Federal Vice President of the Liberal Party, says Malcolm Turnbull crossed the line." Didn't he cross the line a long, long time ago? Why did they not expel him long ago? real Q& A



Look out on the Ocean views CS. May it give you peace.

Phelps came up with some brain less ideas when she was president of the AMA. That is why a splinter group was formed. At least she is consistant. If she stays on this path her parliamentary history will be even shorter than Howards electorate successor.