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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


This little boy won’t find his mom in there because discrimination, although unlawful in Australia, is alive and well in the mosques and in the pages of the Koran. A women is not only seen as unequal to a man in so many ways, she is also seen as unclean.

A wife of the prophet Mohammad, Aisha, said after his death that women should not attend mosques to pray. Actually Mohammed said no such thing but the Hadith (a list of stuff that Mohammad was believed to have believed and what separates Shia from Sunni) is quite specific about the subjugation of women. 

All “Ask the Imam” sites insist women be encouraged to pray at home. But they can attend a mosque if they have everything covered except their eyes. They must not attend when menstruating and can only enter and leave via a separate “women’s door”.

Once inside the mosque they must remain in the women’s section at the rear to pray and must never encroach on the main area when men are in prayer. There is strangely a stern insistence that perfume is definitely out.

Okay, I see the reason why women must remain at the rear, I mean a row of female bums in the air might disturb my train of pure thoughts too, but enter and leave by a separate door? Golly.

These women could keep a sexual discrimination tribunal busy for a decade. 

Has the cat got your tongue Penny Wong?


20,000 plus terrorist events since 911 all carried out by Muslims.

Australian Liberty Alliance is an anti-Islam party due to be launched in early 1915. Go to its site and put your name down to receive newsletters from time to time.

Not only women are targeted by this pack of scum...ISIS Leader Sodomizes Eleven Muslim Recruits & Uses it as Blackmail Against Them

Actions speak louder than words. For decades we have witnessed myriad atrocities committed in the name of Islam, giving the lie to the words of peace. I cannot recall an atrocity committed against Islam in the name of any other religion. I view Islam as nothing but a form of religious helter-skelter practised on a massive scale.

Bruce R....if you want to know more about Albanese refer to: "Anthony Albanese and his dangerously poor judgement" March 2013 on Michael Smith News site. In my opinion this event will come back to bite Albanese when he least expects it.

Is your lack of literacy an act?

What is this word "mom" in the headline and in the body text? Larry please, no more.

sisterhood vitriol missing here

I have been saying that for years @bits the corruption within that department would keep the R C and lawyers employed for years , to start with what happened to the 5000 passports that went missing under howards watch , be cannot put all of the blame on allahs local party

ABC reports some cracks appearing in the Islamic community and speaking out. Is this the start of things to come or will he be silenced like all the rest:

Islamic State backers should be stripped of citizenship, Adelaide councillor Houssam Abiad urges.
"It is not Islam, it is not a state, it is not something that is supported within Muslims, let alone anyone in the Middle East for that matter," he said.
"They are barbaric. They are not human and they are a bunch of people no-one should ever support.
"I think that anyone that doesn't have a loyalty to Australia and what Australia has offered, you need to leave it, you need to decide where your loyalties lie.
"If you want to fight for another country, go for it, but don't come back. Don't come back to Australia when times are tough."

but the bottom line is that we got little or no say in the matter. Pauline Hanson and Bruce Ruxton raised the matter and especially look what they did to Pauline.

it was a long gradual process in the post war years to dismantle the white Australia policy and both sides of politics did there bit. From Harald Holt in the mid 60's onward the big changes had been made. From then on you can pinpoint which Gov't/Minister allowed certain nationalities in... and more especially opened the floodgates. Clearly there is entrenched corruption within the Immigration Dept' for many years and no one has done anything about, or even raised the matter.

Has the cat got your tongue Penny Wong?

THAT would be GREAT

Seemed to be about 50-50 For and Against at the Sunshine Coast Moslem Rally??
But 100% Total Ratbags ;-]

Here is an idea, lets tattoo a number on the forehead of all these cash sucking centrelink arabs and islamist bastards, that would stop the name changing.

While I am at it, where are PETA? they protest the mulesing of sheep which by the way helps protect the poor animal from fly strike, but no protest about female mutilation by islam, they also seem to be pretty quiet about the way the islam brothers slaughter helpless men, if that were a sheep in Aus, they would be running riot all over the media. Why do they also not protest the forced wearing of the burqa, when they are so passionate about wearing animal fur? Why wont our government have a royal commission into the practices of islam and it's unlawful use of women and children, but will willingly have one into sexual abuse by the catholic church? isn't abuse abuse by any religion?

As has been posted, the big question is where are all femnazis? no shouting of female rights and subjugation, but then, islam is not about white hetro-sexual men is it? and there are no demonstrations by PETA, about the treatment / rape of animals by these islamist brothers, but they are not white Aussie farmers trying to make a hard earned quid. Where are the protests from our supposed up-coming elite and educated, the uni student? fancy having to be forced to pray 5 times a day, that must surely be police brutality? but I suppose, they aren't white guys trying to protect you and keep you safe. Where are the protesters who spat at our soldiers, who fought for our country, to save our freedoms and allow the right to free speech? not spitting on the muslim brother, he might spit back.

You got it!

Laws rules and regulations are only applied by our Communist friends when those laws rules or legislation support the cause. The same concept is applied to telling lies, blatant theft or sedition if it is identifiable as being " for the cause" then it is not only permitted but encouraged. The problem is the poor bloody proletariat and "socialist" elite don't have the brain power to realise that their leaders are really only intent on increasing their personal power base and enhancing their financial security.