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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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... and he did!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The cries of “lone wolf attack” echo through the media as a politically correct alternative to “Islamic terrorism”. But the warped Muslim mind of, Sheik Man Haron Monis, was there for all to see on his facebook page, with more than 14,000 “likes”... well it was there before some embarrassed person took it down.

Isn’t it strange that a lone wolf can have so many other wolves following him ready and willing to join in the kill? Not really, not if you really want to believe in lone wolves... you know, the ones that belong in the feeble minds of the far Left and the apologists for Islamic terrorism.

The truth is that the lone wolf belongs in fairy tales like Three Little Pigs, just wait, the rest of the pack are right behind him.


A copper mate told me they used the mini 15 .223 fully auto assault rifle to blow him away. They counted 76 bullet holes in him when the dust settled, one for each virgin apparently.

Everyone should move on from 'silver'...he has his views - we have ours. There will never be any agreement – diametrically opposed. I do apologise for being childish and making jokes at your expense though. I’m certain that even though grossly misguided; you are not a bad guy.

Anyway, this cause is much more important – everyday there seems a new muslim/islam encroachment and the people we need to work on are the politicians and companies involved in the halal scam. I have just sent off another letter to Colgate - I found a halal logo on my son's toothpaste! It simply beggars belief that the simpletons at Colgate-Palmolive give them money to certify bloody toothpaste!

At least the halal logo IS on the packaging so we can avoid buying it if and when they come to their senses and return to earth.

Twodogs is a spook:

"I will back my intellect, military knowledge and service against you any day."

Noted: Twodogs only shows himself on topics relating to so called national security.

Hey Larry check out this guys ISP.

A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim.....and they have been that way for centuries, and you think they will change, they smile in your face and curse you when you turn your back, they will take all you offer them and still spit at you and revile you for it is their way. Soon people will be beating their breast and moaning about how we failed this poor migrant. Fortunately I will not be around to see your kids fighting them in the streets just like Beirut

As would have every one of us not an ALP politician or a Muslim : both being "protected species" her in Oz.

The "Lone wolf" should be referred to by his proper title, "LONE PIG".

A worthy sub-heading or caption for your photo above, Larry is that tweeted by the green leftist on a train in Brisbane as the siege was unfolding some 1,000km away in Sydney, as stated in Miranda Devine's excellent article today. "“I’ll ride with you” was their catchphrase, or “#illridewithyou” in social media’s ­grammatical sludge. It is what all the leftist Greens should do to themselves.

Don't be scared of women Bots. The right one will give you years of enjoyment and companionship. Get the wrong one and your life will be shit. I've had both so I am speaking from experience. It's all about the chemistry. If you can find one that looks like Elle McPherson, has her business sense and you click, you are laughing. She may be too tall for you but that is a small impediment . I said this before but my friend's wife is so smart if she printed money she would not make any more than she does. Anyway my friend is not a Rhodes Scholar (like our PM) and tends to get in her way a bit. At one stage she was trying to stitch up some deal and told him to piss off to England and buy himself an Aston Martin, which he did. True story. Find some one like that.

Why was ''the lone wolf'' invited to speak at various mosques in Australia ? Now they disown him, it's like Christ saying to Peter, ''this night you will disown me 3 times'' and Peter became the rock for the church. I've no doubt many muslims see Monis as a martyr

WASP. Give my regards to God if you get the chance. Tell him it’s time he controlled some of his subjects. They are making a big mess down here. PS4 will be super. You can watch Ragheads or TA giving speeches with great clarity. You won’t miss an um or urr and I believe you can set the PS4 to filter bullshit when a Pollie is speaking so it will be like an auto mute button.

Are you called Silver because you always come off "second" best?

So this miserable bastard came to us asking for shelter, we sheltered him, he sponged off those of us who work and pay taxes, committed what amount to hate crimes, and (may well have) conspired to murder, and to sexually violate many - but remained free to comit this outrage. Our immigration, welfare and judicial systems are all deeply flawed - meanwhile we are diving deeper and deeper into deficit. Can't our politicians (was going to say leaders, but we have none) see we are spiraling down the gurgler? Do they care?

Don't forget, he was also facing about forty charges of sexual offences committed under the guise of being a "spiritual healer". Definitely not a walking advertisement for his beliefs.

thanks for your help oz

And I love the bit Silver said about Muslims not making the laws in Australia - maybe not - but they make their own laws…and live by them. Child brides and female mutilation are against the law, but they just disregard the law and we have had evidence of both these offences quite recently (and for all the ones who are caught, how many are there that are not???) and he is priceless you know …Muslims are not to be feared - well I'll tell you what - with the evidence of their activities world wide, they bloody well scare me. This silver guy is a prize idiot and needs to remove the rose coloured glasses he is wearing and get the scales off his eyes with regard to his view on Islam.

thanks oz i was shut out until this morning

Is that for all monies or only for monies in term deposits ?

i still say silver is D J T ASK HIM ABOUT ABBOT

Has 'Silver" ever considered that it is just a teensy weensy bit coincidental that all these nutters killing people all over the world, in various ways….but all in the name of their religion are all Muslims???? We don't see Presbyterians, Baptists etc running around killing people in the name of their religion do we??? Silver needs to wake up big time. Maybe he is a muslim himself and he is getting a bit concerned that the world just might start to get a bit tough with this stinking horrible regime - and it is high the it did!