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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Marxist ideology has infiltrated all levels of the Australian education system.

Stephen Quinton

Stephen Quinton's extensive research in the education sector spans 30 years and he is published globally. Stephen was born in Pambula NSW in 1952. He is now retired in Perth Western Australia. His website and blog address is:


Nothing has improved since 1982. Today, the main focus of education is on managing students and transmitting prescribed ‘knowledge’ into them, based on the assumption that no other factors are relevant.

This mindset has given rise to an intractable, highly inflexible organisational and delivery model that is so entrenched that it is often difficult for teachers to do the job they trained to do.

Thirteen years ago (2005), the standard of most popular songs were pitched at third (3+) and fourth (4+) grade levels.

The absurdity of word use has increased with time. In the last year of study, 2014, chart-topping hits had a reading level equivalent to second or third grade.

Broken into genres, the levels measured just 2.6 for Hip-hop/R&B, a tie of 2.9 for Rock and Pop, and faring best was Country at 3.3.

Brian May gave up a career in astro-physics to play for Queen. Not sure what this guy gave up?

Numbers aside, a cultural shift has occurred from intentional logical thought to fleeting reflexive reaction and living for the moment. Today, frivolous, meaningless radio and television content is both a symptom and confirmation of a decline in thinking standards.

Society focuses on entertainment, materialism, and self-promotion, and when coupled with a need for instant gratification, it is little wonder people are unconsciously failing to realise that they are no longer the controllers of their futures.


Worse, there is no understanding of how everything that they see and hear has affected the Australian way of life. All the while, the mindless pursuit of happiness and entertainment has allowed technology to infiltrate and in some instances, dominate users’ time and attention. All these signals highlight the consequences of a sub-standard education.

Most people in Western countries know very little beyond the superficial. They live in a world in which their reality is a product of the propaganda fed to them by ‘news organisations’, television, magazines, and Hollywood movies.

Courtiers of Mary Queen of Scots......according to the latest movie.

For many, the only ‘information’ they receive are controlled explanations. The extent of their knowledge of the purpose and functionality of the objects, processes, and people that most affect their lives only serves to impede cognitive growth.

Even an attempt to question beyond what they have been told quickly leads to the realisation that their opinion is invalid if they do not belong to a group whose views and issues are on the mainstream media’s favourites list.

Social media has accelerated these destructive trends in that it has discarded the distinction between fact and fiction and claims authority to the notion that all knowledge is equal regardless of its logical soundness.

It consolidated a belief among its followers that the development of knowledge no longer requires the use of rational thought, eliminated the desire to reach consensus on meaning and most importantly, build a shared body of understanding.

Remember, our universities set this regressive trend in motion when they adapted the principles of cultural marxism to establish what they call cultural studies / critical theory.

The centuries old tried and true methods for deriving knowledge and understanding no longer applies to the social media cyberworld. Instead, ‘conclusions’ are so incoherently dispersed that competing mindsets and viewpoints, short-lived ‘memes’, and the illusion of shared interests are given equal status and assumed to be the majority worldview.

To make matters much worse, add the ability to influence popular opinion using advanced software algorithms to present or not present viewpoints, it becomes clear that social media is a force for spreading malevolent propaganda and not simply a convenient means for accessing information and entertainment, and connecting with others.

Australia no longer observes a laissez-faire capitalist system. In its place is an economy built on debt-based money creation, duplicitous privatisation, coercion of government by corporate and financial interests, and a covertly advancing welfare state.

Governments unashamedly take the wealth of the productive and wastefully divert it to ‘buy’ the support of the unproductive.

Australia is a nation of divided groups and individuals with no shared common understanding and national pride.Instead, there is only a distorted sense of cause (witness the equal marriage farce).

By not questioning the official narratives and through their actions, inactions, and rare reactions, Australians have empowered governments and corporations to do whatever they want, react the way they want, and to use the power of disinformation to manipulate and distract without fear of long-term consequence.

Even more destructive is the tactic of heralding goodness using empty words and gestures that are devoid of any intent to effect real change.

This deceitful practice dominates Australian politics today. While politicians and their weasel-word spin-doctors elevate trivial and even false issues to centre stage, they rarely discuss the problems and concerns shared by the majority.

As politicians and the MSM facetiously remind us, the best solution to fixing the nation’s problems is to adjust the feelings attached to them and allow identity groups to enlighten those who find it difficult to grasp the finer points.

The tried and tested enlightenment inspired methods of discussion and analysis, ranging from due process through to pure scientific method, are no longer valid.

Such methods (it is claimed) ignore emotional concerns and unfairly favour the interests of straight white males. Today, everyone has a voice, every narrative accepted without question, and once the negative feelings subside, all the (nasty) problems will be resolved.

The consequences of buying into such diversions are severe. What is important and oftentimes crucial is lost in the mire of confusion and illusion that remains.

Hilton (XYZ) sums up the extent and precariousness of our current state of entrapment:

They never notice the demographic replacement of the West, the moral corruption, the financialisation of every aspect of life and subsequent debt enslavement … we let ourselves be enslaved to pleasure and made blind by ignorance.

We succumbed to a hostile elite who obscured their agenda by hiding among us. We stopped fighting, because we didn’t know who our enemy is. We let our good nature and our openness be weaponised against us. We let ourselves be deceived.

It is disturbing enough to observe the gradual deterioration of educational standards (in that we end up with a population who think they have a quality education).

All the while, we learn to live with diminishing standards due to the gradual repositioning of the definitions of the terms ‘quality’ and ‘standards’ so that over time, we unthinkingly believe that nothing has changed (or worse that our lives are improving).

Small Steps to Thwart the Consequences

While it is not practical to stop the lugenpresse from spreading its deceptive agenda, nor can we easily repair the damage caused by the education system, it is possible to adopt a few simple steps that can assist to insulate against the dangers of believing in a false reality.

The first step of course is to acknowledge that a lie repeated often eventually becomes the ‘truth’.

Tom Stafford provides timely advice on what we can do to regain control over our thoughts in his book titled “How Liars create the illusion of truth”


 I have briefly paraphrased a few of his insights:

Every time we hear or read something and attempt to logically assess it against all we know, we soon realise there are not enough hours in the day to do all that is needed.

We recognise that continuously applying reasoning powers to ensuring we have all the facts is a limited exercise. However, if we allow continual repetition to influence our beliefs, then there is a risk our judgements will be in error.

Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are misleading. In general, relying on how often we hear something is not always a good strategy for judging truth.

Over time, because of the necessity to make quick judgements, we may easily succumb to accept the illusion of truth.

Once we are aware of the effect, we can act to guard against it. There are several ways to avoid the trap.

One is to question why we believe something is factual. If it sounds plausible, ask whether that belief is true or if we have repeatedly heard it is true. The second is to stop repeating falsehoods.

We live in a world where facts matter, and should matter. If we repeat something without checking it is true, then we are contributing to a cultural norm in which the boundaries between lies and truth are difficult to discern, or worse, not discerned at all.

Use it

My personal hope is that this advice will prove helpful. For now, my closing thought on this topic follows below:

As the current education graduates increase their hold on the reins, the problems of today will pale into insignificance (hint: Victoria 24/11/18)




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Doering — who also serves as a fellow for the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and regularly appears on media outlets to discuss climate change, sustainability and related topics — had to be separated from his fiancée by responding officers when they got to the couple’s apartment in Minneapolis, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the newspaper.

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