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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


All countries spy on other countries…Russia does, the UK does, the US does and Australia does. Or do we set up foreign embassies and consulates because used-by-dated politicians fancy the local tucker and hookers? 

The Russian Ambassador’s stunning Press conference today disclosed a few home truths to the rude inquisitors. Just as well Ambassador Logvinov has a sense of humour because any reasonable Russian would have punched a few lights out. Which is exactly what this press gallery of Lefty ANU clubbies and ABC reps deserves.

                  So why wouldn't they knock him off when he was back in Russia?

The few countries that have responded to UK’s nerve agent attack, by expelling Russian diplomats, are reacting to an unimpressive PM May’s interpretation of events. “There is no proof”, explained the Nikita Kruchev look-alike. And he is right!

If Vlad Putin is responsible for the attack then he has suddenly lost his marbles because he not only has the prestigious World Cup happening, but he was only days from his now successful Presidential election.

The vertically challenged Russian President is far from losing his marbles and would run rings around women like May and a few other leaders of NATO nations.

It makes no sense for Putin to sanction hit jobs on his own citizens in the UK when they were living in Russia for years previously. He would understand the unwanted furore it would cause. 

The little ex-KGB bastard is no angel, but neither was Stalin who fought back the Nazis, losing more of his own people than all the Allies in total. Russia’s defence of the Eastern Front meant the Western Front fell to the Allies. 

Stalin was not shunned as a pariah and painted into a frozen Siberian corner of the globe surrounded and engulfed by a corrupted NATO, that pummels it with trade sanctions. No, he was an, albeit dodgy, ally to the US and UK.

Germany was the enemy of all three, but today it is only a pretender to friendship, inviting millions of unknown Islamists into a borderless continental Europe.

It is very unlikely that Putin even knew about the nerve agent attack. Duma operatives, (above) many rungs down the ladder, may have ordered the hit on non-political grounds. No-one knows!

But the hysterical response from UK PM May, who badly needs this distraction, has been mindlessly aped by our two prized idiots, Turnbull and the Stick Insect. Only to be carbon copied by an out of control press gallery of female junior cadets.

Here is the problem that our two geese will never understand. Putin wants the old Soviet empire back and he has said so! 

NATO’s Turkey wants the old Ottoman Empire back and Erdogan has said so! 

That makes for contested States and a smouldering fuse where only Russia has a first world military and a third world economy to protect.

We are painting the wrong snake into an inescapable corner.

It was extreme Islamic Turkey that killed almost a thousand ANZACS, but it was the Soviet that saved us millions. 

         Turkey says Aussies may not have access to Gallipoli now that we have issued                                                protection visas to persecuted Turks

MH-17? More likely Russian cowboys on the Eastern Ukrainian border shot a heat-seeking missile into god knows where and that heat sought out an airliner (which should not have been there) by mistake. 

The Crimea? No-one says so, but the Russians held a plebiscite to determine if they were wanted back on the peninsula. It came back 80 per cent in favour. So the Russians rightly reclaimed its warm water port that berths its Navy with access to the Mediterranean only if Turkey decides to allow it access through the Bosphorus.

Ukraine? It has NATO’s backing to stop Russia having any land bridge access to its Crimean Navy. Russia is fighting back against Ukraine’s Poroshenko who is arguably the most corrupt leader and prolific liar in Europe.

Russians are among the most fervently patriotic people in the world. 

                 It’s not me, it’s history that is saying we are backing the wrong horse.   


Of course the Ruskis held the vote AFTER they invaded Crimea. And so much for a Russian plebiscite. The result was highly influenced by the belief that the populace would be entiled to Russian pensions. Which hasn't happened because Russia doesn't have the money.

Excellent article agree!!

Spot on Larry.

Your aforementioned Kruchev GAVE Crimea to Ukraine in the 1950's. He was Ukrainian and liked Crimea, because he holidayed there as a kid. Of course they got out of the deal, when Soros' Nazis took over in Ukraine..



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This tirade sounds like its straight out of Pravda cica 1965.

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Snip from a speech Downer just gave in England.
Mr Downer, who was once Australia’s foreign minister for 12 years, also hit out at Britain’s inability to integrate migrants in UK communities, at odds with Australia’s success, because Australia insists on immigrants being able to speak English.
Since when has this been the case? It should be, but it’s not. He is not living in the real world.

From Tomlinson by Kipling when the Devil sends Tomlinson back to earth because he isn’t quite bad enough for Hell, after being denied Heaven by St Peter. All of the political creeps lying, cheating, killing babies, applauding sodomy, and all the rest should bear in mind the second last line:

The Devil he blew an outward breath, for his heart was free from care: --
"Ye have scarce the soul of a louse," he said,
"but the roots of sin are there,
And for that sin should ye come in were I the lord alone.
But sinful pride has rule inside -- and mightier than my own.
Honour and Wit, fore-damned they sit, to each his priest and whore:
Nay, scarce I dare myself go there, and you they'd torture sore.
Ye are neither spirit nor spirk," he said; "ye are neither book nor brute --
Go, get ye back to the flesh again for the sake of Man's repute.
I'm all o'er-sib to Adam's breed that I should mock your pain,
But look that ye win to worthier sin ere ye come back again.
Get hence, the hearse is at your door -- the grim black stallions wait --
They bear your clay to place to-day. Speed, lest ye come too late!
Go back to Earth with a lip unsealed -- go back with an open eye,
And carry my word to the Sons of Men or ever ye come to die:
That the sin they do by two and two they must pay for one by one --
And. . .the God that you took from a printed book be with you, Tomlinson!"

OK, Smith and Warner have been suspended. Does anyone know if it is suspended without pay, or still on full pay?

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I think the Russki was taking the PISS out of the Press Mob...........treated them for what they are.................frigging arseholes, one and all.

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