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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Anti-Australia, Anti-Western and Full of Pride

Part 1... AntiRalia, The Last Global State

Stephen Quinton

Stephen Quinton's extensive research in the education sector spans 30 years and he is published globally. Stephen was born in Pambula NSW in 1952. He is now retired in Perth Western Australia. His website and blog address is:


It is the year 2032. For the few who could recall the vulgar celebrations that YES supporters and all but four of Australia’s federal politicians trumpeted across the country on December 7, 2017, it is difficult to fully comprehend what had happened since then to make life in the former easy going country of Australia so unrecognisable.

Almost half of the present-day population had no doubt that they were living under an ominous shadow that in some unknown way had subverted every attempt to survive and succeed. For others, it was clear that the imposition of countless restrictive laws had slowly but surely driven every part of life towards abject failure. In stark contrast, a less sizeable group could not think of a time when life had been more gratifying than the present.

To anyone observing closely, it was as though a secret fraternity embedded within the ranks of the left knew exactly what to do prior to the survey deadline and was ready to take advantage of an unsuspecting populace the very moment Australia’s politicians agreed to change the marriage laws.

The rapid pace of change that followed paralysed the right as none could see that they had been complacent for far too long. They reasoned that the left were as rational as them, a fatal mistake that blinded all their efforts to counter anything the State and Federal governments briskly pushed through every parliament, often without debate and rarely accompanied by any form of media coverage.

As unforeseen facets of previously hidden truths emerged, the left ruthlessly challenged everything once held to be factual and of moral and spiritual merit. They aggressively pressured legislators to alter the laws or if deemed urgent, enforced Human Rights laws to veto public debate.

As each revelation proved to be more destructive than in the past, invariably what followed would turn out to be far more disturbing: Funding withheld from non-compliant schools; freedom of expression forbidden as a right and punishable through repressive anti-discrimination and anti-racist laws; all parental rights overruled by governments and their agencies; religious beliefs removed as a defence against predefined discriminatory actions; polygamy approved as part of marriage law; defence priorities directed towards outright appeasement, never containment or conquest; democratic rights abolished and replaced by a “guilty until proved innocent” decree; the legal system shed all pretence of serving justice; and much more was imposed with one unmistakeable intent - to devalue the once admired quality of life in Australia.

The right to equal marriage had proven to be the sinister advent to almost a decade of unprecedented woe.

At first, the right assumed that the intention behind the unwelcome changes was to appease the beliefs of less than two per cent of the population. Given time they surmised, life will settle back into a comfortable routine. However, such thoughts were futile. As the years went by, there was no avoiding the fact that the real source of the attacks was far more potent than the proclaimed rights of a tiny minority. There was something else at work. In hindsight, a succession of deceptive signposts pointed the way to one inevitable outcome: equal rights + same sex marriage + inclusive sexuality education + gender fluidity + redefined family + anti-British + anti-Australia + anti-Christian + anti-western + anti-white + anti–patriarchy + anticonservative + anti free speech + social justice + political correctness = cultural Marxism (and thereafter totalitarianism).

The formula for undermining western life to the point of disintegration had been set in place well before anyone could act to stop it. Even by 2025, very few could discern the relentless progression of an omnipresent, vastly resourced and enigmatically malevolent force towards the final stages of a centuries old agenda. Every sign pointed to a classic Orwellian nightmare and worse. By the time a handful of Australians had come to the same sickening conclusion, it was too late. Alea intulerat, ejectus - the die had been cast.

By the end of 2022, Australians witnessed round the clock televised violent clashes that continued for weeks at a time. No deaths were ever reported, but in private company many believed there had been many undeclared casualties. The country’s police and defence forces were stretched beyond capacity. It was impossible to subdue the protests and prevent the damage that befell the cities and larger regional towns.

The upheavals were unstoppable and cost the entire country far more than budgets could manage. The left were relentless in their frenzied zeal to dominate every aspect of Australian life and its culture; the right was doing all it could to counter and thwart the changes that were so cruelly reshaping their lives. But their efforts were to no avail as all the while, every politician sat back and did no more than pass any trivial legislation put forward by the left.

Over the next two years, an overwhelming sense of despair and futility set in as it became obvious that the number of police and special forces attending riots had dwindled down to a token presence. Australia had ceased being the laid back, lucky country. Such yearned for memories had faded long ago.

Nothing it seemed was going to stop the precarious tensions that were at play, at least not until that fateful Saturday, the 6th of December 2025. That was when the 8-year War of Words, Insults, Indignations, and Illusions (WWIII) between the country’s intractably divided right and left factions came to an abrupt and dramatic end. The irreconcilable differences in ideologies and politics and the certainty of a hostile and large-scale murderous civil war became the catalyst to bring forward a secret agenda not scheduled to start until 2030.

Without warning, 500,000 heavily armed peace-keeping forces were parachuted into all capital cities and regional towns. No-one on the ground was equipped to resist as all weapons had been declared illegal and destroyed back in 2020. At the time, that decree was not a concern.

The takeover was swift and painless. Two glaringly obvious factors made surrender a short-lived decision. The first was the mind paralysing absence of all police and defence forces throughout the country. The second was the sudden unexplained departure of all politicians at every level. Everyone knew at once they had been betrayed. Once in control, the invader’s first action was to take over all television and radio stations and lock down access to the internet.

Upon securing the communication systems, the Commander in Chief declared the abolition of all States and Territories and in their place, the establishment of two states to form a right/left divide respectively named AusRalia and AnlRalia. These changes took effect on the 7th of December 2025. By design and for no more than perverse reasons, the right would settle on the west side of the continent and the left would take possession of the east side.

Although the official title of "Australia" had only been in use for just under 200 years, the anti-Australia vitriol had reached disastrous levels of hostility. The drive for ‘justice and retribution’ by the left was so treacherous that it had become too dangerous to keep calling the country by its sovereign title. In haste, the invaders renamed the country to Equalitalia in recognition of the equal marriage rights victory on Dec 7th, 2017. The entire coup was over in less than 24 hours. Ironically and contrary to previous divisive claims, this was the first time Australia had been invaded by an armed force.

Astute readers may question why the left did not object to the name AnlRalia for their State. The simple answer is that the left understood that by pronouncing the letters ‘anl’ as one word it sounded identical to a word that they saw as a symbolic reference to a revered source of pride and thereby the core focus of their chosen views and lifestyle choices.

The divide and restructure plan was ordered and executed by the Global Alliance for Equity Alignment (GAEA), a worldwide think tank and advisory organisation charged by all Earth's countries with the mandate to preserve peace, harmony, and advancement of the well-being of all humans living on the planet. What is not made public is that GAEA directly commands a highly trained military force of 200 million troops. The takeover had been secretly underway since 2022 at the insistent urging of every Australian politician operating at all levels and aligned to all parties.

They squealed in unison: “Give each of us seven figure positions plus gold star benefits for life and we will support the full overthrow of the country”. For its part, GAEA could not forgo the opportunity to seize a country ahead of schedule without shedding blood and the need for expensive weaponry.

As part of the “peace and harmony” restructure, GAEA set aside the former territory of Canberra and with great fanfare, renamed it to AllRalia.

GAEA publically declared AllRalia as the national capital and portrayed it as a visible symbol of stability between the two newly formed States. The invaders argued that its presence as the capital of the two new States would ensure continued stability across the continent. Unknown to both States is that AllRalia is also the exclusive province of GAEA’s world headquarters. With the backing of GAEA, AllRalia’s real purpose is to merge the divided States into a single unified State modelled on the preordained AnlRalian lifestyle. Within certain top level circles, Equalitalia was referred by its official name, AntiRalia, but this is a title that could never be used in public.

Prior to the separation, the inhabitants of all six states and two territories had no idea their politicians had made a Judas deal or that the entire country was about to be taken over by a foreign power. Had the people of Australia known, they would have rioted en masse and demanded all politicians be charged with treason for their traitorous act. As it was, the execution of the deception was flawless.

GAEA duly rewarded all the politicians and all those involved in bringing about the bloodless coup with lucrative positions within the newly formed AllRalian bureaucracy. The traitors had taken their place at the masters’ table.

The first act of the new bureaucracy was to allow all inhabitants until 2035 to resettle according to their ideological, political, and social tendencies. By 2028, 65% had chosen to live in the west and 35% in the east. The offer of a lifetime of unconditional income without the need to work in AnlRalia induced much higher numbers to move east than initially expected, which was steadily growing by 10% each year. For some, the inducements were too much to ignore.

After 2035, residents of AusRalia could only migrate to AnlRalia through a fail-safe examination process. Without going into detail, they were required to produce video evidence of participation in lurid acts of depravity. AnlRalians rarely had any desire to settle in AusRalia, so the need to formalise a migration procedure for those living in the east has not been a priority. Should the odd occasion arise when someone sought permission to leave AnlRalia, the authorities sent the individual to a remote camp to contemplate the “error of their ways”.

Once the separation of States became law and the inhabitants were making plans to move east or west, many took comfort in the knowledge that a bloody civil war had been averted. The left were visibly relieved the right could no longer hinder their licentious desires and the right were cautiously content to know the left would not be a disruption to their day to day lives. Both sides viewed the new arrangement as a win.

Especially pleasing for both States was that politicians had been removed from governing all State affairs and that AllRalia would administer the future needs of both States in a “fair and equitable” manner. For the people of AusRalia, great delight was expressed in the fact that most self-opinionated celebrities and fifth wave feminists (at the time) had opted to reside in AnlRalia. It was also very gratifying to see that every militant indigenous Australian had also chosen to move east. What no AusRalian realised was that their subdued sense of elation would last less than a year.

                             In a world of Lies, truth is seen as treason        

 A description of the gaiety and frivolity of Life in AnlRalia follows soon in Part 2.


"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise."

I cannot see Turnbull without thinking of "Flash Harry" from the St. Trinians BW days as the same music goes well with his smug slope. Shorten is just a Spock raised idiot.

Under severe restrictions and persecution, the Christian Church in China survived Mao's Cultural Revolution and grew to the point where it is too big to oppose. There are far more Christians in China than people in Australia. Protestants alone number 58 million. The church is growing at an overwhelming rate. By 2025 it is expected the Church in China will be bigger than that in the USA, 160 million compared to 159 million in the US. By 2030 Christians in China will number 247 million, too big to withstand. In the end, it will overrule Communism. It was Christianity that gave the West its culture, its morals, and concepts such as the rule of law, the dignity of the individual, freedom of speech and conscience, etc. No matter what the cultural revolution in Australia succeeds in doing...

Such original content, to be expected from pond scum.

Has anyone noticed how the "Turd Posters" of PP (The Original Frances Horrid and Chopper) tend to cluster?
Something akin to Septic Tank conditioner may be required to dissolve them.

"Populate or perish" was the mantra and a quite rational lesson learned from WW2. Instead, Dinky Di Aussies decided to both populate and perish.

Those with longer memories may recall, back in the days of our Glorious Leader Paul Keating, a telling scene of three grinning Asian leaders rebuking him and everyone over the trendy aspiration that we must pivot towards Asia since, supposedly, we're part of it. This troika comprising Malaysia's recalcitrant Dr Mahathir, Singapore's then PM Goh Chok Tong and possibly the Phillipines PM sniggered how Asians wouldn't consider Australia "Asian" until at least half its population is "Asian". About as blatantly racist a statement as it gets. Who cares what Asians think? We should instead ostracise all of Asia until its own populations have been so transformed they're at least 50% non Asian. Which isn't going to happen.

More presently, Chinese "artist" Ai WeiWei has unveiled his latest masterpiece, a large installation that "paints a grim picture of Australia's refugee policy". Or so the snivelling Gaybc intoned. WeiWei, who has been beaten and imprisoned in China and now lives in exile, berates us in asserting "Australia's refugee record is quite poor internationally". Nevertheless, our pathetic enemedia waffled on, he's nonplussed "about China's latest emperor Xi Jinping removing all barriers to his ruling for life", and remains "very upbeat about the future".

Artsy WeiWei et al have the effrontery to shame and pressure this once Lucky Country to burden itself with ever more "refugees". So how's China itself doing in this regard? It's arrogant little Foreign Minister the high ranking Communist Party official Wang Yi announced last year that China would be returning every last one of the impudent 60 or 70 mainly Muslim refugees fleeing war zones (who got lost and somehow ended up there) immediately it was safe for them to do so. Furthermore, he insisted, China has "fully discharged its international obligations regarding refugees" in helping fund various refugee transit camps overseas. It's very small number of refugees otherwise consist entirely of Vietnamese and North Koreans. A published poll indicated very broad support for all this, 97% of China's population wanting no refugees whatsoever. Recently, a popular Chinese actress and U.N. Refugee Agency Goodwill Ambassador Yao Chen was ridiculed and vilified by China's media for her silliness in daring urge China do otherwise. It's very progressive, 100% state controlled media also censors just about every attempt at LGBTQIXYZ advocacy.

How about a magnificent artwork shaming China and your 1.3 billion racist countrymen (and women) into rolling out the red carpet and accepting hordes of "refugees" and boat people WeiWei? How about going further and pressuring the motherland get a wriggle along accepting hordes of immigrants from here, there and everywhere, you bleeding hypocrite? How about every single Asian Australian aspire to tireless, passionate advocacy for all your ancestral homelands enriching themselves with the boundless benefits of "diversity", "inclusion" and "multiculturalism", you bleeding hypocrites? Crickets.

Camp of the Saints is much better.

IE, that pond scum is the original stalker of PP. More poisonous than 'Blue-green algae'.

"Every night on PP is Night of the Living Dead as hags and freaks emerge"

A very apt description of your coterie of bumbuddies stringydicklicker

Agree Dusty. I don't place too much emphasis on the old Left or Right...only react to Disraeli et al when they try their smoke and mirrors stuff. I have long operated on the Nationalist V Globalist dichotomy ( with a fair amount of Racial Awareness of Course). Many on PP are naive political lightweights who are mesmerized by the status quo arguments of the old order ( labor v liberal etc ).. I got out of that decades ago and for the most I am insulted by those who trot out the old arguments. Many need to open their eyes, sadly they can't and they continue to support the forces that are destroying them.

I just think that there are a group of chameleons changing political colours to suit their needs.

But they still try to reinvent Left and Right. Gotta be a trick to it.

Love it, thanks troop.

Oh...speak of the devil. The thing that really got Disraelis tribe was that Germany began to barter between nations and thereby cut the banks out of the equation. They were pissed off that Hitler had worked out a way to send them scurrying. That's why they declared war on Germany in 1933.

For people possessing rational thought process it's self evident Hitler was Socialist dusty. His policies were left wing. Adolf ran a command economy. There's a hair's breadth between National Socialism and International Socialism. Just because 2 competing Socialist sects hate each other doesn't mean they're at opposite ends of the spectrum. Surely you don't believe the Marxist propaganda?
Your definition is not only wrong it's risible. I'm centre right and I've always believed in social progress. Centre right governments enable social progress. The left by and large believe in social regress.

People of Disreali's ilk have been pushing the "Hitler was a leftie" agenda for some time in social media around the globe. It appears that they want to capture the emerging support for the right but historical fact won't let them identify with the real their approach is to further discredit the right ( you know, NAZI, Fascist, etc ) as the "left" so they can move into the traditional enemy territory the "Right"

Beauty troop old mate.

The is none dulla than Tony Windsor... flying. Does the ulla stand for "ultimate" ?

Well done chop, no prizes for second.

Good advice there tb.

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