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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Only Kevin Rudd would put an angry Islamist and an angry New Guinean in the one room and expect both to walk out alive. But Labor was leaving Abbott another landmine, this time in P-NG. 

The Pickering Post reported at the time that P-NG should never ever be considered as a holding, processing or settlement site for illegal arrivals. The only surprise is that Scott Morrison decided to continue with it.

The Post was told early this year that Morrison had asked Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop to broach the subject of processing and resettlement in the Solomons. 

Julie Bishop travelled there and did so, but Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo knew the extra millions offered could never justify such a volatile mix of cultures on his shores. 

Vanuatu’s Prime Minister Carcasses also rejected the proposal. And it takes a very good reason for those two corrupt monkeys to knock back money!

Morrison was left with little choice but to persist with Rudd’s deal with P-NG’s Peter O’Neill.

O’Neill was the only one prepared to accept a fistful of dollars while being fully aware of the explosive nature of what lay ahead. 

So today’s Cornall report on the death of Reza Berati is no more than a resumé of a predictable disaster that Kevin Rudd started and Scott Morrison is continuing with. He really shouldn’t.

Stand by for many more deaths when processed detainees are sent from Manus Island to Port Moresby, as planned.

The ABC and Fairfax in July last year heralded Rudd’s P-NG solution as an “election masterstroke”. 

The Post reported the next day: “The truth is that it's a time bomb that will not explode until after the election, it will again be Abbott’s problem. P-NG is a nation of murderous head-shrinking savages whose religion is black magic and voodoo with a sprinkling of bastardised Christianity. It has a currency in pigs. Pigs are an indicator of wealth. As nearly all boat people are Muslim, settlement there is an inconceivable proposition. P-NG’s cities are known as the most dangerous in the world and anyone even considering building a mosque there would find themselves on the menu at the next kukim long paia.”

Security company G4S had hired locals with bush knives who react poorly to the term, “fucking ape!” The discredited Salvation Army also employed locals who aren’t used to turning the other cheek. 

If you had to choose a place on the planet an Islamist would rather not be, it would be P-NG. 

Perhaps that’s the idea.

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Only intelligent thing done by the single shared Rudd-Gillard-Rudd-Shortarse neurone.

"Long-Pig", fat greasy ME Koran and Moho-the-mad followers might have a nasty after taste unless cleaned out with 7 Pills of cascara. Lot of shit in these Muslim thugs.

The only place to send Allah's swine.

Of Course it was the idea. Rudd hates the bastards. He blames them for coming here in droves after he assured the Australian people during the 2007 election campaign, that they wouldn't. Despite anything that the forked tongues of Rudd/Gillard say, they hate the Arabs for putting the problem in their laps.

To illustrate your point saddler could you wear a large sandwich board outside your local mosque stating your belief that Islam is not a religion, it is a cult. And if you could also point to where women within Christianity are not equal 'twould be appreciated.

maybe we should ask the DIP keating how to start up PIGGYIES , I know he,s apt at off loading them , while eating a DANISH pastie.

A lot more people most probably would have jumped on board her ship to fight off the Muslim menace.

Bruce, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink, seem familiar lol. Shame Pauline was years to early, the Asians are not the problem I and many others thought they would be.

My favorite - Kanibal Kai Kai.
HALAL Style - Using only the freshest Muslims.

Morrison should allow a few dozen boatloads of PNG locals to migrate to Australia and house them next door to every mosque in Australia

Oh Gee.....muslims getting their mosques burnt down and their heads lifted....!!!! Payback is a bitch

Remember without major changes to PNG law and customs the Muslims if granted refugee status and settled there will never be allowed to own property. If KRudd genuinely believed it was a good idea he was an ignorant fool. If he knew of the likely violent consequences then he is more of an evil mongrel than the Pink Batts fiasco would indicate.

Taubada Krudd surely was a sneaky little turd - eh?
he knew exactly what would happen and he only had a short time to set this up.
Klever Bast**d!!!

Let's see them resettled in P NG and then build a mosque and then try to have Sharia law....

I love that the boatloads are being sent there. I hope they enjoy living with the pigs and having any chance of their mosque being built having a better chance of being burnt down.
About time they knew how it felt to be a second class citizen instead of referring to every kaffir as one who should die.

He woke up from his morning nap!!!!!!!!!

Martin Hamilton-Smith, Liberal Party, has defected to the Labor Party.