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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A major problem within stables of racehorses in training is the oestrous cycles of fillies and mares. My experience with the 60 and more horses I once had in training may sound a little verbally graphic, but if you stay with me, you will see the reason for discussing a subject that that I would not normally touch, and little is known of. 

Equine sex is no different from any other species’ sex, but it’s a worry when you want to keep a racehorse’s mind on the job of competing rather than bonking. 

Colts and stallions (entires) are no problem, they can be gelded. Usually the operation is carried out using local anaesthetic injected into each testicle and a cutting clamp seals the wound. Simple and effective.

It’s very different with fillies and mares, they can upset an entire block of stables when on heat by kicking, squirting and whinnying. 

There seems to be a pheromone another horse can detect from some distance.

It’s not practical to spay a mare or filly. Spaying is invasive, complicated and requires the horse to be taken out of work and agisted. 

The alternative operation is known as a "caslick" and is regularly used on brood mares to prevent infections or to stop wind-sucking. 

It will also help a race mare or filly in oestrous not to react wildly and affect every other male horse in the stables, including geldings. 

The operation is carried out standing up (the horse I mean, not the vet). A local anaesthetic is administered to each lip (labia) then the lip is opened by hand and a scalpel is used to slice a long slab of the red inner flesh completely off. 

After the same is done to the other lip they are both pressed firmly together and sewn up leaving just enough of an opening at the base for urination.

Within a few days the flesh has welded together and the sutures can be removed. In the case of a brood mare a local anaesthetic is administered and a scalpel separates the tissue to allow servicing or foaling.

This procedure is effective in preventing a race mare or filly getting over excited during oestrus and it’s also very effective when the procedure is applied to young Muslim females... with a couple of differences:

There is no local anaesthetic applied, that would likely take all the fun out of it, and when the lips are being pared from the inside, the clitoris is also removed and the opening is only recut in future to allow childbirth. 

The Muslim man will impregnate the Muslim female, extremely painfully, through the small opening left for urination. 

Immediately after childbirth the whole procedure begins again.

If the Royal Commission into child abuse is not prepared to hear of this increasing practice within Australian Islamic communities, perhaps we should approach the RSPCA.


fellow Posters – fellow Australian's

Don't just have a whinge here to see your name on Larrys website. If you are genuinely concerned and have the skills, which by your posts you demonstrate you obviously have –
I would entreat you to email :-

* your local member
* the relevant Minister
* the Prime Minister

It costs no more than your post here on this site, and all the email addresses are freely available via Google.

Use your right to advise your representatives in your Parliament what your attitude is and repeat your views expressed here.

Stop whinging, get positive.

A topic of some sensitivity and well handled by for Mr Senior....what can I say ..but you got that right mate...and sadly the bit of Whilam they kept has remained with us for 98 years.......

where is Hetty Johnston and Bravehearts ? This issue should be right up their alley. But even more importantly was the issue of Ali Jaffari....there again Johnston and Bravehearts are nowhere to be seen or heard while this grub roamed free and molested children.

Setka is abusive foul mouthed and a bully - Andrews wont do anything about the corruption of the CFMEU here in Victoria - it has cost millions of dollars to the building industry - who is going to food in the mouths of babes Setka?

Muslim women are as bad as Muslim men with their culture. It is the women who hold the kids down while other women hack them. They are not necessarily oppressed. They believe and participate in the whole hog - pun intended! :P

The ABC won't say anything cause just like Ray Hadley their scared and pretend there is NO PROBLEM.

Their scared like Ray Hadley was.

Or frightend of muhamMADists or they are apologist for muhamMADism.

No Markone, many try to talk about this and other barbarities, only to be abused by agenda setting control freaks desperate to have their own complicity in evils, from being aired, ended and paid for.

yes Hadenuff...i'll never forget the sight of Rudd and Murdoch walking down the street in New York a matter of a few weeks after the election.. Murdoch had his arm around Rudd and with a big wide grin said...'this man will make a great Prime Minister of Australia' I just wish someone could have filmed the look on his face for when the faceless men backstabbed Rudd.

lg Question. Are all judges entitled to "Blue Cards"? And, if so, how did they get them? The former Queensland Chief Justice was outed by this site as a pederast. At time of wriring, he is still a free man.( Is it because he know where all the political/religious skeletons lie)?

Hey Everybody.... want to see a classic case of deceit, manipulation by the MSM. Go to CNN, on their home page and under a title. "5 Stories Not to Be Missed" Australia 'holding migrants at sea' Since when did CNN or anybody else for that matter decide illegal refugees were migrants ?? Yes folks by very subtle means the New World Order is upon us, whether we like it or not...

Sorry folks, off topic.I am seeking some enlightenment. The World Cup held in Brazil has delivered some unexpected results not the least being the 7-1 defeat of the 'unbeatable' hosts. What mystifies me has been the constant genuflections by the Brazilians imploring their God to ensure their dominance/success.Can we assume that God turned-His-back while disaster struck? The fact that they even presumed to expect their God to show preference against the opposing team amazing me.

The repression/abuse of Islamic women is legendary. But who will legialate to make this horrendous practice not only illegal by a suitable (sharp) deterrent. Islamic women have no easy avenue of legal appeal . Is this misogynist government so lacking in courage and/or human compassion that it turns a blind eye to these monstrosities. I am not surprised because the social infections of pedophilia,have proliferated (throughout public institutions - and elsewhere - over decades. And nothing was done.Just where do we find an unprejudiced politician unsullied by unhealthy sexual deviations? Perhaps we can ask Mr Palmer (PUP) for EFFECTIVE help? Women and children would sing his praises forever!

Mr Senior...what can I say....except weep for our pain after the abuse he set forth upon us....

The practice is known as infibulation and is alive and well in the muslim communities of Africa mainly. We have several clinics here to treat females who have been infibulated. They suffer both physically and mentally from their condition and these clinics are costly to run. Maybe the muslim community should share the cost?

So glad you have brought this up and have hopefully started a debate to get this the attention within the royal commission it deserves. I sure hope you are not looking for any part time jobs in Sydney radio though.

Palmer on ABC 24 at present with John Hewson and says that "his" Senators may not vote for the repeal of the Carbon Tax because of something to do with their amendment.

"Proverbs 23:18 - For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off." A final word from the Flysa Biblical Institute.

Are the newspapers actually reporting the Royal Commission? I have stopped reading anything, other than The Australian. If so, that is good news.