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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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Anti-Australia, Anti-Western and Full of Pride:

Part 2 The Utopian State of AnlRalia

Stephen Quinton

Stephen Quinton's extensive research in the education sector spans 30 years and he is published globally. Stephen was born in Pambula NSW in 1952. He is now retired in Perth Western Australia. His website and blog address is:


Since 2025, AnlRalia has honoured December the 7th, 2017 as the day their most fervent dreams became true. Not only was their new State established on the eighth anniversary of that date, it also marked the culmination of decades of craving and planning and lobbying to establish their asserted right to equal standing with all walks of life. 

Commencing on the 7th of December each year, AnlRalians celebrate their pride and exuberance in what the day means to them by flaunting their most uninhibited and inventive acts of sexual liberation in a month long orgy of uncontrolled and intentionally outrageous public performances.

No one works in AnlRalia. There is no desire or need. Soon after the State was established, AllRalia declared that the inhabitants were far too progressive in their thinking and scandalous practices to be burdened with the demeaning and restrictive demands of work. Instead, everyone receives a generous allowance according to status and their assessed level of narcissism. 

Most scored highly on the latter trait. Two conditions prevail. AnlRalia only permits residency and lifetime access to all its benefits provided applicants engage in uncontrolled hedonism and strive to attain mastery of new and unexplored territories of depravity and licentiousness. 

The second is that all residents must accept a tracking implant in the back of their hand. For AnlRalians, neither of these conditions is an onerous imposition. After all many observe, AusRalian taxes pay for everything.

The numbers of migrants entering AnlRalia were surprisingly higher than AllRalia anticipated until it was realised that many former Australians had been harbouring secret desires to practice a wide range of depraved acts, but were fearful under threat of alienation or punishment. 

The numbers were staggering and amounted to almost 10.5 million. Paedophiles in particular relished the opportunity to engage in their dark arts without the risk of arrest and public condemnation. Prior to taking up residency, paedophile occupations had ranged from youth workers and school janitors to retired politicians and Supreme Court judges. Now they do what they like best without the burden of work and accept a sizeable allowance as a bonus.

The victory of the great "marriage equality for all" campaign in late 2017 has since meant that everyone who chose to be an AnlRalian citizen is viewed and treated as an unsullied equal regardless of their words or deeds. The unanimous acceptance and active exaltation of pure hedonism for any reason, with anyone or anything, at any time and in any way means that no one accuses anyone of violating the social boundaries.

Therefore, as there is no perception of crime, AnlRalians questioned the need for laws. After all, they reasoned, it is not opportune to have laws that prevent the inhabitants from practising their special arts to the limits of their collective imaginations. AllRalia offered no resistance to this proposal and immediately decreed the abolition of all forms of law. As the reader may imagine, this second major victory after the SSM vote opened the gate to public gay and lesbian sex, incest, paedophilia, zoophilia, and bestiality. Rumours of infanticide, sex trafficking, and even necrophilia abound, but as there are no laws that define such acts as crimes, no one gives any of it a second thought. To heighten their sense of euphoria even further, free drugs of any type are readily available, again funded through the compulsory ‘generosity’ of AusRalia.

C:\Users\srq\Desktop\Free Drugs.jpg

As well as no law, there are no police, no lawyers, and no courts in AnlRalia. It naturally followed that no one in AnlRalia could utter anything offensive or inappropriate, which allowed for the elimination of all anti-racist and anti-discrimination laws. For the same reason, political correctness quickly vanished from daily life as the most favoured method of rebuke. All this meant that the issues that once so heatedly divided Australia prior to 2025 no longer impeded AnlRalian life. Naturally, none of AnlRalia’s “hard won” concessions applied to the inhabitants of AusRalia. Anything they dare to utter or do is without question racist, discriminating, illegal, and politically incorrect.

Once AnlRalia discarded the belief in monogamous heterosexual relationships, any arrangement that seems right at the time became the norm. Shortly thereafter, the prefixes ‘poly’ and ‘pan’ became the preferred way to differentiate the names of every known sexual act and orientation. Polysexual, pansexual, and polyamorous are but a few of the most used titles. Never content to limit individualising anything just to highlight their own perceived peculiarities, AnlRalians further seek to tailor agreed meanings to align with their ceaselessly shifting tastes and desires. Polygamy is one label they often reinterpret to include all manner of bizarre variations and relationships.

In practice, polygamy is more than just the extension of marriage between two individuals. One can marry 100 people of all sexes, genetic or virtual hybrids, and tastes. Even animals can be included, but some have learned the hard way that crocodiles are unreliable partners. What may start out as a gentle nibble on the toes can quickly turn into a quick meal for the once amorous reptilian partner. High intelligence is not a common trait among AnlRalians.

Children (16 years of age or less) may have one, two, or many parents of any gender without regard to the blend. A lesbian or gay or transgender arrangement may have a child with the assistance of another lesbian or gay couple if they so decide, in which case all “parents” may or may not be involved in caring for the child. The high rate of divorce and frequency of separation often means that either the children become AllRalia’s responsibility or the ‘parents’ pass them onto someone else. Agreements such as this often result in shifting children from ‘family’ to ‘family’ or worse, sending them back and forward to the Capital’s barely adequate ‘home’ care facilities.

Very few children in AnlRalia meet their parents or even know their names. At last count, IVF implantations administered to surrogate mothers account for 70% of the number of children born within the State. Rainbow fertility clinics facilitate the IVF treatment for gay couples who in turn proudly refer to themselves as rainbow families. Males who have undergone gender reassignment surgery are presently urging AllRalia to fund research into extending the procedure to enable them to incubate IVF implants. In this environment, very few children come to understand heterosexuality. 

The only education program enforced by AllRalia is the Advanced Sexual Sensation (ASS) program. All children under the age of 16 must attend these courses. No exemptions are possible. It is an explicit, no holds barred reinterpretation of the same Safe Schools (anti-bullying) course that the former State of Victoria forced upon children attending school in the latter part of the 2010’s. The extraordinary number of gender reassignment treatments performed on sub-16 year old AnlRalians is testimony to the success of the ASS programme. Otherwise, there is no formal education thus leaving children free to pursue their own interests and with luck gain some understanding of life and the world they live in. As AllRalia repeatedly argued, education serves only to restrict the imagination. They point out that the previous system undermined students’ self-esteem by allowing them to fail. Moreover, they confidently assert that soon after the abolition of the previous education system, children’s self-confidence quickly escalated to the highest levels ever witnessed.

                      The revered architect of the inaugural ASS program

Feminists are now free to act with impunity. They refer to themselves as the 10th Wave as they have finally cast off all constraints on doing whatever they desire. They abandoned their true agenda soon after the establishment of AnlRalia and once they saw their ultimate goal had reached an end - the destruction of western democracy in Australia. This was the last impediment to realising all their ambitions. The absence of law in AnlRalia is exactly what they have desired since the 1960s. The mantra of "the oppression of the patriarchy" is no longer echoed throughout the media as another of their greatest dreams is now a reality - the complete subjugation and/or elimination of white males from their lives. For the feminists, equality for all always meant that they assume control and power over everything that affects their fleeting desires.

Paradoxically, all gender and sexual variations can declare allegiance to the feminist cabal. Most female gender feminists are self-declared lesbians and transsexuals. In order to survive and should they choose not to declare themselves as feminists, white AnlRalian males opt to become brazen paedophiles as the restrictions on the age of consent for children had been removed. The alternative is to remain hapless victims of the feminists or somehow avoid becoming one of their victims. Ironically, all self-declared feminists openly dress and act as males, the very gender they most despise. As if to counter the feminists’ envy of the male persona, the majority of males, both young and old, now act and dress as females, mostly out of desire, but also as a useful disguise.

The once potent weapon of accusing males of unsolicited sexual harassment no longer occupies the minds of feminists - they are now much more content to coerce or force any willing or unwilling victim into ultra-sadistic assaults. Once entrapped, at times such encounters can abruptly lead onto a slow agonising death. The greater the victim's pain and the longer it takes, the more intense the level of gratification for the feminist hunter. White males who have risked not declaring themselves as feminists or paedophiles are the most favoured targets. “Me-too” now means that feminists can freely commit acts of violence on males.

C:\Users\srq\Desktop\Female voilence.jpg

AllRalia estimates that incidents of violence against men committed by women have grown to 80% of all known cases. Murders carried out at the hands of women account for 50% of these attacks. No one can be sure these figures are correct as very few report such incidents. Yet since 2025, not one male death has resulted in public condemnation of the known offenders. The majority of reports do not receive any attention and even if investigated by the AllRalian “peacekeepers”, the standard response is “he brought it on himself”. Although reports on the collated statistics come out once or twice a year, no one takes notice.

Formal divorce is no longer a requirement. As a follow on benefit of the SSM victory in 2017, AnlRalians insisted on a phone app to enable instant dissolution by any party without notice. Almost without exception, and in contrast to the claims that were made during the YES campaign, marriages are a token gesture, usually for no more reason than to appear trendy or to gain influence with a particular in group. Marriage is no different to getting one’s hair trimmed. Many quickly realised that to find one's marriage dissolved without notice simply paved the way to pursue more partners or perhaps another marriage proposal.

Although the health risks are extremely high, rarely are protective devices and practices given much thought. In a world where all manner of disease and virus borne contagions thrive and strike down inhabitants with alarming regularity, the short-term consequences are minimal as AllRalia set up state of the art cost free health clinics every five blocks to ensure that disease does not impede the high rate of participation in hedonistic fervour. 

Of all the procedures on offer, recurrent gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatment makes up for 60% of the total health budget. A free gender reassignment procedure is always available regardless of how often an individual changes their mind on their preferred gender. As with all benefits AnlRalians receive, the cost is borne by the "generosity" of AusRalia. Rarely mentioned are the not so palatable long-term health consequences. The average age of death is 50 years.

There is no tolerance for religion in any form. AnlRalian society has completely excluded God, any type, from their lives. Under marxist teachings, spiritual guidance, biblical laws, morals, ethics, and guiding principles are the last remaining blocks to fulfilling their preferred way of life. Without these burdensome restrictions, AnlRalians can mindlessly commit their abnormal acts at will regardless of location and without judgement, guilt, or penalty. With God out of the way, it is not possible to sin. This they proclaim is the greatest freedom of all.

C:\Users\srq\Desktop\Closed Down Church.jpg

There are no politics. Only cultural marxist ideologies are practised. Once a week, all inhabitants must watch 1 hour public viewings of marxist doctrine simulcast to all shopping and sporting precincts on giant screens. If an individual chooses not to attend, automatic scanners detect their absence and if it occurs 3 times, an electronic message requests an immediate explanation. If the response is not verifiable, there is a risk of deportation to an isolation camp until the individual demonstrates they deserve the privilege of AnlRalian residency.

For most AnlRalians there is no past. They focus only on the present and never give a thought to tomorrow. History is a forgotten memory and never mentioned in conversation. Australia never existed, nor were there wars, invasions, riots, famines, or depressions. In their worldview, violence, fraud, theft, or corruption did not exist, as no law defines such acts. Above all, there are no right or wrong, good or bad, morals, ethics, or rules of any type. The past is only about innumerable dimly recalled good times. AnlRalia observes no special public holidays, especially any that commemorate the past. Every day is a holiday, so why even set aside special days? Life has always been good and will continue to get better. They long solely for things that reality can no longer offer.

AusRalia is Evil

AllRalia conducts a rally once every month in the town square or sporting oval of all provinces to allow inhabitants to scream and vent hatred towards the State of AusRalia. Each rally begins with an incessant chant of the usual cultural marxist doctrine interspersed with subtly reworded principles until no-one remembers what is different or unchanged. 

AllRalia’s motto of "Equal marriage was not the final frontier" is boldly displayed on every street corner, every billboard, and during every televised event and rally. All rallies end with a rousing song of sexual vulgarity with the lyrics displayed in huge holographic text accompanied by the entranced voices of tens of thousands and deafeningly loud music, all of which echoes for many miles in every direction.

After years of hearing and watching AllRalia’s powerfully persuasive displays, they never question their belief that AusRalia is evil and if not eliminated every freedom they have gained will be lost. Anything AusRalia claims to be good is unmistakably bad. 

AnlRalians were always fanatically anti-white, anti-Australia, anti-capitalism, anti-western and now, vehemently anti-AusRalia. Apart from the enormous sense of pride they experience in living their decadent lives, the only euphoria that exceeds this level of exaltation is when they join together to express their unbounded disgust towards this intensely despised target.

Part 3 describes the real power behind AllRalia.

The world before us is never what was expected.


Looks like Berlin in the 30s before someone with balls put a stop to it

Is this article so far off the truth when you read the following?:

A sequel to Orwell's literature.
However, I believe you forgot the province of Sharalia, which regularly crosses the border into AusRalia to abduct children and blow up a few shopping centres in attempts to siege that portion. Of course AnlRalia supports Sharalia in condemning the Ausralia because of their human rights transgressions against the peace loving Sharalia and the free-loving AnlRalia.
Also, there will be parades held every month past the statues of AnlRalian Emperor Comrades Turnbull and Shorten every month to worship AnlRalian enablers. Just like they do in North Korea.

Not long to go now when the big question will be "Why is there no food on the table"

One afternoon, two coats!

Hitler was the innocent party , Chirchill & Lord Halifax are the cause of the Germans "having to go to war" to see the destruction of their Germany .

Trump prepares for war as Iraq invasion architect, John Bolton, is appointed National Security Advisor (Video)
John Bolton promised Trump he “wouldn’t start any wars”
Is Trump draining the swamp or is the swamp sucking in Trump?

He dreads the pole.

New post.

Rinaldo must have studied Hitlers muttrrings

Details of Severe Tropical Cyclone Nora at 1:00 pm AEST [12:30 pm ACST]:
Intensity: Category 3, sustained winds near the centre of 140 kilometres per hour with wind gusts to 195 kilometres per hour.

Location: within 30 kilometres of 13.0 degrees South 140.5 degrees East, estimated to be 155 kilometres west southwest of Weipa and 305 kilometres north northwest of Kowanyama.

Movement: southeast at 20 kilometres per hour.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Nora, Category 3, is moving southeast across the northern Gulf of Carpentaria. The Tropical Cyclone has recently been affected by dry air coming off the Cape York Peninsula land mass causing it weaken slightly.

The Tropical Cyclone is expected to take a more southerly track tonight or early Sunday and move towards the southeastern Gulf of Carpentaria coast with a predicted coastal crossing between Porumparaaw and Gilbert River Mouth during Sunday moning. A coastal crossing anywhere south of Weipa this evening or Sunday remains possible. From later Sunday, the Tropical Cyclone is expected to become slow moving over land around the southeastern Gulf of Carpentaria.

And another great article Stephen. Well done.

Bribie Island: Bodies of man and woman wash ashore.....
The bodies of a woman and a man have been found washed up on an island beach north of Brisbane in circumstances police say are suspicious.

The pair, believed to be in their 30s or 40s, were discovered by a member of the public on the northern tip of Bribie Island at about 8am on Saturday morning. Their bodies were found near a jet ski.

Despite being in the water for about 24 hours, police have received no missing persons reports and are “concerned” by injuries sustained by the dead man and woman.

“We are treating these deaths as suspicious and we’re in the early stages of the investigation,” Senior Sergeant Scott Wiggins told reporters as the bodies were brought back to the mainland at Caloundra.

“They have been in the water for, I would say, around 24 hours. They were wearing bathing suits, they weren’t wearing life jackets.

“There are some injuries to the bodies but we are conducting some examinations to those injuries to see if they were caused by the environment.”

[email protected] Senior Sergeant Scott Wiggins: We located a man and woman's body close to a jetski. Officers are treating the circumstances as suspicious.

MORE: #weekendlive
— Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) March 24, 2018

Sen. Sgt Wiggins said the pair was located about 3kms from the remote northern tip of the island, which is popular with 4WD tourists and jetskiers.

“There’s no missing persons report that we could identify from this area to say that someone had gone out on a jetski or to Bribie Island and not returned.

He would not elaborate on the injuries found on the bodies.

“It’s fair to say that there are some marks (on the bodies) that we are concerned about, but like I say, the bodies have been in the water for a period of time, it’s is possible the marks to the bodies have been caused by the environment.”
The bodies are retrieved by police. Picture: Lachie Millard
The bodies are retrieved by police. Picture: Lachie Millard

“Investigations are underway to determine whether it belongs to the man and woman.”

Water police, detectives and forensic officers are at the scene. Police are asking for help from the public to identify the bodies.

Sen. Segt Wiggins said investigators were trying to piece together the final movements of the dead pair and track down next of kin.

Jewboy #23 .

Flysa: Two old golfers were about to tee off, friends for ages past, the bloke about to hit the ball asked his mate to observe where the ball lands, he explained even with my spectacles I have difficulty tracking the ball. Not a problem his mate said. After hitting the ball he turned to his mate and asked if he had watched the ball land and his mate confirmed that he had. Well where is it he asked. Dunno, I forget.

Random Note — The ABC, public decency and Caroline Overington

by Jim Ball | Mar 24, 2018 | ABC, Blog | 0 comments
“Cory Bernardi is wrong to complain about ABC’s Tonightly” says Caroline Overington . Oh, really? Try the pub test.
The one thing we learn about Caroline Overington in her column today (24/3) is that it would seem that she has no problem with the C bomb or the F bomb on the taxpayer funded national broadcaster. Most taxpayers who fund the ABC would disagree.
With that being the case we are left to wonder about her own taste and values in the public square more generally. We can all be pretty sweary at times but I suggest most people cringe when it comes to the public airwaves.
It’s not about finger wagging or the nanny state. And it’s most definitely not about free speech as she tries to frame it.
It’s about basic standards and decency in public and particularly on the public airwaves. It’s about time and place
Following her logic, just how far do we lower the bar in public discourse on the national broadcaster or, as would seem to be the end result of what she’s suggesting, do we do away with the bar all together?
If Michelle Guthrie the ABC board or the minister are not going to play the role of arbiter of taste and decency who is?
It would seem that in Overington’s universe we just let rip and like shouting fire in a theatre, all speech is free speech.

Without a doubt vecchio.

TS And a raving ratbag to boot!

The biggest threat to our way of life, seems to be the Soros Mafia. His evil intent is manifesting all over the world. Seems that only one country is standing against the threat-Hungary ! Was there such a threat in pre- Hitler days ? A threat , so evil , that it inspired a country to exterminate a race of people ! I wish I understood . Up to now, I thought that Soro's motive was just to make money.

I have to wonder, do little kids really understand what SSM etc means. The little one dressed in Rainbow Colours above. Does she know what she is waving her sign for and what it is all about?